EHMMBH (The New Start 2)


Hi frnds..
I M trying to add more virika and virman scenes in this…if u like that pls suggest me to carry on with some light moments between them..

In this episode v I’ll see virat help viren from getting stabbed by goons of GS..

In virman home..
Virat leaves for his audition..after he left manvi I’ll call jeevika..
Manvi: gud morning di’
Jeevika: gud morning manu and smiles
Manvi: di I hav putted leave today di..shall v meet
Jeevika: manu how many times I say concentrate on work..y u r putting leave unnecessarily to meet me(she s showing fake angry)
Manvi: laughs loudly
Jeevika: shocked and asked y u r laughing am I speaking like joker r u r teasing me
Manvi: controls laughing and says di I hav putted leave for the sake of jhanvi di
Jeevika: gets shocked and ask is jhanvi s alright..
Manvi: di she s gud I hav taken leave for taking care of jhanvi because virat has left for his first level of audition for MUSICAL INDIA competition.. But u r always talking like dadi and laughs..
Jeevika: manu u r getting soo naughty and laughs
Manvi: k di shall v meet today
Jeevika: ya manu v I’ll meet in park..
Manvi: k di u di
Jeevika: love u manu..

Viren is On the way to court..
GS is already in court..and thinks viren u cannot reach court..
Viren is in the car and its waiting in traffic signal suddenly he saw his shoe lase s loose and bent to tie it up just then there s gun fired and it hit the back seat glass and pass to the another side and hit one lady.. Viren gets alert and take the gunshot lady inside car and ask driver to drive to nearby hosp..he gets the lady admitted in hosp and call jeevika to come to hosp to take care of that lady and he left for court..
GS is waiting for the call from shooter..he gets the call and gets to know viren has escaped and breaks phone in anger..
Viren reaches court and stares at GS and goes inside..
Viren has been arguing opposite to GS..its the case about land fraud case..and it seems there s noo evidence to prove GS wrong except the person affected by GS..
Judge says get the proper evidence in nxt trial..
Viren and GS meet outside court and
GS: u cannot get any evidence against me..
Viren: smiles and says I I’ll get it somehow and leaves from there..
Viren s determined to get evidence against GS and GS thinks u cannot return to home today viren see what I can do to u
In hosp…
Jeevika thought of calling manvi and informing that she s not coming to meet..just then lady’s family arrive and enquire about her to jeevika..doc comes and says she s alright nd u can take her home because the bullet did not hit her hand actually its just make scratch on her hand..
Jeevika is releived and says ur hosp bills r payed and u can take her home..
Jeevika leaves hosp after meeting the lady..

At park:
Manvi waits anxiously wait for jeevika to arrive with jhanvi in hand..
Jeevika arrives with mansi and aditya..
Manvi: di and hugs jeevika
Jeevika: manu and smiles
Manvi: how r u di nd how s jiju
Jeevika: v r fine manu how about virat
Manvi : v r also fine di
Jeevika: r u really happy
Manvi: s di I m very happy with worries..
Jeevika: thinks how manvi got matured in two years
Manvi takes aditya in hand and plays with him and mansi and jhanvi r playing with eachother (it seems like mini jeevika and manvi)..
Jeevika smiles seeing jhanvi and mansi and thinking about their childhood.. After that both manvi and jeevika reach ice cream parlor and had ice cream and left for their home since its time for their husband to reach..

In audition..
(I don’t know any Hindi songs so pls think about some song in the place where virat sings) audition starts and virat sings with guitar in his hand and closing the eyes and singing before judges..
The judge says ur results I’ll b announced tomorrow..
Virat thanks the judge and left the room..
Virat s on the way back home from audition..
Viren s also on the way back to home..where suddenly some man comes in between and get hit by the car and gets unconscious.. The peoples surround the car and starts scolding viren.. Just then virat passby viren.. Viren looks at virat but virat didn’t react to him after seeing and passby him without uttering word r helping him..
Just then some goons enters and starts to beat viren..peoples r running to different direction.. Viren fights back with goons which much difficulty.. Virat on seeing the fight get shocked..then goons hold viren and another goon is about to stab viren with knife..
Virat come in Nick of time and hold his hand and starts fighting with goons.. The goons fly from there..
Viren: virat sorry for everything please come back
Virat: I hav just helped u like some other common person not as bhai and leaves from there
Viren: virat and faints..
Virat: virat s abt to go just then he turns nd see viren unconscious..
Virat took viren to hosp.. Where doctor checks nd says viren is having blood loss due to head injury.. Please arrange for blood in blood banks..
Virat calls jeevika…jeevika take phone and smiles seeing virat call after much time..and attends the call
Jeevika: hi virat how r u..I m very happy by ur call..(virat silence make jeevika to doubt).. Wat happened virat..r u alright..
Virat: bhabhi please cum fast to city hosp..its very important..
Jeevika: for what hosp manu s alright knw..
Virat: bhabhi bhai s in hosp..
Jeevika gets shocked and leaves with vasanthi for hosp..
Virat calls manvi and informs about the incident.. Just then doctor come out and ask virat did u get blood donor..virat says I m his bhai v r having same blood grp and leaves with doctor for giving blood..
He comes out after sometime just then jeevika nd vasanthi arrive asking for viren..virat says treatment s gng on..
Vasanthi: u had helped ur bhai virat..u had tiff and by forgetting..(virat cuts in middle)
Virat: no maa I hav not helped my bhai..I m just helped for humanity..
Manvi arrives at hosp..
Manvi: comes and hugs jeevika.. And ask how s jiju..
Jeevika: don’t know manu and cries
After sometime doc came out and says viren is out of danger.. All gets happy..manvi,jeevika and vasanthi s about to in for seeing viren just then virat says

Virat: manvi lets go..
Manvi: but jiju..
Virat: I m leaving.. And takes blessings from vasanthi and leaves..
Manvi: hugs jeevika nd vasanthi and gets tear eye and leaves..
Both jeevika and vasanthi gets teary eye seeing them leaving.. They go inside to see viren where he s still unconscious..
Viren in his unconscious state calling virat and asking for forgiveness..
Jeevika and vasanthi hears this and starts crying..
Virman reaches back home…
Virat tries to speak to manvi whereas she left without listening to him by taking jhanvi..
It’s morning…
Manvi s still angry does not talk with virat..she gets ready and leaves for work by saying bye to jhanvi..
Virat thinks how to cool her anger…and gets some idea and smiles to himself..

In hosp..
Viren gets conscious.. And thinks his head s hurting like hell..
Jeevika comes to viren and says..
Jeevika: virenji drink the soup..u I’ll get some energy..
Viren: energy I’ll b also gets from u and winks..and he get closer just then vasanthi enters..
Jeevika: smiles
Vasanthi: how s ur health viren
Viren: I m alright maa..
Vasanthi: doc said tomorrow eve u can get discharged.. And want to take ready Atleast for 10 days..
Viren: I I’ll try maa..
Vasanthi and jeevika: what?? And stares at viren
Viren: k I I’ll take k..
Both vasanthi and jeevika smiles..

In virman home…
Virat is seen decorating home to make manvi cool..

At last Manvi smiles at virat after virat apologize and after their usual nhok jhok…

Hope u guys like today episode..any suggestions that have to be changed in upcoming episodes r welcomed..

Credit to: Sukanya

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  3. Its not vasanthi its vanshika वन्शिका

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    Sry for mistake..I I’ll crt in nxt epi..

  6. superb sukanya I was really missing this serial.. I love virat n Manvi Jodi

  7. Make the song that Virat sang be Tum Hi Ho dedicated to Manvi.

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