when the EGO called FARAK crosses its limits !! (part-3)

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@malhothra mansion
Samar :why this ragini cant understand i cant think about any other girl other than my riya (in my ff samar’s gf name will be riya ) how can i !! nooo
Rag: baih rr uu ready to excecute my plan ?
S; yeah( he says unwillingly)
R;(IN THE CALL ) thnxx ,bhai anika is going for the lucky chawl u can meet her there get ready fast
After hearing the name of the place samar was soo excited to goo not because to meet anika because he had a deep connection with that chawl he rushed to go ,ragini was surprised to see a sudden change in him anyways she was happy as her plan is working step by step

Samar was teary seeing the palce he remembered one girls face running here and there he had memory of her in each and veery corner of that chawl he was so emotional that time .anika came from behind and she was surprised to see samarjeet malhothra in that small chawl,
A; aap yahan
S;yy i should not come here ?!?
A;noo i didn’t said like that meanwhile she saw him teary and questioned him yy r u crying
S ;noo im no crying
A ;then yy there r tears in ur eyes ??
S:thats none of ur business miss.anika
A;im sorry mr.malhothra i didn’t meant to hurt uu
Later he realised for what he came there
S;its ok miss anika
A; u can call me anika mr .malhothra
S; even u can call me as samar
She smiled ,he asked do u want to have anything tea or coffee
A;strangers k sath mein chai nahi peethi (he rememberd his first meet with riya and riya saying the same dialogue he got tears at a time)

A;aap phir se rorahe hai wat did i do now
S; no not uu ,ur words just made me remembered someone who was very close to my heart but she is no more now
A;im sorry samar im really sorry i know the pain of getting separated from the close ones im sorry
S;its ok ,he leaves from there
A;(how nice person even after that girl died he still remembers her he is such a true ishqbaaz he proved if there is true love moving on is not at all possible that i can clearly see in his eyes !how nice he is )
Samar comes there to take his keys while anika was still in her thoughts he takes it and goes from there
A;samar !!
A;she mves her hands forward and asks friends ??
S;he was again lost in his thoughts when riya to made friendship with him the same way
Anika asks again
Samar :moves his hands towards her and says yeah friends
A; ok im leaving now bye
S;shall i drop u
A;no thnx mein riksha pehi chal thi hoon
S;just now u said we r friends and not evn this help u will take from me so bad !
A;ok chale lets go then
S;but where ?
A;oberoi mansion

They reach oberoi mansion shivaay comes there in the parking area he sees anika getting down from a car and wounders with whom did she come
A;waves her hand and says bye samar
Shiv;ye samar koun hai !!!!!!!!
Samar says bye and leaves from there
Anika turns and finds shivaay
Shiv;koun hai woh???
Ani;koun .??
Shiv;woh aadmi jiske saath thum aayi ho?
Ani;mera dost
Shiv ;that i can see but wats his name thum use kab se jaanthi ho
Ani;wohh .. ek minute ye sab mein aap ko kyun bataoon ,,who ever he may be wats ur problem ,aap ko kya FARAK padtha hai kya problem hai haan??
Shiv;nothing!!!!!!!!! He leaves from there
Ragini calls shivaay and says shivaay i want u to meet my bro r u free today
Shiv;yeah im free today u can come @ any time
Ragini;ok fine today evening @ 7pm
Shiv ;done

Ragini brings samar for OM
Meet my bro mr .samrjeeth malhothra
He forwards his hands towards shivaay and says hello mr oberoi
Shivaay was shocked that he was raginis bro he says hi mr malhothra
Pinky;shivaay beta itna formals kyun hothe hoo he is ur would be wife bro so yy these formalities
Ragini ;yes shivaay aunty is ri8 u can call him samar ad bhai u can call him shivaay
Shiv;par ragini !!
Nagini;yeah any problem shivaay ??
Shiv;no nothing
Rag ;yy i brought him here is i know bth have some misunderstandings i want it to be cleared as we both r best friends and i don want any enemity between u and my broo
Shiv;actually the problem between us is the chawl
Sam;woh chawl i cant leave it for any one it is so near to my heart
Shiv ;its ok now i no need that chawl as wat i need from that chawl is has come back for me (u know what he meant ri8)
Sam ;thnx a lot mr oberoi i mean shivaay thnx
Shiv ;its ok no worries
Rag ;hmm finally u cleared everything between u party tho banthi hai !
Pinky ;haan haan shivaay beta isi party mein tera engagement ka announcement bhi ho jayega hai na
Shiv;mom pls !!!

