EHMMBH (The New Start 3)

Hi frnds..
I hope u all liked my story….
Today v I’ll see introduction to bhairav Singh(bs)

In manvi office..
Manvi reaches office..she enters office and her friend nimi runs to her and inform her that boss came back from abroad and seen very angry at u.. He asked to meet u wen u reach office.. Manvi gets shocked and thinks to meet bs now..manvi enters her cabin and keep her bag and come out to meet her boss..
Manvi knocks BS cabin..after few seconds the voice heard and asked to come in..
Manvi enters and
Manvi: gud morning sir
BS: turns and stares at manvi..
Manvi: sir actually(BS cuts in middle)
BS: more reasons..get out of my cabin now..I don’t want any irresponsible girl as my PA..
Manvi: sir(shocked) and gets teary eye.. Wat did I do sir..
BS: u idiot u didn’t know wat u hav done..I asked for foreign investors list and u didn’t prepare it till u could b very irresponsible.. As I said already I want to discuss with my dad and other board members and want to submit to government for approval of project..
Manvi: sir I already kept that at ur table sir..
BS: shocked and and goes through the table and the papers that contain list are already kept in table..
Manvi: turns to leave..
BS: thinks this girl is incredible always..and says thanks..
Manvi: leaves the room and thinks sadist…
BS is shown talking with his father and other partners.. They all smile and says gud idea..all leaves after the meeting..
BS thinks manvi s the right girl to work under me and this company..he thinks she s having some talent I want to keep this girl at this company at any cost and how..
BS calls manvi to cabin when she is about to leave the office in evening..
Manvi enters BS cabin..
BS: cum and hav ur seat manvi..
Manvi: gets surprised by his gesture and sits in seat..
Bs: I hav given u promotion as general manager and u r given apartment and company vehicle for pickup..tomorrow onwards take charge as GM..
Manvi: but sir I I’ll accept as GM sir but I don’t want apartment and vehicle sir..
BS: thinks this girl is thinking of escaping..I like it..and says u want to accept all r leave this company..(he thinks I knw u cannot leave this job and smiles to himself)..
Manvi: o..OK sir I accept the promotion..
BS: gud and smiles..
Manvi: leaves the room..

Manvi leaves the office and takes the auto to reach home…

In Virman home
Virat is seen decorating the home and making dinner to make manvi cool….manvi enters the home and gets shocked to see the decorations and smiles to herself.. Virat come and says surprise.. Manvi leaves in huff..
Manvi gets freshenup and comes back changing dress..and starts to play with jhanvi and make her sleep giving food.. Manvi comes out of room and thinks to have food and rest..she s about to go to kitchen just then virat holds manvi hand..
Manvi gets shocked and turns to virat while he pulls manvi to him..
Manvi: virat leave me..
Virat: sry manvi…pls forgive me..
Manvi: turns her face to other side..
Virat: holds his ears and says sorry yaaar pls..forget it..
Manvi: I I’ll forget in one condition..
Virat: gets happy..wat condition manvi..
Manvi: u want to cum to meet jiju..
Virat: gets shocked and leaves manvi..
Manvi: virat jiju is ur bhai..but u don’t accept him I knw but..he s my jiju so I want to meet him..
Virat: its ur wish manvi I don’t restrict u from meeting anyone..
Manvi: smiles.. And hugs virat..seeing virat sad face manvi ask y u r keeping ur face like monkey virat..
Virat: wat am I looking like monkey..
Manvi: if I say the truth u I’ll get sad..if I say u r monkey then its shame for monkey u r more than that and smiles..and runs..
Virat: manvi and starts to chase her..
Virat at last catches manvi and hugs her..
Manvi: virat I want to give gud news to u..
Virat: am I getting another shock by u like u gave me 3yrs ago(manvi pregnant news) and winks..
Manvi: what 3yrs ago..
Virat: like u gave mini manvi and winks..
Manvi: virat u…and starts to beat him in his chest..
Virat: holds her hand And pulls say manvi..
Manvi: virat I got promotion in job and v can shift to gud apartment and company also provided us vehicle.. And gud salary virat v can take care of jhanvi and join her in gud school virat..
Virat: smiles and congrats manvi..and thinks ur happiness s important to me manvi..u can leave this job soon..
Manvi: hugs virat tight..
Virat and manvi dances on music very sensational and gets romantic… Later takes her to bed and make her lie down and switches off light and gets closer..

In hosp..
Viren gets bored in bed decides to walk outside for few minutes..
Jeevika just then comes and
Jeevika: virenji wat dng y u r getting down from bed..
Viren: I m getting bored being in bed..shall v go for walk..
Jeevika: but virenji..doc said to take rest..
Viren: v I’ll reach back to room in 10min k.. And gives hand..
Jeevika: k virenji and smiles holding viren hand..they go for walk in varanda..
They gets suspicious about a nurse who s saying to some family members that the child is dead due to some fever..but u can donate organs to others and make him live alive..
But child’s parents didn’t accept this and says noo v want our child back with full body and ask nurse do the formalities.. Doc comes out and ask nurse about it..again they try to convince the child family but they say noo..
Virika sees this and gets sad..they pass through the corridor and child family.. Wen they r passing through some store room they hear some doc is informing about the failed task and decides to finish it some how..virika gets confused and leaves from there before anyone can see them..
They reach back to room..
They decide to discharge from hosp morning somehow..
virika lies down to sleep after taking dinner..they didn’t gets sleep and worried about child family and the conversation they heared..

