Ek Aasta aisi bhi 15th April Analysis

The episode starts with shiv leaving aastha alone in train.he sees God’s pic on platform and thinks he is doing wrong with aastha so he thinks to go back and take aastha with him when he was about to enter train he sees radhika there . She stops shiv from taking aastha with him and tells shiv to talk to guruma about their marriage. Shiv leaves from there.
In durga nivas, Lakshmi and others ask shards to eat something till Aastha and shiv comes but she refuses and says she is worried for Aastha.

Shiv returns home and when guruma and others ask him where is Aastha he tells that she was lost. He tells a fake story that when he went to washroom aastha was sleeping but when he returned aastha was not there he searched her everywhere but could not find her. Shards gets worried Lakshmi tells how can he be so careless to shiv. Everyone consoles shards and tells her that don’t worry they will find Aastha.

Aastha wakes up in train and does not find shiv there she searches him but could not find him.she reaches a ghat where a man sees her alone mixes some pills in water bottle and goes to her. He asks are u lost or new to Howrah so Aastha says she is finding durga nivas do u know about it. He says yes I know 1st drink water because it’s too hot so she drinks water when he continuously forces her to drink she finds something odd so when the man asks her to come she sees a lady at the ghat and tells that she is her durga aunty whom she is finding and leaves with her and afterwards thanks the aunty.

In durga nivas suddenly weather starts changing lights go off everyone is try to save diya in temple. They come out and see it’s solar eclipse and diya doze off.

Aastha remembers once valiant was telling durga nivas address to someone in manali so she recalls and reaches the lane where durga idols were made she sees 3 ways and try to ask people where to go but they speak in Bengali so she can’t understand. She sees a man talking in phone in Hindi so goes to ask him address but suddenly sword from durga idols was about to fall on that man’s son and aastha save him the man thanks her and tells the address to her.

Everyone in durga nivas comes outside and suddenly a truck comes and there is Aastha in it along with durga idol. As she starts walking towards them the solar eclipse ends and again light comes everywhere. Guruma praises aastha that she is really a God’s child.

Preca:- Aastha enters durga nivas and sees many god idol there and thinks has sharda told them that she is a Naastik. And the member of durga nivas ask Aastha to worship Devi ma as it’s their house ritual.

I have written for the 1st time so plz forgive if any error was there.

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  1. Hello AAYUSH! Do really boys watch t.v serials,i mean until now i saw the ones who only making fun of girls watching serials.

    1. AAYUSH

      Shraddha even i dont watch typical saas bahu sagas but yeah if the serial has some sense then even boys watch them. And not only me there are many boys on this site also and everyone dont have same perspective

      1. Its nice to hear ur perspective

  2. ayush. superb analysis.. and boys do watching serials… Astha is superb serial yr

    1. AAYUSH

      Thanks jazzmaan

  3. Wow i prefer this to the written update. Considering i dont understand Hindi its more explanatory! Telly updates take note.

    1. AAYUSH

      Thanks for the appreciation Naija becoz i had written for the 1st time so i dont know whether its good or bad but after reading your comment i think i have written Ok.

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    1. AAYUSH

      Thanks Tvfan

  5. Nice analysis. And hi Naija gal I’m also from Naija

    1. AAYUSH

      Thanks tahira


    Spoiler Alert :- Aastha and Shiv are going to get married. Shiv and his baraat leaves in the bus. The bus brakes fail. The bus heads towards the school children standing at the road corner. Aastha runs and saves the kids from getting hit by the bus. She stops the bus somehow. There is engine failure after the bus drives on coconuts, on Gurumaa’s orders. Gurumaa thought its auspicious and conducted the ritual. Aastha was fearing that bus will not be able to pass on thousand coconuts. She alerted Gurumaa to not keep any such ritual. Guru Maa does not listen to Aastha. As a result, the bus catches fire. Shiv’s family call for help. Shiv tries to rescue the family members. He sends everyone out and gets stuck inside the bus. Aastha goes to rescue Shiv. He asks her to leave. Shiv loses hope. Aastha saves Shiv’s life by getting water and putting down the fire.

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