EHT-The fresh start (Chapter 4)

Well I hope u all were guessing and let’s see wether your gussess wright or wrong frndss…. 
Dr thakur forces them and says he is giving this to them as he hi meeting them after long time and this is a fathers love not just any boxes for you. We see the boxes clearly and ,as we know Dr Thakur took them out of his pocket so they are of small size and of red color and with velvety soft covering, and as D&D(Durga & Dev) open them we see pieces of beautiful jewelry. In Durga’s box we see a pair of beautifully crafted , platinum and diamond bangles and in Dev’s box we see a gold plated ,stylish watch . Durga & dev scold Dr Thakur for spending so much on them.
Somewhere in dark we hear a series of some painful sounds as if someone is in great pain………….we see a small passage leading , to an abandoned warehouse and as we near the place we see a large dense forest, (I know it’s very strange to find a warehouse in a forest but, the whole land adjoining the warehouse was also abandoned and may be it was built there)with a few sounds made by animals like the eagles cry and the scrowling of animals……… and as we take a peep inside the house we just see empty cartons and dusty items , which were most probably left when it was abandoned ………….and yes a fluctuating bulb is expected but no there is no fluctuating bulb there as the electricity supply ,was, cut off or may be the something else there we just have a small emergency light lit…………… we go more deep inside we see a man imprisoned by some goons and tied to a metal table which is resting on a big ice slab , and a man is holding live wire which is connected to a battery , most probably meant for electrocuting the imprisoned/abducted man ……. And the gang leader/ the person who hired the goons instructing them to torture him (prisoner) more ……..

{ **>I m calling the man prisoner bcoz after abduction/kidnap he is tied to metal chains and n kept like an prisoner so it’s the most well suited word in this situation}

The prisoner shouts in pain and the mysterious person splashes ice-cold water on the prisoner’s face…… and in a high pitched voice asks him to speak what he is asked to, and when he is asked to & holds him from his chin,squeezes his face hard from the cheek portion ,haves an eye contact…….. spits on the ground and leaves him with a jerk,the prisoner coughs out blood and faints/passes out …………..
The mysterious person rests one of his leg on a small ,low heighted stool,& thinks something asks his men/goons to wake him up and keep the torture going on it’s the answer or his life……………….

{:> in hindi the dilog wud b : ab aar ya paar ans milega ya iski jaan jayegi}

*** to b continued
Next update: Who is this mysterious person and what is his/her motive???Why have he/she imprisoned him?? And who is imprisoned??/ stay tuned nd keep reading lol 😉
Srry 4 late update frndss was busy with sm work………..
Hope u enjoyed this chapter

Credit to: Richa

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