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First let me introduce the characters to newbie’s to this show

SHAURYA GOENKA-our main villain lead and a womanizing person and heir of Goenka family. Being under the influence of his family, he can get anything he want and is not used to hear the word “no”. He is used to do big mistakes and which are ultimately hidden or covered up by his mother Sakshi goenka for him so simply he is a rich and spoilt brat.

SAKSHI GOENKA– female negative lead and shaurya Goenka’s mother she is beautiful, powerful and has a dynamic personality. She enjoys being the center of attention in Kolkata. She loves her both children very much specially shaurya and can go to extremes for them .she is rich, greedy and selfish ,self-centered woman who does not cares about anything than herself and her children her pampering have spoilt them .We can’t forget that she is the master of planning & Plotting.

DURGA THAKUR/DURGA DEV GOENKA(after marriage)-She is the female lead protagonish.She is young ,beautiful and self made ,self dependant woman. And she is here to revenge the Goenka’s for their ill doings, specially Shaurya goenka for ruining her family,and show them their rue place,and also to lower/destroy their thinking which is money can buy anything…….. and demolish their ego castle.and shatter their false pride.She is actually Payal Mitra a young and innocent girl whose family is a victim of Goenka’s wrong doing and she is here to give them an answer of all her sufferings.She has undergone a plastic surgery and taken Durga’s identity who was Dr.thakur’s daughter who helped her in seeking the revenge from goenka’s.

Dev Goenka-Nitya’s lover and another Goenka he is a total reverce/opposite of his brother Shaurya and is very gentle at heart.He helps Durga in her mission against Goenka’s after knowing the matter.

Dr Thakur– Real Durga’s father and another Goenka enemy and helped Nitya in entering Goenka house as his daughter Durga.

Rajnath Goenka– an extremely ambitious and ruthless man who is amongst the elite in Kolkata business and social circles. To maintain his social status, he can go to any length.Another of bad Goenka and he and his wife sakshi passed on their ego and all personality traits to their children.He is also a victim of Sakshi’s blackmail and forcibly nmarried her.He is no less than sakshi in plotting.

Raima maheshwari– Sakshi’s good friend and have an affair with Rajnath.

Suchitra Goenka-dev’s mother and a kind woman .

Kangna goenka-only goenka daughter.(I don’t know much about her character)

Akash-Another Goenka victim and their enemy he is a kind person.His father was ki;;ed by sakshi who was his step mother.His father owned a printing press and was burnt alive .But Akash survived.

Navin Mathur– the loyal man of Goenka family who is accused of betrayal and is jailed.

Payal– Nitya’s sister for whome she is seeking revenge.

If you love action.romance , suspense, plotting,passion,determination etc filled stories then EHT is a full and super cool show that you must watch.It is a complete package containing a variety of drama.



Hope u liked it sorry for mistakes and if I forgot any characteristic trait or anything about any character or a character from the show. I have tried to incorporate max character traits here.

Plss give your reviews and suggessions . …..


Credit to: Richa

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  1. Nyc 1…
    Bt u frgt to mention abt shaurya’s frndz who r also puppets n hndz of goenka..

  2. Nd any1 hv ny kinda gd nws of eht cmng once again? If so, dn plz lt me knw..pls..
    Waiting eagerly fr the most suspense,thrilling, exciting nd marvelous EK HASINA THI-(returns) with ts brilliant characters to occupy d minds nd hearts of ts viewers who r waiting at d corner of deir seat to watch t once again..

  3. Start a fan fiction of ETH? ….I just loved this series soooo much
    N great job ?

  4. heyyy pathu nycc2 c u nd thanku nd there area few nws abt EHT -2 dunno wether true
    @Shivi i just posted the fic nd thanx

  5. Hi, Very nice intro. Waiting for the next update..keep it up..

  6. its my altme favrt 2 wish dr.tagor alive nd rishi marry payal .nys dr

  7. Wow thank-you for updating about my fav one …. Continue … U forgot about character called karan basu. … He is also a spoilt brat ( frnd of shaurya)

  8. hi roma ,angel minnal nd hg oh ya thnku minnal i will introduce the charecter when he come in the story…………. anyways shaurya se linked sabkuch spoilt hi hota h chahe voh uska plan hi kyu na ho

  9. Richa it is awesome Dr ..loved it ..waiting for the next update ..???

    1. stuti nxtt update already dne 3 bchapters posted nd thanx

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