EHT-The fresh start (Chapter 2)


Continued from last chapter………….
Its morning and all are singing the morning prayers in the Goenka mansion/house and there is a silence even in the houses surrounding them , and the sound of the arti/prayer filled the whole atmosphere with peace and the sound heard was a pleasant one , people from the neighborhoods cane there just to hear the melodious morning prayer. As the prayer get’s over all take the Aarti and Suchitra distributes the Prasad to all.A car stops by the gate and the watchman opens the gate trying to make the least sound possible ……… we see two people getting down the car and (at present we are just able to see their feet ) and those pair of feet start moving towards the Goenka mansion door and byy looking at them we can tell that one of them is a female wearing a fancy chappal (slipper) and the other one is a male wearing heavy leather boots ………
Inside Goenka mansion Suchitra places the aarti plate infront of the god’s idol in the temple and suddenly a gust of wind hits the diya and the flame is just about to go off just then two pair of hands move to save it from the gust of wind , one is Sushitra’s hand and the other one is not among the people present there,most probably it’s the hand of the person who got from the car…… and the female figure that got off the car stands behind Durga and covers her eyes and in a heavy voice , as if the person is trying to change her voice so that she could not be recognized.Then we see a pair of large , beautiful,eyes black pupil and a clear streak of kajal running trough the waterline,which made her eyes look more bigger and beautiful and a smile on her beautiful pink lips………. That mysterious figure asks Durga to recognize her in heavy voice.Her head pupils and lips moving in such a way that asking people there not to reveal her identity.
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hope u like it srry for a short chapter.

Credit to: Richa

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  1. Good going Richa! Grt job?

    1. thank u sree n i hope i kept d suspence nd keep gussing keeep reading ………… nd ya keep commenting 😀 😀 anyways i didnt wanted to shw they were frndlyy to add to more suspence if i did that the chap would hav been vvv shortt…

  2. Wow made me have the same feeling of EHT …. Love u loads and loads my sweet lovable frnd teacher wel wisher sister and wat not .. @richa ….

  3. And I think in goenka mansion u forgot abt a character kangana … She should also have been in tht pooja right ? Or has she left to abroad aftr her family members are imprisoned ?? Hehehe ans me for sure

  4. minalll sweety allll charecters r der ok buttt as u allll asked i keeppp suspence and suspence about thm splyyy ok and keep reading nd gussing……

  5. wow nyc style of narration yaar gud gng keep updatng

  6. thank u sara g

  7. Disgusting story line…such a crap

  8. Loved ur way of narrating…..
    If I close my eyes it looks like a real episode is seen…….
    Soooooo guuud……..

  9. thanx @ diya nd @ riya nd keep reading
    @DEvga -blue pattern if u dislike smethng plss tell my faults anyways evry1 hav their own pov sooo thanx for cmmnting nd cant tell u to keep reading……

  10. Nys dr,ys ur narstng s 2 gud.whr s payal?gd nyt dr.

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