Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lakshmi scolding Aastha and telling that she told that she shall not do any mistake. Gurumaa takes out maida bowl kept infront of God Shiv, and thinks Aastha will surely come to take this. She hides the bowl in the big mud pot. Aastha tells Lakshmi that she will do something and goes out. She searches for the flour. She sees maida on the pot and confirms it while holding mirror piece. She brings stairs and tries to get it. Host tells that Mrinal and her bahu have put batura for frying. Even Bhagyashree and Jaya’s jodis have put it inside. Aastha couldn’t reach the maida kept in the pot. She puts the stones in the pot so that maida bowl comes up being in the water. Aastha gets the maida bowl and runs inside. She tells that she got maida. Guru maa is shocked. Everyone

gets ready with the batura. Aastha knead the floor and rolls the batura. Mrinal’s bahu, Jaya and Janki put their baturas infront of God. Host says just 8 mins is remaining. Aastha and Lakshmi put the batura in the oil. It gets made. Lakshmi asks Aastha to run and keep the batura. Gurumaa spills the diya oil to make Aastha falls down. Aastha slips. Everyone shouts. The batura flies in air and reaches the plate before the clock strikes 3 pm..

Host tells that Aastha and Lakshi didn’t give up and says very soon the winner will be announced. They measure the batura’s length and softness. He announces that on 4th place is Janki and Bhagyashree., and Jaya and Runjhun is on 3rd place. Host says Lakshmi and Mrinal’s Jodi is left now. He says there is a new record as Mrinal the batura made by Mrinal is 2 foot 5 inches. Mrinal and her bahu gets happy and praises themselves. Balwan cheers for Lakshmi and Aastha. Host says Mrinal’s batura 2 foot, 5 inches, and Lakshmi and Aastha’s batura is 2 foot 6 inches and they have broken Mrinal’s record. Host tells that Lakshmi and Aastha’s Jodi have won and have beaten Mrinal and her bahu. Aastha and Lakshmi hug each other. Balwan tells the slogan. Mrinal’s bahu goes on stage and throws Aastha’s batura on floor. Jaya congratulates Lakshmi.

Lakshmi tells that Aastha has fulfilled her wish today which nobody have fulfilled till now and will never be in future. She says you have increased your respect and smashed egoistic people ego. She says we all are proud of you, and tells that today her destiny didn’t support her, I didn’t ask God to be with me as my bahu was with me. Shiv tells that their family is together and no outsiders is needed now. Sharma ji leaves with his family. Lakshmi tells Guru maa as they have won the mukut, she is thinking to keep Bal Bhog and Aastha will make the food for the same. She says we will keep this mukut in the temple and then Aastha can ask her vardaan from me. Aastha gets happy. Lakshmi blesses her. Aastha bends down infront of Guru maa to take her blessings. Guru maa hesitantly blesses her. Aastha thanks her for blessing her and fulfilling the dream. Guru maa comes out and thinks how did she do this, she has ruined all my plans and breaks the big pot angrily.

Bhagyashree comes home with fake mukut and tells that she has won. Neighbor appreciates her and says she is sasrvagun sampan and says your bahu should be like her. Ashok gets a call and he informs Sharda that Lakshmi and Aastha have won. Sharda gets happy. Ashok asks Bhagyashree why did she lie and tells that Gayatri haven’t done like her. Bhagyashree says she bought mukut for Sharda and Gayatri. Ashok asks her not to joke again.

Guru maa comes to Lakshmi that Aastha’s slate is full of mistake, and shows the slate reminding Lakshmi about Ashok and Gayatri’s marriage, egg incident on Guru maa’s head, Shiv and Aastha’s incident in pit. Lakshmi looks on. Gurumaa says you didn’t forgive Aastha after your birthday so how can you forgive her now and give her vardaan, even after knowing that she can ask anything, your love and trust. She asks how can you give her vardaan.

Lakshmi tells Gurumaa that she will give vardaan to Aastha and requests Gurumaa not to guide her in this matter. Gurumaa is shocked and angry. Lakshmi tells Aastha that the first bhog will be to God and then to Mukut, and then you can ask your vardaan from me. Aastha smiles. Gurumaa smirks as she is again upto some conspiracy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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