Meanwhile anika comes from the stairs she slips suddenly
B4 shivaay can go samar holds her they share an eye lock
Shivaay ( how dare he touch her ! isko itna himmanth meri anika ko toich karne k liye !! man kartha hai iska moo thod doon !!)
Shivaay goes to them frees anika from there and says cant u walk properly
Anika ;wohh shivaay mein teek se
Pinky cuts her by saying leave her shivaay ,now lets speak about ur engagement anika gets shocked

Meanwhile anika asks samar uu in OM ??
Ragini intoduses him infront of her and she asks did they both knw each other
They both nod and say yes they r friends (anika thinks how come this much nice man be this naginis bro!)
Shivaay thinks so he was that person with whom anika came
Shivaay say sits getting late lets discuss every thing tomorrow now lets have dinner

@the dinning table
Shivaay sits anika comes there ragini wontedly comes there and says its my place can u sit there anika
Ainka;teek hai !!
Samar and anika sits together
Ragini serves for shivaay and speacks bla blaa
But shivaays total attention was on anika and samar
Samar tries to serve anika
Shivaay fumes in jealousy omru and bavri could sense that and they were enjoying it

To be continued

Precap;noo idea

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  1. Fenil

    Fabulous Chappy.

    Wow,Samar was so sweet person he remembered his Riya and don’t want to cheat her.The way he was excited for going to chawl awww.O:)O:)

    The way when Samar reached and Riya’s memories came before his eyea and his eyes got wet so touchy.:,(:,(

    Anika’s words again reminds him her Riya,Riya’s friendship.:)

    The way BilluRamji started inquired Panika…..JekuRamji.Tere ko kya FARAK padta hai.:P:P:)):))

    The way he said to himself how dare samar ….lol Jalkukda kahinka.B)B):P:P:P:P:D:D:D:)):)):))

    Samar served Anika and again aag lagi/:)/:)B)B):):):):D:D:D

    Loved it to the core.

  2. Awesomeeeeeeee shabbbuu…. Shivay jealous???????
    Loved itttt..waiting for next one

    1. Shabana

      love uu vanuu baby pls do read my 4th part here the link

  3. Tanz

    It was amazing Shab?
    Jealous Shivaay…. loved it ?…. let’s see how this proceeds further….
    And Samar is a good guy I believe but this Nagini??…. She’s a complete Phsyco….ussse to jaldi se jaldi bahar phek Dena chahiye ??….
    Waiting for the next part ?

    1. Shabana

      thnkssss tanishaa
      and sorry for posting it late
      here iis the link for the 4th part

  4. TUFriendsForever

    So shabs u r highlighting the name of the ff in each epi.That is soo clever.keep going.

    N let me come to the epi.
    One place I found nagini instead of ragini.I think u r habitual of calling her nagini.That was funny for me???.
    I also call her nagini????? think of she dancing for mein nagin nagin Infront of Shivaay.

    Then first one ragini can’t understand anybody’s feeling.even she can’t understand her Bhai because she is selfish.If she understands oyhers feeling she would have not interfered in shivaay’s life.

    The chawl one was the highlight of The episode.Ohhh poor Samar.samar’s character in this ff is too good.He still remebers his lady love Riya n can’t give her place to anyone.N anika Samar friendship was too good.Samar remebers all about Riya.

    The car scene was hillarious?.Woh aadmi kyon Tha?? Shivaay wanted to know n again aapko kya faarak padta too good.

    N shivaay’s double meaning dialogue was nice.Samar wants that chawl only because he is attached with it n Riya of course.

    When anika slipped n Samar supporting her.Shivaay full in jealousy was nice too.

    N enagement Ohh godddd kuch toh hone wali hai.Bhootu Shivaay he loves anika but will do enagement with nagini.Shivaay Bhai be careful nagini may bite u??.

    This one has all emotions.Anger jealous emotion n fatak of course.tgis epi was a perfect blend which will make the readers happy for sure.

    Precap:u don’t have idea then how can I have idea to comment about it?? Think something which is full of masala anger love n emotion.

    Keep writing.
    I found this one to be the best of other epi’s as it had a perfect blend.
    N kill the nagini soon n if possible pinky dinky donky too.

    This one was superbbbb awesomeee

    1. Shabana

      thanks a lot rufii im glad that u liked it

  5. Ishuyamjha

    hehehe shivaay wanted this for throwing here out the house and getting engaged with that nagini it was awesome shabana waiting for next episode post next episode soon dear

    1. Shabana

      thanks a lotttttt ishu sorry for posting next part so late
      here s the link for it

  6. Nila

    Hi shab first of all Congo dear for ur 1st Ff ??
    Sorry for not cmtg in previous part
    Amazing start
    Part2&3:Shivika’s tadi????
    I like Samar & Annika’s combo (friendship)specially the same feeling of Samar with his exGF?
    Shivaay’s jealous l loved it & engagement part no yaar but its OK negative scenes also needed in a complete story so go ahead ?
    ?I am so happy abt ur 1st FF?
    ?Go shab Go?

    1. Shabana

      thanks a lot nila im so happy u liked it next part is here ‘

  7. Sam-99

    it was fabulous epi……jealousy shivaay hihihih

    1. Shabana

      thanks a lot sumi di sorry for posting the next part so late here is the link for the next chappy pls do read and comment

  8. Riddhima

    Nalla iruku …. Intha rangini tholla thangachi mudilla sikram mudichi vitu … Pa ..

    1. Shabana

      nandri akka here is the link for next chappy i will be very happy if u read and comment

  9. Radhika.k

    Shabu awesome story yaar………loved this chappy!!!!