Nxt morning..
Virat and manvi getsup by jhanvi crying..
Manvi: virat getup and console jhanvi virat I m sleepy..
Virat: I m also sleepy manvi u go and console jhanvi..
Manvi: y me virat..u also hav responsibility of taking care of jhanvi u go..
Virat: I I’ll not go..u go manvi please I m sleepy yaar..
Manvi: consoles jhanvi and comes near virat and pours the jug water on virat and smiles..
Virat: manvi tum and getsup and starts chasing manvi..
Manvi: u cannot catch me virat and runs..
Virat Atlast gets tiered and sits..
Manvi: see u cannot catch me and smiles and goes..
Virat: holds manvi hand and pulls towards him and removes hair which is in her face and is about to kiss just then jhanvi starts crying.. Manvi smiles and goes when virat comes to take care of jhanvi..
While playing with jhanvi neighbor aunty(leela) comes in virat comes to her and greets..
Leela: gud morning virat..
Virat: gud morning aunty..
Leela: where s manvi..
Virat: manvi s getting ready for job..
Leela: ohh k k..I forgot to tell u got some courier wen u gone out..take this..I came to give this only..
Virat: thank u aunty..and gets the letter and opened it..he gets super excited and says omg I had entered into MUSICAL INDIA competition..
Leela: what u say MUSICAL INDIA competition.. And gets happy..
Virat: yes aunty..I hav entered the second round.. And dances..
Leela: congrats virat..wen s the second round..
Virat: thanks aunty.. Nxt week..
Leela: thinks so I cannot sleep for nxt one month he I’ll torcher me with music day and night..k virat I m leaving..I m having work..bye..
Virat: manvi will come in few min please wait aunty..
Leela: noo virat I m having lots of wrk I will see her later..and leaves..
Just then manvi comes..
Manvi: who came virat..
Virat: leela aunty came to give courier..which is came from MUSICAL INDIA competition..
Manvi: what r u serious..
Virat: nods and smiles and says I got selected for nxt level..
Manvi: gets happy and hugs virat and says congrats virat..
Virat: smiles..
Manvi: virat v want to shift to new flat in two days so want to start packing virat.. I I’ll come back home and I I’ll start packing u practice for competition..
Virat: k manvi and smiles and hugs..
Manvi: k virat bye I m getting late and kisses in virat cheeks and jhanvi cheeks and says bye by getting into company vehicle..
Virat: smiles..
In hosp..
Jeevika and vanshika ask for discharge to doc and says they I’ll take care of viren..they come out of hosp after discharge..
Virika thinks something s fishy in this hosp..and leaves in car thinking..

virman shift to luxurious flat and gets happy seeing it..

Hope you like today episode.. Any suggestions for the nxt coming episodes are accepted..

Credit to: Sukanya

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  1. toooooooooooooooooooooo boring

  2. Make the family 1 again please

  3. Ny one dr

    nd plz show swamini (bua), vijay (dada ji), Inder (VirVir’s chacha), Kadambari (Inder’s wife) and jeeman’s family mahesh (jeeman’s dad) badi beeji, beeji, pinky (jeeman’s chachi), Madan (jeeman’s chacha), daboo nd sweety

  4. *nyc

    nd also shlok

  5. Hi shyamala
    I think u didn’t see my story line.. .my story line is..viren and virat separate due to misunderstanding and manvi and jeevika fight to make them one….thanks for ur comments..

  6. Hi nima..
    What is too boring.. I mean which segment boring r did u think whole epi boring.. What change u want you in serial..don’t mistake me nima..I value each and every comments and I I’ll try to make changes in upcoming epi..

  7. Hi dia..
    Thanks for your comments and I I’ll try to add them in serial..

  8. Hi friends..
    I m thinking to stop my episodes.. I didn’t get much response..

    1. no no a bg no yaar
      i ll help u to make it intresting dont stop it

      1. Hi aadhaya..
        Thanks Dr..but how..

  9. Soooooo boring! It’s completely different to the actual story of EHMMBH :/ 🙁

  10. Nice … please don’t stop sukanya continue writing

  11. I think It is really intresting 🙂 please dont stop writing

  12. No sukanya dr don’t stop……if u can giv me ur e-mail then i can suggest some plots to you

    1. Hi dia..
      Contact me at [email protected] Com..

  13. Hi frnds..
    Today I m busy in some wrk..I I’ll surely continue from tomorrow..

  14. Update next episodes

  15. Hi frnds..
    I hav changed the plot and actually starting from the beginning of the actual story..and it I’ll b totally different from actual story.. Hope u like it frnds..if u wish to cont new story or this story itself..

  16. Hi friends..
    That story will be uploaded today. ..leave the suggestions for any changes

  17. Hi sukanya plz upload fast with a good story

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