Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gurumaa asking Lakshmi how she can give vardaan to Aastha seeing her many mistakes. Lakshmi wipes the slate with her saree pallu and draws mukut on it. She writes Pariwar ki izzat. (Family respect). Guru maa is shocked. Lakshmi says I know Aastha have done many mistakes, but her one goodness have hidden her mistakes. She says she has done big thing yesterday and my vardaan is just small thing infront of doings. She shows the factory keys and this makes me realize that I have build this factory on my own, without anyone help. She says I have promised my family that whoever wins this mukut, I will give vardaan and you are asking me not to give. She says I will not learn behavior with you and requests her not to guide her in this, and says I will handle. Gurumaa fumes as

Lakshmi goes. She throws the slate and says so much ego. She opens her hairs and says you are so egoistic and forgot that I made you my bahu and guided you in factory work too. She says it seems I have to teach you life teachings and throws her medal cup on the floor. She takes out her photograph and tells that she will break her strength and ego, also badmouths about her. She throws Lakshmi’s photo frame and it breaks, looks on revengeful.

Chacha asks Kaka to make arrangements as Mukut will be coming. Aastha thinks to ask Lakshmi to give her a chance and thinks to tell her truth that she is nastik. Janki comes and offers help. Aastha says Lakshmi told that she has to make bhog alone. Jaya comes and tries to talk to Janki. Janki tells her that she left her support when she needed her. Janki tells that Lakshmi always stand for Aastha. Jaya says she has bahu like Aastha and I have you. Janki asks her to go. Balwan brings papad. Aastha says she will fry and asks where is Shiv. Balwan says he will come. Guru maa looks on. Aastha gets Shiv’s message. Balwan asks Aastha to go. Gurumaa smirks.

Aastha asks Shiv where did he go and just simply messaged. Shiv keeps his finger on her lips. He lifts the cloth from her cycle and says surprise. Aastha gets emotional seeing her cycle Pinky and says you went to get my Pinky. Shiv says yes, and says when you can give my life’s best birthday then why can’t I do this. You brought me closer to my mum so I brought your pinky to you. Aastha talks to Pinky and says I was missing you. Shiv says it was missing you and sheds many tears for you, you shall shed some. Aastha pretends to get upset and smiles. He says when we sat on Pinky together, it was due to helplessness, but this time we will sit with our wish. He asks her to sit and he rides the cycle.

Aastha thanks him. Shiv says I remember everything. He says few things he couldn’t forget, and says you have married me even after knowing about my illness, and saving me twice. Aastha says you didn’t like my Pinky. Shiv says I didn’t like even you before, but now I like you and Pinky, both. Aastha smiles. Song plays….Shiv looks at her. They fall down. Shiv says I don’t like Pinky and you. Aastha says her back is paining. They get up. Balwan comes and asks Aastha to come. He says he will bring Shiv. Shiv and Aastha looks at each other. Balwan asks what happened, and says you had problem with Pinky. He says this happens when you are in love. Shiv thinks Balwan thinks I love Aastha, says no.

Lakshmi brings the mukut. Gurumaa plays the shank. Lakshmi keeps the mukut in the temple. Lakshmi asks Aastha to start bal bhog. Aastha serves the food in the plate. Lakshmi stops her and says first the bhog will be served to God, Mukut, and then to all children. Then you can ask me Vardaan. Aastha smiles.

Lakshmi asks Aastha to ask Vardaan. Aastha is about to tell her. Just then Police comes there and stops kids from having food says that he got info that harmful chemical is in this papad, and we have seiled your factories. Aastha is shocked. Lakshmi tells that she will eat the papad and eats it, she faints and blood comes out from her mouth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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