    Samar Malhotra so true in his love………that even after riya’s death……he loves her!!!
    That idea was wowsome shabu…….Loved ones can never be forgotten……N remembering abt the chawl n his reaction……..niceeeeee!!!!!!!!
    I loved ur description of samar’s deep lost love for riya……nice name……

    Anika in the chawl was unexpected…..But anika-samar’s convo was good……Both trying to become frnds leaving that MISS N MR. formality nice..
    U mentioned abt the coffee shop scene,by putting anika here……..that was fantastic.
    Really samar is a true ishqbaaz….i agree wid anika’s pov….Both in the same car going to OM!!…..n MR.SHIVAY thinking abt that guy wid anika..n their again farak padtha game was on!!

    Shivay n samar bcuming frnds………………………what an idea!!!!!Sorting their issues is MISS.NAGINI AGENT…….i liked her for doing only this job….but still jab anika slipped…..Samar went first in the race…to catch up her…n it was damn funny to see MR.SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI turning into MR.JEALOUS SINGH OBEROI……….n his dialogues classic……how dare he touch my anika,uski itni himmath…….thoda GUSSA SINGH OBEROI bhi ban gaya tha!!!…but went there polietly n interrupted them….and bola u can’t walk properly…..THIS IS FARAK PADTHA HAI YAAR…..but what to do..he is SSO!!<3<3<3

    The dinner…..nagini serving shivay n telling bla bla…..i remembered this dialogue "pavam yaar petha pillayo,thana ollarikitu irrkudu"hehehehe……anika n samar sitting together…..again its treat to watch shivay fuming in jealous yaar!!
    Nice chappy dear…….enjoyed it joyfully….my mood also bcame good!!
    Keep writing….all the best for the next!!!
    Pls send the links dear.
    #NOTE:It was nice to see ur change in the way of writing….one suggestion…..just read once after u type…..if u want add something u can do that also n correction of typos also…..Love u once again….

    1. Shabana

      thanks a lot bff im so hapy u r correcting my mistakes and here is the link for next chappy
      i will be very hapy if u read and comment

  10. Tharu

    Awesome update.. Jealousy shivay..Cute..Loved it…. Waiting for next

    1. Shabana

      thank s a lott di here is tthe link for next chappy i will be very happy if u read and comment

  11. Zaveesha

    Amazing one…

    1. Shabana

      thanks a lot zaveesha
      here is the link for next part
      http://www.tellyupdates.com/ego-called-farak-crosses-limits-part-4/ pls read and comment

  12. Ankita27

    Amazing… Superb… Fantastic… update… samar is so sweet n nice… loved samar and anika’s friendship wali bonding… so now sso turns into Jso… ???
    isii tarah biluji ko thoda jalate rhena…. Eagerly waiting for the next update.. post soon dear…

    1. Shabana

      thank u soooooooooooooooooooooo much for such a lovely comment
      here is link for next part pls do read and comment

  13. Lauren

    Fantastic…. loved it to d core.. happy to see jealous Singh oberoi.. amazinggggg… fab…. marvelous…post nxt aspa

    1. Shabana

      thank a lottttttttttttt sorry for posting the next part so late
      pls read and comment

  14. Ashwinee

    Loved it

    1. Shabana

      thanksss pls read and comment in my next chappy too here is the link

  15. Dhar

    Superb yaar.. U nailed it to the coreeeee… Plzz do post the next update ASAP… Loved it to the coreeeee

    1. Shabana

      thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooo much dhar
      im so sorry for the delay in posting my next chappy here is the link for the next chappy pls do read and comment

  16. Mona_2005

    Lovely update . sorry for not commenting earlier but I was waiting for this part.make shivaay more jealous, I love that

    1. Shabana

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  17. Alekhika20

    Superb update

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  18. Fantastic update yr…… Shivaay in jso mood…. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt…

    1. Shabana

      thanks a lot banita

  19. Gayathri.visu

    Awww!!! Amazing part Shabz. I like Samar’s characterization (till now). Samar’s feelings n hus past with Riya….wow dear!! Anika n Samar’s friendship…..too good

    1. Shabana

      thanks a lot gayu akkka sorry for postting the next part so late
      here is the link for the next part pls do read and comment

  20. Soumya85

    Awesome episode yar
    Samar is nice person
    This nagini??
    Post the next one soon
    Sorry for late comment
    Love u ??

    1. Shabana

      thanks and sorry for posting my next chappy so late here is the link for it pls do read and comment

  21. it was fabbbbbbbbbb…………..

  22. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

    1. Shabana

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  23. Kanfi

    It was just fabuloussss..
    Loving the track

    1. Shabana

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  24. Amayaa

    See now i m commenting so pardon me PLEASE
    It’s very good …..
    Ani – Samar bonding is good but but but …..
    U r enough intelligent nd smart to know further
    This Ragini ???……a royal ignore to her in Arpu’s term
    All in all it’s so good to read nd have affinity to hook de readers
    Going well …..do continue. …..nd have a rocking Saturday ahead ….????…????…

    1. Shabana

      thanks alot ammu here is the link for the next chappy pls do read and comment
      and dont worry im not at all angry on u i know u were busy thank u fr sparing time for my ff love yaaaaaaaaa

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