Their EGO killed their LOVE…..SWARAGINI..ONE SHOT.


Hey everyone…
Its Abhi…
Its a one shot.
And the pairs are sangini..
I like swasan too but i haven’t seen even one ragsan one shot here.So i planned it for ragsan.Its a really short one.sorry for that.

A boy is shown talking in his phone.
Its our sanskar.He is in his room.
A girl is sleeping in the same room.
Yes,she is our Ragini.
Ragini:Good morning sanskar.She smiles.
Sanskar:Get ready..we want to go to court na,,..
Ragini’s smile fades.
Ragini went to the washroom and starts crying.
Ragini:Why god why…Why cant he say me that he love me..

Ankit is Ragini’s lover.
Ragini:Ankit,when will you come to my home with your parents.?My parents are searching for a good groom for me..iam always rejecting the proposals..But if they ask me for the reason,then i don’t have any.
Ankit:Baby…let me get a job.Next week iam going to America for an interview.If i get that job,next day i will come to your parents.
Ragini:When will you come back.?
Ankit:It will take one month.Wanna know the results also na,thats why. month..its not possible.Within that my parents will make me married to someone.
Anki:What…then what will we do..Okay one idea..My best friend,he is a great businessman.He is not married yet.
Ragini:What are you saying about?
Ankit:Wait…let me call him first.

Ankit:There he is..Sanskar .
Sanskar:Hey,why did you call me and who is this girl.
Ankit:She is my girlfriend.
Ankit tells everything to sanskar.
sanky:But what can i do in this .. please don’t say no..
Sanky:First you say..
Ankit:Can you marry Ragini?
Ragini:Anki,What’s all this nonsense.
Ankit:Rags,tuje meri kasam..please accept this.Actually its only for one month..You both can apply divorce after one month.That is, when i come back.
Sanky:No way..
Ankit:Sanky please.
Ankit emotionally blackmails him and made him accept.
After one week
Ragsan got married with the presence of her parents.Sanskar is an orphan.So no one from his side.
Her parents accepted him because they felt him eligible for her.

Ragini is sleeping in the bed and Sanskar in couch.
DAY 2,3,4 completed.
Sanskar and Ragini starts feeling for each other. but diverts their mind thinking about Ankit.
Sanskar and Ragini even didn’t speak a single word to each other yet.
When sanskar comes back from the office,he found Ragini unconscious in the floor.He took her in his arms and made her lie on the bed.As she was having high fever,he called a doctor.Doctor checked her and said its because of improper nutrition and because of doing heavy works.
Doctor leaves.
Sanskar:Where are the workers..
He was shouting.a
All the workers came.
Sanky:Iam giving you money for doing works,not to make her do works.
Worker:Sir,that..because she said she’ll do..that’s why.
Sanskar:Tomorrow onwards if i see her doing any works then you all will be fired.get lost..
Ragini gets concious.
Sanskar:Don’t say anything..for two days you will not wake up from here..full bed it..
He leaves.
Ragini:He cares for me???
DAY 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15
In these days they get to know more about each other..
DAY 22
Ragini gets a call.Sanskar is also there in the room.
Ragini:No..ankit..what are you saying..
She starts crying woefully.
sanskar made her to sit on the bed.
Sanskar:Ragini..what happened..why are you crying?
Ragini hugs hima nd he hugs her back.
Sanskar:What happened.
Ragini:Ankit got the job there…and he said that now he don’t want me ..I will not suit for his standards and all..She again starts crying.
Sanskar:Ragini,don’t cry.
Inside sanskar was little happy because he loves her.
DAY 23,24,25
Its full of crying and all..
DAY 26
Sanskar:Its enough of this crying and all,..He left you that doesn’t mean you should keep thinking about him and cry..You should be strong and move on.
Sanky’s POV
Ragini,say that you will be with me my wife..pls.
Ragini’s POV
I know that i have some feelings for you…but you will get someone better than me..i will be a burden for you as i loved someone else before.
Ragini:Yes sanskar,i will forget him and move on.
Ragini leaves from there.
Sanskar becomes sad.
DAY 27
A situation comes where sanskar is about to kiss ragini but moves back due to phone call.
DAY 28
Now both of them know that they love each other.But waiting for the other one to say.
DAY 29
Sanskar:Tomorrow is the last day of our agreement..
Sanky’s Pov
Ragini, please say that you love me.And want to be with me forever please.
Ragini:Hmmm i know,you don’t worry i will go to my home after that.
Ragini’s pov
Sanskar,say me not to go..say..
Sanskar:But what will you say to your parents?
Ragini:That,i will make them understand.
Sanskar leaves.
Ragini is crying.
Ragini: i don’t want to lose you.Why cant you say that you love me?

DAY 30
@ night
RAGSAN:Today anyway i will say everything .
Ragini made some special dishes and decorated the whole house.
A anything special? is my last day in this house like this…tomorrow onwards..
Before she completes
a bell rings.
Actually she was going to say that tomorrow onwards it will be a new start in this house for sanskar maheswari’s wife..a perfect wife not argreemental.
Sanskar enters the house and notices the decorations.
Sanskar:What’s all this.
Servant:Ragini bhabhi said that its her last day here that’s why..

sanskar is controlling his tears.
Ragini comes.

Ragini:Sanskar,how is it..and do you why know this decoration and all is..
Sanskar:Hmmm…i know.You are leaving tomorrow ..thats why ..right?
Ragini is heartbroken.
But still she said:Hmmm and gives him a fake smile.
Sanskar crumbled the card which he had..
Yes guys..he was also about to propose her.But didn’t.
They had the dinner and sleeps.
Both are crying a lot while sleeping.
its present.
Ragini comes out from the washroom .
Ragini:Iam ready come lets go.
@ car
Both are not even looking at each other.
Sanskar switch on the radio.Hamari adhoori kahani plays.
@ court.
Ragini is going to left door and sanskar to right door.
Sanskar calls Ragini.
Ragini turns with happiness..
Sanskar:you kept your bags in the
Ragini’s smile fades.
She felt like someone punched her.
@ court room
Judge:Mis Ragini,are you okay with this divorce..
sanskar in Mind:pls..ragini..say no..pls..pls..
Ragini in Mind:Sanskar pls say no…pls pls.
judge:You both are divorced now.

Both came outside.
Sanskar:Here is your bag.
Ragini:Bye..iam leaving.
Sanskar smiles and turns:Hmmm? Ragini: take care.
Both are crying..
Ragini smiles and turns:Hmmm
Sanskar:You too take care..
They both went in different directions.
Both are crying woefully.
The story ends..

In this story ragsan got separate only because of their ego….and also bcoz of little misunderstanding.
Never let your ego kill your love..
Guys ,I know its boring..sorry for that..I just felt like writing something thats why I wrote..sorry..

Credit to: Abhinanth

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