EHT-The fresh start (Chapter 5)

The episode starts with Durga in her room and having a talk with Dr.Thakur, and Dev sitting in the hall, and talking to Kangna and payal, he is looking quite disturbed, and he is repeatedly looking towards the door of his room where Durga and Dr Thakur are talking.Kangna & Payal notice this and take it as a moment/point to tease Dev and they start their teasing. While talking to Dr Thakur suddenly Durga’s mobile vibrate and she looks at it and her eyes widen………
In the warehouse the prisoner gains some consciousness and a figure is seen holding a cell phone suggesting that the message to Durga was sent from here ………………..
Durga now trying to send Dr Thakur away,he finds it weird but seeing Dev in a similar condition who is ignoring Kangna and Payal and is looking towards their room he thinks it’s a matter of love but the fact that Durga was sweating still irked him but he leaves……………..
After Dr Thakur leaves Durga tries to leave but all in vain as she wanted to go alone but someone or the other offered her company or she was stopped for some work. Dev tries getting romantic and asks her for a date which she denies saying she is not well Dev doubts a little but let go the matter.
At night Durga sneakily moves out of the goenka mansion while all are sleeping……..
She is driving the car herself and is on a less travelled road where hardly anyone come, away from the suburban area which leads to a dead end where the road, construction work is still going on she stops the car and continues her journey on foot on the dark never ending forest………
She is now walking in a forest/jungle and she stops at the door of the abandoned warehouse, where she knocks the door but it is not a usual/ordinary knock, it’s like she is knocking in a specific manner……… which looked like she is signaling some one and after sometime a knock is heard from inside she knocks, back and nervously runs her eyes around to check if anyone is around ……. Suddenly a hand reaches her back and as she is about to shout in horror another hand covers her face and we see a pair of eyes peeping from a slit made in the door, which suddenly disappear and the knock at the door stops………
Durga takes sigh of relief seeing Dev behind her and says you scared me and Dev looks confused and full of questions as he looks at Durga…..
Inside the warehouse a man signals not to make any noise as they have an unwanted visitor and says they shouldn’t be spotted …………….




Credit to: Richa


  1. Pathanga

    Nyc one richu… bt i feel tat each chapter must be little lengthy..nd i too found RICHUS style missing dea..
    If possible please make sure tat chapters wont be too small.. t wl b more interesting if chapters are lil bit lenghty..

    • richa

      mmm meann u like d details abt everythingg i put……
      welll i was a bit trying new so dat stryyy move a bit fastt mm okkk i willl revert to myy detaild styll

      • Pathanga

        Yaa i mean d sme.. i expect sum detaild explanations.. r else as devu said t wud be vry hrd to understand nd confusing too..

  2. Pathanga

    I mean that in the chapters let der be more nd mre quality.. plz dnt feel bad yaar.. ts jst ma suggestion..

    • richa

      plss pathuuu tell me hw cn i improvee tell me likee
      take a para 4m here as an ag ng tell myy flaww
      i wont feel badd bcszzzzzz i wanna improvee

      • Pathanga

        Lyk i dint get tat hw durga ws abl to knock d door wid dose signals!! Did she knew t bfr? If so dn hw??
        If she cm to knw t by msg dn ts gd tat u mentn tat in update..
        Show d msg to the readers..
        If ts suspense then it is okay.. i luv suspenses..
        bt really i lyk dis plot..??☺

      • richa

        @ suchish i tried posting the link but it isn’t getting posted sooo plss google EHT fanfiction telly updates there u will find all the chapters or in this site go to home -show starplus finished shows and EHT there u will gat all the chapters

    • Devga

      Pathanga ??? Do u remember me ?? Anyways I still will not forget any talks with u dear …. How ru ?/ how is ur studies going on??
      No probs if u dint reply mails but at least reply here …..

      • Pathanga

        Hey devu.. hw cn i frgt u dea!! I remebr u my spl gem..
        I replied to ua mails.. dint u gt t???
        Anyways i am fyn.. nd ma studies too r gng good..
        Hw do u do?? Gt hldys nw?wt abt ua studies??

  3. Devga

    No no richu this is purly ur plot and all credit goes to u …. anyways u r always welcome for any help from me. ….. And I am lil confused with today’s epi .!!
    I dint understand from tht jungle part … Wer she went and suddenly Dev … PLZ explain me Wer r Dev and durga currently …
    Thank u for again continuing EHT .. Love u loads

  4. Devga

    Aaaah at last …. Thank u pathu ….. No I dint get any reply from anyone … :'(
    No probs …. I am fyn ….. Studies are going on wel too ….. Yup hols over by today …. Jst misd u 🙁

  5. richa

    Thank u prerna ndddd pathu drrr m tryin my bestt dr btt i hav cycletestsgoing on soooo plss cooprate till sat….. but i will update shorts

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