EHT-The fresh start (Chapter 12)

At Goenka mansion athe Poornima pooja is over and Durga gives the Aarti to everyone and, Dev receives it in slow motion , while staring at Durga and Kangna and Payal comment, on this in a teasing way to which Dev responds by staring back at them , and showing his hand to them as if threatening them to slap them and the naughty girls laugh.

The scene shifts to the construction site , where the man lies dead and the Goon is breathing his last , Shaurya looks down at the two lifeless bodies and shakes his head sideways and says he pity them , no actually he is happy for them that they got away from this cruel world , and makes a sad face and rests his head on a Goons shoulder. He looks broken, and while pointing in the direction where those bodies fell , and speaks a few words which gives an impression that he is regretting his deed and cries aloud……..

At the Goenka mansion after Durga gives the Aarti , she Dev and Karan have a mute talk trough sign language and leave one by one making excuses , as Dev is about to leave after Durga Kangna stops him and teases him saying that Durga bhabhi hasn’t left long ago and he is missing her in just this short period of time, it’s just the pooja time they both didn’t talk though they were standing next to each other all the time , and………..

Dev asks her to keep shut in a heavy and angry voice and she is taken aback by his this rude behavior while Payal scolds him, and he realizes his mistake and ask for their forgiveness and smiles and tries to leave and gets teased again but this time by Sushitra who scolds him too for the rude behavior and he looks at an unknown boy and says if “I am wrestles about Durga then someone………

Kangna gets up suddenly to everyone’s surprise and pushes Dev and says he should leave now as bhabhi….. and does an eye signal to him as if saying please to him and mummers that if the secret comes out at this time she is……….. Dev smiles and looks at her worried face and says you better not keep the secret for long or tease me or else…….

Kangna pleads and h leaves and with a sudden jerk she turn towards the others and start moving but slips and a guy holds her and saves her from falling , and they have an eye lock.
On the other side D&D and Karan are gathered in Devga’s room and Durga locks the door and their tensed faces look a bit relieved now.Karan makes a call……….
At the construction site Shaurya is still crying and repenting………

He tells the goon that he is an animal and he has done it wrong and badmouths himself , while the goon looks worried and swallows some air as his throat is dry(he can’t swallow saliva as he is quite scared and his throat is dry) and in a stammering voice says S-S-S…….. and is about to say something just then the police arrives and a cop/policeman puts his hand on his shoulder….

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  1. Awww very nice. ….. Thank u richu cutey ….. My creature … And its gud tht shaurya is realising some damn it of him …..

    Thank u for giving me EHT happiness …. Love u … Love you

  2. See i am first to comment … 😉

  3. Thanx 4 cmnting minnal nd u really thiok shaurya will repent na hez just acting 😛 abhi toh karan nd shaurya = devga nd rishi
    nd itz rishi nt karan sry4 bigggg mistake as karan toh hostage hai na phn kahan se aya usk pas nd minnal reading karan out didnt pinch u? Meri galti toh pakad lete 🙁

  4. I got the karan mistake diii

    nd whoz the guy holding kangyy???

    I think eht went back to hawaai to pick nauc

  5. Heyy dia thnxy 4 cmnty nd ready nd na they came togthr just got late due to chk in nd gud u got d mistake hope u got b4 readin ma cmnt nd that guy is new entry 4 kangna 😎 nd pls yar dnt read 4sake of readin thoda atntiv read karo angel 🙁 agali bar agar galti na pakdi toh.. I 😡 u

  6. This was one of my most favourite daily soaps, so happy to read this ff ,good job yaar..superb.

  7. Thnk ya a lots vini and keep reading

  8. I got it b4 readin dii

  9. Ek Hasina Thi love and miss this show a lot, I m so happy that someone has wrote a ff on it and that too a nice one

  10. Chorry baba Chorry … actually I read it like have to read nd sory I dint involve and read as …. As….. As . . I am not well …. 🙁
    Nxt time sure mistake WIL B found …

  11. richa (titli)

    ohhh good diaa darlingg 🙂
    Thanx @ joyeeee
    @@ minnal theek hai agali update me dekhti hoon

  12. hey richa dear, its awesome dear, well you thought that I can’t visit that place actually whenever I am free I check three to four times but it didin’t update but I am happy you finally update it dear. Its awesome I love the cute romance between durga and dev.
    and yaar More than that I love shaurya.

    hey richu dear I want something from you .

    Hey devga won’t you agree dear.

    Shaurya deserve a gundi like girlfriend . I mean a girl who gives him tit for tat who make him straight like rod from jalebi . Who have the courage to love him the way he is and slap him hard also and kick hard him coz she loves him but she want to leave all the wrong deeds. Would you make it dera.

    I don’t know it but shaurya is a best face best acting then why not a new character for his love life.

    well its just a wish dear. but always loving you and the story love u so much richu and where is your sher . Missing it dera.

    Keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. richa (titli)

      oooo nyc 2 cu here sweety andd kk i willl do that but it take timess ya know … dr nd devga is fynnn nd thnxx uuuuu knowww was waiting for you onlyyy dearrr

  13. hev devga dear , hello dear how r u dear.

  14. hey richu dear my poky richu Wish u a very very merry christmass dear . Love u so much and miss u tooooooooooooooo much dear. May god give u lots of happiness dear Love u loads and Keep smiling dear Tight hugs for u my poky richu

    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. lol lov u tooo sweety same 2 u

    tellyupdates par publish hone vale 3
    fanfics, nauc, eht aur acls ka
    apharan ho gaya hai…unki iklauti
    abhibhavak richa bhi gayab h…richa
    aakhiri baar christmas wishes m dec
    24, 2015 ko 7:19 pm par dekhi
    gayi…..nauc aur eht dec 20, 2015
    ko aakhiri baar dekhe gaye jabki acls
    dec 22, 2015 ko….kuch sutron se
    khabar mili hai ki ye fir se hawaai
    trip par chale gaye hein…..parantu
    abhi kuch nhi kaha ja
    sakta…..inspector DEVGA abhi
    mamle ki jaanch kar rahi h….bane
    rahiye reporter dia k sath aage ki
    khabro k liye……cameraman
    comment box k sath m dia apse
    ijazat mangti hu…..

    1. galat ricaa abhibhavak ne pic hta di thi aur ulte seedhe naamo se DABH pg pe ulte seedhe comments karr rahi thi 😛 abbb pic vaapas aa gayi hai tohhh check karo………….
      aurrr sacchi NAUC, AWT,EHT,ACLS ka aaapaharan hooo gaya hai EHT aur ACLS bhaag aaye hai parantuuu baaki phasen reh gaye 😛 😛

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