Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha looking at Shiv just as he gives flag in her hand. He falls down. Aastha stops and looks at him. Shiv says I am fine and asks her to run and win the race. Aastha starts running. Announcement is made that last round began. The Ashram Pandits see Aastha running fast and thinks if this girl wins then our plan will fail and what we will reply to Guru Maa. One of the Pandit throw stone on her way. Guru Maa is seen doing puja. Aastha steps on the stone and falls down, but stands up and continues to run faster. She wins the race and puts the flag on the land. Announcement is made that Aastha’s team have won. Aastha’s team mates wish her. They hear the sound. Aastha says there is something beneath the idol. She takes out the idol.

A woman says they shall build

Saraswati temple. Aastha says Saraswati Mata is the goddess of education so school should be build on this place. Pandits see the idol and thinks they have buried Ram’s murti and suspects Aastha. They tell that this girl have betrayed us and asks them to show the idol. He tells that this idol is purchased one from the shop. He tells that this girl have betrayed all of us and fool us. The villagers scold her and say we will punish you. Aastha says yes, I told lie, but I haven’t lie for myself, but for these kids. She tells that if she hadn’t lie then they would have fooled you people and tells that they had buried Ram’s murti as they wanted to build temple here, says she tried to fail their plan and that’s why changed the idol. Pandit ji tells that she is lying and asks if we have ever took advantage of you people. Aastha says I am not lying and digs the land with her hand, but couldn’t find Ram’s idol. She tells that she has seen Ram’s idol here. A pandit recalls to have taken out the idol. Aastha says I am saying truth.

Villagers tell where ever she goes, she insults God and that she is a nastik. Pandit ji tells that she thought we couldn’t know about his and asks why did she do this, if she thought her father is ruling here. Aastha says please pandit ji and askks him not to say anything against her papa. Pandit ji says we forgot that he is no more in this world because of your sins. Other Pandit says he must be seeing you and regreting. They refuse to give her 1 lakh rupees and asks her to leave. Aastha cries and leaves. Tu Kahan Ka Khuda Hai plays….

Guru Maa calls Pandit ji and asks if the work is done. Pandit ji tells that a girl wanted to make school on the place and tells that she is a nastik. He is about to tell her name. Guru Maa refuses to listen. Pandit ji tells that only temple will be made there. Guru maa says my havan is successful. Aastha falls down from her cycle and thinks even it is against her. She looks at the God’s temple and thinks because of him, I can’t fulfill my dreams and can’t make school for kids. Shiv comes and asks what happened?

Aastha says I have lost. Shiv holds himself responsible for her defeat. Aastha says I lose because of myself. He says your cycle chain slipped and says our life is also like cycle chain and we can make it alright with hardwork. He motivates her and offers to drop her home. Aastha smiles and sits on his bike. Mann Yeh sab ji…dheere dheere….plays….He gives lift to a boy on the way. They come home. Sharda sees Aastha looking at Shiv and asks did you like him. Aastha says Shiv…and says if everyone likes him then me too and feels shy. Sharda says I am happy. Guru Maa says I know that this jodi is made by the God and calls Lakshmi. She talks to Lakshmi on video chat and asks her to talk to Aastha. Lakshmi says I will talk to her later and tells that there is a problem here, nobody is ready to supply dal here. Guru maa says nothing is important today than this and asks her to talk to be to be bahu. Aastha greets Lakshmi and asks her not to worry, says you will get dal. Lakshmi looks on. Her employee comes and says Pandey ji is ready to give delivery of dal. Lakshmi is surprised. Govind talks to Pandey.

Guru Maa tells Lakshmi that she was not wrong and tells that she is Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells that she is auspicious. She talks to Sharda and tells that her daughter is good. Guru Maa asks Sharda to make arrangements for her bidaai.

Aastha comes to Shiv. She asks do you smoke? Shiv shows the tea glass. Aastha says sorry. Shiv says no need of sorry. Aastha says today I got to know what I should have known long back that you didn’t tease any girl etc. and that you are a nice guy. Shiv smiles and wonders what is happening with him.

Guru Maa asks Shiv if he liked Aastha and asks him to tell his feelings. Shiv gets up. Gurumaa asks what you are hiding in your hand. Shiv hides the ring.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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