EHT-The fresh start (Chapter 10)


The episode starts with us hearing a devotional song whose sound is heard till a long distance and as we near the sound source we see it’s coming from Goenka mansion where Durga is singing the concluding Aarti of the poornima pooja.
The scene now shifts to the construction site where the man still hangs on the iron candle(sariya) and his shirt hole has increased and it’s tearing slowly, a man standing next to himn has a smile on his face and as some evening sunlight falls on his face we see a familiar figure and the person is revealed to be Shaurya Goenka who is threatening the man for something……
Next in the abandon warehouse Karan comes to/gains consciousness and demands water while the goons are busy playing cards, he gets restless and shouts for water. The goons get irritated and one of them go to him and asks him the matter and Karan proudly and with a booming and strong voice demands water as if he is the boss which irks the goon and he brings the water but teases Karan for it and drop by drop drops the water infront of him to which Karan tries to catch the water droplets by ,stretching his tongue out but fails as the goon moves back.The goon comments on his condition and says that he shouldn’t act over-smart and the boss as he is the captive here and have no right to order them and here like this in this condition , he has to accept/praise his tolerance power and guts he is all bleeding and still …..
The goon throws the empty glass turns his back and moves away but stops and warns Karan and also tells him that he won’t even get air to breathe without the supremo’s permission.

The goon leaves………..

Karan yells in distraught and repeats his word’s mockingly and laughs and says that their supremo is nothing- nothing before Shaurya , he will come and free him and then all who have given him pain will plead for their death.

The scene shifts to Goenka Mansion where Durga and girls Kangna and Payal distribute the Prasad while when they reach their respective men Dev, unknown man and Rishi they just hold their hands and speak raomantinc , to which our girls respond by pulling their hands back and saying that its not the time for their talks as the guests are still there and everyone is watching and they still have a lot of Prasad to distribute. They turn back and see Suchitra standing behind then and she looks at them narrow eyed and clears her throat and leaves and the girls follow her……….

The scene is now again the construction site where Shaurya says the clock is ticking and none of them have much time left with them so he needs the answer fast and start saying “TICK-TOCK TIK –TOK” aloud in his usual evil manner………………
*** to be continued

Next update: the man hanging answers Shaurya and Shaurya thanks him for the answer and tears the remaining piece if shirt trough which the man is hanging and he falls down and dies…..

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