EHT-The fresh start (Chapter 9)



BACK AT THE Goenka mansion Durga and Dev are caught lying by Sushitra to whom they lied about going to the to the market for shopping for the poornima pooja to be conducted by Sushithra.She laughs seeing them nervous and says that there is no need to get tensed as she knows that they are a new couple and they need time alone and she have done the preparations for the pooja (prayer) and they only work left for them is to receive the priest , and mockingly she also says that yeah, if they want to bring imaginary stuff for the pooja they can happily go back to the market and , her old figure will do all the work alone.

D&D in a well co-ordinated and loud voice say NO! mom we will do the work , while DR. Thakur and Kangna reach the doorstep with some packets in their hands and ask them why and for what are they saying no.D&D try to coverup but fail and all laugh. DR.Thakur tells them if they wanna keep it a secret then it’s fine and Kangna adds to it sarcastically, and hands over the packets to a servant,while rishi and Payal enter with the priest and some guests……
Sushithra askes Durga and Dev to freshen up and come for the pooja.

The scene shifts to the alley where we saw the man running. He gets up again and tries to run but frails and get caught and dragged to a construction site where he is hanged on the iron bar/candle(sariya) which is uncut and coming out of the roof of that floor and, he is hanged by his shirt , which is tearing very slowly, and we hear the spooky familiar whistle again………
The scene now shifts to the jail where the unknown figure is revealed and is a young boy wrapped in rags/shabby blanket scared and shivering. The police man/cop approaches him and threatens him and another cop comes there and asks him not to do that as he is already very scared and if he does something suspicious and wrong they will get into a three sided trouble firstly they will loose their job, secondly, Durga and Dev won’t leave them as there is a great pressure by them in this case as they are the present elites of the city Thirdly, Shaurya sir he is the most dangerous one he will surely make their lives hell and not even let them die. The other cop adds to it and agrees and says that he is right job can be another but life can’t go with any of these people’s enmity and pats on the boy’s back and leave.

Now the scene shifts back to Goenka mansion where the havan kund is ready and the priest is ready to start the pooja and asks Sushithra to call everyone for the pooja Kangna and Payal run to secure their places and have a short argument while Sushithra smiles seeing Devga coming down from mthe steps , and dressed in same colour to which Payal and Kangna compliments them . Everyone takes their seat, and the pandit(priest) start chanting mantra’s that is the pooja starts……

*** to be continued

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