EHT-The fresh start (Chapter 11)


As we get a broader view of that place we come to know we are at the construction site and that is Shaurya’s voice , the man still hangs on the iron candle and is sweating very badly, Shaurya shouts at him and asks the hanging captive to answer him or else he will fall and die , the man confidently answers him and says he knows that Shaurya won’t kill him till he gets his answer and wont torture him to the extent that he won’t be able to answer him,Shaurya gets irritated by his answer, and in his usual evil way taunts the captive that he shouldn’t be trying to bark inside a lion’s den , as if the lion gets irritated he will tear him into pieces and feed them to ….
The man speaks again and says “main tumhari geedadr (hyna) bhabhkiyon , se nahi darne waala Mr.Shaurya Goenka, kyunki jo baadal garajte hai who baraste nahi, aur khujli waala kutta chahe kitna bhi bhonk le par who kaatne se pehle hazaar baar sochta hai ki kaatne ka anzaam kya hoge….”
[ok not exact translation but vague idea of above convo:the man sais “I m not gonna freak out by listening to your, weak and stubborn defiance/threat because the clouds that roar don’t pour and how much may a itchy dog bark , but before biting he thinks a a thousand time about it’s result”] (srry 4 bad translation]

Shaurya laughs again and points his fingers towards the captive and makes a fake gun out of them (mean hold his fingers in a gun type gesture)

And closes his one eye and points towards his head and says BANG! And the captive looks at him and smiles and says the ones riding in two boats at a time shouldn’t , make the COX/ mariner his enemy because , because , because he can hehe…. he can DROWN you ( drown you in angry voice) and Shaurya cuts off the remaining piece of cloth trough which the person was hanging, he sweats while seeing Shaurya doing and looks at it with his eyes widened, swallowed his sliva , and closedhiseyes before falling down………

One of the Goons looks down at the place where the man’s body is lying and start sweating and tells Shaurya that What have you d-d-done my lo-lord?Y-YOU-you……..

Shaurya looks towards him suddenly and he , gets shocked and looses his balance and is about to fall from the under construction building but Shaurya, holds his hand , and plays with him by loosening his grip several times and threatening to Drop him down. As we look at Shaurya’s eyes they are blood red, and his expressions serious and dangerous, and asks the goon to look into his eyes and says , that he is already in jail , for a lot of charges so how could a person inside the jail kill?

Just worry about yourself ….. if yooouuuuuu don’t…………….(he stretches the You word)
And a police siren is heard and confusion is created and Shaurya looks calm and releases the goon and he falls down from the building …….

At Goenka Mension……

***To be continued…………
Hope u liked it frndss and srry I always delay the chap a lot but keep readin nd supportin also I really tried to put/portray real shaurya here and also his xpressions I hope I succed to some extent also

DIA drrr m srry NAUC update struck in havai bcz of bad weather 4giv me plsss 
srry 4 typos as i haven’t reviewed it

Credit to: Richa

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  1. Love u love u love u love love love love love love you …. For the pic and the episode ….

  2. Oh no nauc is in middle stuck….. Richu go help it or shall I come for rescue . lol
    Doing a great job creature continue

  3. Thnx minnal nd truth to b told i was busy chatting so cudnt type nauc so they r in galapagos island nw 😛 i wil try to update ASAP bt i hope u liked it

  4. Di my 3 fics r stuck in switzrlnd lol

    nd it ws awsm but it ws full of shaurya… devga

  5. Oh ok dia dr bring thm fast 😉 lol

  6. Worry:

    So sad my dear dia’s ff’s nd richu darlu’s nauc are stuck …


    Hey god PLZ relieve them from ur weather god …. As , many survivors are waiting to read them ….


    Lol hope they r back soon

  7. Tathastu devu di

  8. Hey richa hello dear, this is the first time I visit there , Actually I see the links of your episodes And just read this episode its awesome.

    I watch ek haseena thi the serial . Its awesome. I will be more thankful to you if you give me a short summary of your story. just to reach to the current track going. I
    I lkike shaurya evilness in the story too and you make the character awesome here dear. Loved it a lot Loved your narration style dear.

    Keeep going meri jaan I am more interedsted in this story.

    Always loving you . Keep smiling always .
    Once a friend always a friend

    I also write a fanfic (Naadan Dil Ki Manmarziyaan) but seriously you are immensely talented dear. 3 to 4 fanfic in different journours at one time. Its damn difficult job. But I loved this and more than that Its great to know you first I get to know about first on you on naty page then i follow the link .

    YOu wrie beautiful dear. Its a pleasure to be with you tallking with you and spending time with you

    1. richa (titli)

      thnkuuu thnkuu dr muaahhhh….. nd sholly 4 latenessssss i hav posted a short summary on ur page tooo 😀 same 1 here
      most of chaps are short and i hav described the scenes in detail sooooo plsss do read if u get tym as summay bhut chooti (choti) hai padh k maa za aayega
      ok the main headlines r……..
      the goenkas are out of jail( ran off) and while karan is held hostage by rishi & durga and seeing durgas odd behaviour dev doubts her and follows her and cms to knw about all and supports them ….
      while as they get bak to goenka mansion sushitra question them and they cook stories about her poornima pooja and next is pooja and shaurya chasing a man this man and this chap u read… 🙂 😉 LOL
      nd m lazyyy updatetr last chaps updated a month agoo 😛 nywayss lov u keep readin 🙂

  9. At least this is different from swaragini this and swaragini DAT. Some thing new some thing fresh. Like ur concept of reviving EHT. Keep it up

    1. richa (titli)

      thnxx REkha dr 🙂

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