EHT-The fresh start (Chapter 3)


The episode starts with a girl covering Durga’s eves and questioning her in a heavy voice trying to change it so that her identity is not revealed to Durga , her head pupils and lips moving in such a way that asking people present there not to reveal her identity. The pupil of her beautiful and big eyes moving sideways from one end to another , like they are saying no……. Durga holds her and says ammm…. Lemme guess, who is it……… Kangna am I right ? and the girl frowns a little and says How did you bhabhi?? How did you get it? …. Durga smiles at her and says if I won’t recognize you my dear then who would……….Kangna makes a puppy face and Durga places her hand at her chin and says awww Kangna smiles back and hugs her tight.As we see a clear image of Kangna she is wearing a beautiful dark blue long dress with high pencil heels ,and her hair let loose which are covering most of her face.

As we move back we get a complete view of the room,and so we are able to see all people clearly,and the other person who entered with kangna is………. Dr Thakur he is wearing a sky blue coloured shirt and a black coat with grayish black pants, which suited him well.Durga looks at him and says “baba” he smiles and moves forward towards Durga but Kangna stands in their way , and says I won’t let you both meet not too early bhabhi not you alone …………….. and Durga stands confused and Kangna laughs says no need to worry , you can meet him and talk to him in solitude after al he is your dad….but first…… all look at Kangna with eagerness to know what kangna is about to say. Looking at all the funny faces all the people in that room made kangna says nothing serious that you all giving such looks and trying to control her laughter she speaks a few scrambled words which are difficult to understand but somehow when ,she repeats her sentence she says it right or this time her words are understood and she asks Durga and Dev to take Dr Thakur’s blessings and then proceed to other things as they are meeting after a long time,and he is their elder and new couple should take elders blessings as it’s good for their upcoming life and they should not forget their sanskar/rituals. All smile and durga covers her head with her dupatta and she and DEV bend down to seek Dr Thakur’s blessings.Dr Thakur blesses them and his hands inside goes inside his pocket and gives them two boxes which Durga and Dev are hesitant to accept Dr thakur forces them and says he is giving this to them as he hi meeting them after long time and this is a fathers love not just any boxes for you.

Somewhere in dark we hear a series ofsome painful sounds as if someone is in great pain………….

******to be continued

Next update: we see what are those two boxes that Dr Thakur brought for Durga and Dev …… and we will find out the mystery of those painful sounds till then keep guessing &commenting and keep reading 😀

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Credit to: Richa

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  1. Di i didnt understant one thing

    why were dr dayal and kangana 2gether

  2. plz end dat stupid tu mera hero n start ek hasina thi..plz

    1. Hahaha right … But presently all SP serials are to B stopped …. Instead they shld start EHT dym nauc and superb youth based shows ….

    2. Actually sp should stop SNS…….
      Never seen such a serial in my life like SNS…..

  3. nice epi dr..keep going on…

  4. nice epi. I also don’t understand why kangana and Dr Thakur were together.
    I can’t guess what is in the boxes but I think the painful sounds are made by Sakshi goenka

  5. thanku pragss nd monu nd keepm reading
    @ hehe tmh is going offair soon nd i think siya ke ram will replace it…..

  6. Actually it’s like my story … I can guess most of the twists and turns but still I don’t reveal thm in comments as EHT fanfic shld B same suspense thriller like the original EHT …. Love u richi ….

    1. mmmm nyc to c uhere kk dnt reveal dem…. nd keeeeeeep gussing

  7. Continue its superb suspense filled meal …..

  8. Nys s alve in our os, ths s al i extctd 4rm eht shw.

  9. thnku @ hg sweety
    @ minnal u r frgettting the tagline der rishta vahi………………nayi……… jo ki not at allll going welll it shud b vahi in both places nyways its nt meant 4 youth the onlyy youth channels are Mtv ch.V onlllyyy
    and gyss does ny1 watch Zindagi channel here???? and do u know a place were i can find updates written ones for that channel???

  10. Gd mrng richu,u deactvatd ur fb acc i cme hr 2 wish u.happy vijayadasami dr 🙂

    1. hyyy hg sweety dr ya dr it was hacked and same 2 u and alll my frndss 🙂 m srry dr but it was haked

  11. heyyy monu drr dont worry kk Dr thakur and Kangna are there for a good reason that wiillll be revealed in the nexttt chapter dnt wrry mch nd strain urself 🙂

    1. kk di

  12. When will u post d next chap

  13. We is the next episode

  14. hello riya and alina i will post the nextt chapter today m srry for the delay just got held up with some work……. 🙂 lol keep reading…..

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