EHMMBH (the new start)


Hi friends
I hope you all support me in this story

I am continuing from where the story end that is after jeevika and manvi gave birth to their daughters after much struggle..
Their struggle did not end there..
It’s taking 2 years leap where viren and virat had fight with each other and they r living separately and manvi and jeevika struggle to make them one..this is my story line hope u all like it..

It’s after two years where virman r living separately in very simple house(not their guest house which is shown in EHMMBH earlier) with 4 rooms…
Virika is living in gud house..

It’s morning where manvi s sleeping virat is practicing for musical competition day and night..manvi says ‘vishwa please yaar stop it for few minutes I m having headache due to tis continuing music jhanvi s crying’.. Virat says ‘manvi u know I m doing this practice for tat one title which give us money and famous among flim industry’..manvi says’ alright alright I m taking jhanvi with me to next room and make her sleep and I will get ready for my work’ is shown that manvi s working in some office to maintain the family and vishwa as always he is seeing nothing than the music..

In virika home
It’s shown that jeevika is coming out of bathroom and viren is asusal acting as sleeping.. Jeevika came near and says ‘virenji please getup its getting late for u’ viren suddenly wakeup and pull jeevika towards her..jeevika says ‘virenji what doing’ viren ask her to be silent and goes to kiss her just then their son aditya starts crying.. Jeevika smiles and take aditya in hand and she goes out of room..viren smiles..

viren driver has done some accident and passerby are scolding viren ..virat passby by even supporting viren..

Hope u guys like it..ur suggestions also accepted if u want any change in storyline

Credit to: Sukanya

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  1. I think both of them had daughters…and also can you pls make them a big longer

  2. Nice story my first serial on SP was ehmmbh…. Do continue

  3. I loved it.

  4. Awesome yr waiting for next

  5. Mah fav serial is baccck

    thanq sukanya

  6. The q sukanya cont u story its really nice

  7. But whose is aditya

  8. Nice yaar

  9. Great dr….thanks for this story

  10. Hi frnds
    Thank u for ur support.. Aditya will b virika’s end of emmbh jeevika I’ll b pregnant..did u remember.. In nxt epi both manvi nd jeevika daughters I’ll b introduced..

  11. continue plse Dr I love this serial very much

  12. Precap is having some changes:
    Viren driver has done some accident and passerby are scolding viren..virat passby viren by not supporting him ..viren gets teary eye…

  13. When the serial is going to be telecast

  14. Keep gng sukanya…nice story..manvi and jeevika have daughters na..named mansi and jhanvi

  15. Love u sukanya !! Pls cntinu dear jus love it but pls make it more big !!!

  16. Sukanya continue ur good job

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