Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the bus meeting with an accident in which Shiv is travelling. Aastha weds Shiv is written on the bus.

5 days before.

Goddess says this day is special, as I couldn’t forget today and this is the day when Aastha lost her father and got upset with me. Sharda and Ashok talk about the day. Ashok says today is….sharda says every year on this day, she opens this box and see this chunari. Aastha is seen holding the chunari. She reminisces the day spent with her baba. She asks her baba to get Chunari for her. Baba says this chunari is worn by the brides. Aastha insists to get it. Baba buys it for him and prays to God. Ashok says he will stay happily after Aastha’s marriage. Aastha asks about his marriage. He says he will also marry. Lakshmi calls Sharda and

asks them to come on time. She prays to God and thinks Aastha will handle Shiv. Sharda tells Ashok about the puja and says for this puja, bride have to make idols and decorate it, and tells sthat she will do puja. Ashok asks her to make Aastha make idols.

Runjhun asks Sharda if their house is of Kumar and asks about the mud in the house. Aastha comes. Sharda asks her to help her. Runjhun falls down and gets upset. Sharda asks Aastha to make her family. Aastha makes idols. She asks her to tell the truth. Sharda tells that this is for puja. Aastha says I don’t believe in God. Sharda emotionally blackmails her and says you will make me sad while going? Aastha agrees.

Guru Maa is waiting for the Gauri Puja. Janki and Jaya say why did she call us here? Sharda comes. Lakshmi thinks where is Aastha. Guru Maa asks Pandit ji asks the Pandit ji to do the rasam. Sharda shows the idols. Pandit ji says she is so good. Guru Maa tells that she made idols thinking them as her family. Sharda says she thought this way only. Guru Maa says she knows her. Pandit ji asks Sharda to do visarjan. Jaya says why she is going to do visarjan. Guru Maa stops Sharda and asks why you are going to do visarjan and says Aastha shall do it as it is her gauri Puja. Pandit ji also praises her. Guru Maa says we have seen her Aastha and asks her to bring Aastha to do visarjan. Sharda thinks they think she is Aasthik.

Guru maa asks Sharda to bring her. Sharda says she will not do visarjan as she is a nastik. Everyone is shocked. Sharda says she don’t believe in God, and says I thought you know about this and want to accept her as she is. She apologizes to her. Guru maa says it is a big sin and says there is no repentance or penance, and says this marriage will not happen, and says nobody will accept her in the society. Sharda is shocked. It was her imagination. Guru maa asks what happened? Sharda asks God to help Aastha. Shiv calls someone. Govind comes and asks him to go and do ganga puja like always. Shiv says he did forget. Govind says it will make you get peace.

Guru Maa asks Sharda to bring Aastha. Aastha comes there to give medicine to Sharda. Sharda thinks Aastha came, but how I will make her do the visarjan. Aastha sees small boys playing there and recalls the childhood incident. Her Baba asks her to come. He asks her to come inside. Aastha says your birthday was last when I stepped in the temple last and says I will not come. Kahan ka khuda hai plays….She imagines her baba there. Guru maa asks Sharda to go near Ganga and help her do the visarjan. Sharda asks God to help her.

Aastha gets drowned in the river. Shiv happens to see her drowning and dives in to rescue her. Guru Maa, Lakshmi and Sharda are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. VINAL

    Why shardha is not telling truth to lakshmi that aastha does not believe in god
    What is happening after marriage which is shown in starting

  2. Something different in this serial rather than other serials hoping for gud continueation

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