Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sharda telling Guru Maa that she forgot to inform her son that they are coming to kolkata. Guru maa says it is good that you haven’t informed him as I want you to come to my house Durga Nivas first. Sharda agrees. Balwan tells Aastha that when he saw her for the first time, he accepted her as his Bhabhi, and when she tied bandage on her hand, he became her bhakt. Radhika gets upset and pushes him. Shiv follows Radhika. Radhika asks did you love me after asking her and asks why you are so scared of her. Shiv says I respect her. Radhika asks him to push her from the train and marry Aastha. Shiv says why I will marry Aastha and asks her to see what he does. Aastha sees her friends coming there and gets down from the train. Shiv asks Guru Maa shall I bring something for

you. She says okay. Shiv gets down the train..

Aastha asks kids how did they come here? Shiv comes and says I called them here as I thought you are sad. Kids thank him. Shiv sees future machine, and thinks once Aastha wears headphone, she will not hear any sound. He asks kids to come and have icecream party. He tells kids that future machine is here and says this machine tell your future. Shiv thinks how to stop Aastha and asks her to help kids. Kids requests Aastha. Aastha says okay and wears the headphone. Radhika thinks only Shiv will come. Shiv hears the train horn and thinks to go. He sees hanuman’s pic there and apologizes saying he don’t want to hurt Aastha, and can’t break Radhika’s heart. He is about to get in the train, but stopped by the crowd.

Aastha also sees the train going and runs. Guru Maa asks Balwan to check in other coach if Aastha and Shiv are there. Aastha manages to catch the train and asks Shiv to come fast. Shiv runs to catch the train. Aastha gives her hand. Shiv holds her hand and tries to get inside the train, but he steps on her foot inside and they both fall down from the train. Train leaves. Shiv calls Guru Maa and tells that they are on platform and missed the train. Guru Maa asks them to catch other train and come. Sharda gets worried for Aastha. Guru Maa asks her not to worry and tells that Shiv is with her. Balwan says may be Bhai missed train purposely so that he can spend time with Aastha, and says my brother is great. Radhika heard him and is angry.

Aastha tells Shiv that they fell down from the train because of her. Aastha says she lost her phone. They get inside the train and see a baby crying. Lady asks Aastha to take her baby for sometime. Aastha takes the baby and gives chocolate to him. They see Police bringing the persons after arrest, who are travelling without ticket and take them in other compartment. Shiv tells Aastha that he forgot to take the ticket and also he didn’t have money as his wallet was in the suitcase. Aastha says what we will do now. They see Ticket master coming there Aastha says we have to act. She holds him. Shiv hugs her romantically. TT comes and asks what is happening here, and says the film which you had seen is also seen by me. Aastha says we are real couple. TT says if you are real couple then kiss each other. Aastha and Shiv are shocked. Shiv kisses on her cheeks. TT says couple don’t kiss like that and tells that you will be jailed and there you will get time to befriend each other.

The same boy whom Aastha gave chocolate before, comes to her and calls her Mamma. Aastha gives him another chocolate. TT thinks they are married and uncomfortable to kiss infront of baby. He offers to give them seat when Shiv tells him that they missed the train and took this train. Radhika thinks if Shiv missed the train intentionally. Balwan offers her food and eats it. Aastha and Shiv are sitting together in the train. Balwan, Guru Maa and Sharda come home. Balwan welcomes Sharda and tells her that she will see God everywhere in the house. Sharda washes her feet and gets inside. Guru maa takes God’s blessings and bless her family. Lakshmi, Govind and other touch her feet. She introduces Lakshmi and Sharda. Govind asks where is Shiv and Aastha. Train stops at the destination. Everyone gets down the train. Shiv wakes up and sees Aastha sleeping. He thinks he shall leave Aastha here and tell truth to everyone.

Shiv comes home and tells everyone that Aastha is lost. Aastha wakes up and searches for Shiv tensedly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Tvfan1

    Hello my EAAB family!!

    What an amazing episode aastha and shiv’s kiss!!

    What a precap!!

    Oh how I hate radhika


    Do u also have any spoilers about this show?? If so do tell us!

  2. hello riya..yeah episode was nice but sorry for astha..she will helpless and how can Shiv leave her alone and yeah she is under influence of radhika..and my name is jas

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