EHT-The fresh start (Chapter 8)

We hear a slapping sound and as Durga and Rishi look quite confused and as they look up from the hand and towards the sleeves we see the man is wearing a black coat and guess who it is? It’s Dev……. Durga questions him about him being there and he says that he was worried about her so he came here Durga and Rishi ask him how did he get here to which he answers that yesterday he followed Durga to this place and she looked quite tensed when we left from here and she wasn’t home since morning so I thought she might be here and asks them not to worry he came alone here and …………..
He is cut short by Karan’s laughter who comments on Durga’s in ability to notice someone following her and calls her a nerd and he says soon their secret will be out and he will get free and they all will be in the cage and his laughter echoes again……DD and Rishi signals each other and slap Karan and he goes unconscious again and Dev says that he knows it’s wring they are doing butt for his family and their happiness he can do anything just, anything even kill………… and he won’t stop Durga now and he is with them in protecting his family……..
Somewhere in a alley someone is running and he bumps into someone a person stands in front of him and he is almost scared to death seeing him and loses his balance ,but gathers up his courage and his power to change his direction and runs… but being badly injured gats caught easily and a familiar whistling sound is heard……………………….
Back at our heroes we see Durga and Dev reaching back Goenka mansion where all question them and they go as planned and, show them some shopping bags and say poornima is coming and . maa (mother=Sushitra) organizes a pooja every time and this time also they are doing it and so they shopped as they knew that no-one will remember it and Durga went early to do the preparations………
All seems to believe in their story and they are relieved but Sushitra still doubts them and thinks is it really the matter or………..
Somewhere in jail we see an unknown figure…..
****to be continued
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  1. Great thinking skills like APJ sir

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