when the EGO called FARAK crosses its limits !! (part-2)

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@oberoimansion dinning hall:
All r having their dinner some one was missing dai asked where is ANIKA ??? no one had any idea rudra said that dadi lastly i saw bhabhi near the pool side then dadi says to servant goo and search for anika if uu find her call her for the dinner the servant checks in the whole mansion and finnaly he comes for dadi and says that mam i have searched in the whole house i didn’t find anika mam anywhere ,dadi asks him to leave he goes
Suddenly rudra remembers that lastly anika was speaking with shhivaay he said the same for dadi then she questioned him billu ye sab kya hai he said dad ii donno anything how can i know where does she goo and all dadi asked him did uu say anything for her he blinks by saying wohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh by his words its clear that something definitely had happened then dadi said that till anika comes no one should eat its my order pinky starts her drama par mummy jiiiiii i don’t want to listen to anyone understand !! and billu its ur responsibility to get anika back home shivaay unwillingy agrees (afterall he is a tadibaaz )

Shivaay takes his car he xatly knows where anika will be (he is also sweet singh oberoi ) while driving the car he remembers what all he said for anika today but he was really very hurt for hurting anika with his words coz he knows anika is not a gold digger he decided to find the real truth behind anikaa leaving him three months ago he reached the place
He came out from the car and found anika sitting in a chair alone and crying he went beside her and said chalo she asked yy should i come ,he said anika stop ur drama its getting late uu cant sit alone here u sould eat moreover then she says oh really if i eat or not eat wats ur problem aap ko kya FARAK padtha hai ! by then shivaay lost his temper he said will u please stop ur farak drama im fed up of it i don’t bother or i don’t really care if uu eat or not just because dadi said im here to take uu and because of uu all r starving over there ,and now uu r coming with me its final she hesitates ,shivaay lifts her in his arms and takes her for home by then all start eating anika says to dadi that she is not hungry and she leaves for her room shivaay thinks ye ladki bhi na he says fr dadi uu all eat i will make her eat except pinky all smile pinky thinks i need to do something !!
Shivaay feeds anika she first didn’t want to eat but as shivaay is forcing her she was eating it she asks did uu eat shivaay he said first uu eat then immediately she takes the food and feeds for him
Sad verion of oo jaana **

Ragini says for samar that today im soo happy he asks yy she told the incident where shivaay anika had a fight and how did she enjoy it he says her that don’t uu think uu r interfearing in their life soo much don’t uu feel they both cant be separated she shouts nooooo wayyyyyyyyy shivaay is only mine did uu understand and u r going to help me in getting shivaay u promised me ri8 he says yeah i remember say me wat should i doo ?? she says anika is not letting me getting close with shivaay so let me make her far from shiavay for that uu need to enter her life u should become the pillar between shivaay and anika if u get chance u can even marry her then it will be more easy for me samar : but ragini for this yy should i marry her noo way do wat i say uu if not uu know me ri8 he shouts at her i can become a pillar between them but marrying her no chance did uu get that !! he leaves from there ,she thinks i will definitely make this happen then only i can get my shivaay screen freezes with her evil face

Precap: samar to enter anikas life as a new friend shivaay is soo jealous

Sorry for repeating the same precap in next part i will surely make shivaay jealous pls share ur views about this ff

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  1. TUFriendsForever

    Shaba too good ???
    Let me start from the beginning
    Dadi is so concerned about anika that was good
    N wooohh n dadi saying not to eat was good
    N Shivaay going in search n he knows the place Ohh God semma
    N anika sitting there’s crying ???
    Finally my Bhai found that anika is not a gold digger
    N lifting her superbbbb no words
    Feeding scene was also good
    Nice nosecut for this nagini by Samar.
    Samar is true this time.She is interfering there life.
    Samar’s reply was good
    I hope he won’t marry anika may be he will be a possitive character may be he may fall for anika but sacrifice his love may be he is negative
    Let the best happen
    one little suggestion dr
    When dialogue comes don’t type them in para split n write like in last para for me
    Samar: n bla
    This would be easy for reading
    N lastly pinky dinky donky ???? drama her too.
    Nice one keep writing

    1. Shabana

      ruff wowowwoowowoowowow
      itna bada coment love uu dear
      thnx for such a lovely review uu made my day soo happy with ur comment
      and sure i wil take ur suggestions and try to avoid them next time
      love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. ManyaPV5

    Intersting one! I wish this Ragini dies one day.

    1. Shabana

      i wish tooooooooooooooo heheheheh shall we kill her
      heheheh thnx a lot vipra

      1. ManyaPV5

        yes we shall

  3. Ishuyamjha

    Shabana please a little more long episode please???? waiting for shivaay to get jealous and post next part soon and this part was awesome???????? and tell shivaay that stop showing tadi ok???? please post next part love u????

    1. Shabana

      okkkk to type this much i felt it became big for uu splly my next chappy will be lenghyy
      love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Alekhika20

    Superb update

    1. Shabana

      thank uuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh

  5. Awesome…waiting eagerly to see jealous shivay
    Continue soon…love you…take care

    1. Shabana

      even im waiting to make him feel jealous hahaha yup surely will make him jealous and next part will be posted soon b4 u sleep tomorrow love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Fenil

    Fabulous Chappy.

    Love Dadi’s concern for her ex pota bahu Anika,she gave command everyone not to eat till Anika came.:)

    Shivaay went to bring his Panika as he know where she must be but you didn’t mention place,u should mention place name.he lifts her when she was not agreeing loved it.:*

    He feeds her food and she also not less baby aapne khaya samajh gayo toh she feeds him:S:S

    Samar you nailed it man good answer.

    Can’t wait for next.

    Write separately not in para…

    1. Shabana

      bhaiiiiiiii itna bada comment wah wah thnx bhai and i think i mentioned the place in the previous part but still i should have mentioned it here its okk next time i wot repeat it

      and woh mistake eko bhii repeat nahi karoongi thnxx again

  7. Kanfi

    Waiting for next???
    Gd night take care

    1. Shabana

      thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx diiiiiiiiii
      its good vening now ehhehe love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  8. very interesting…. love it a lot…

    1. Shabana

      thn uuu sooooooooo much

  9. Awesome epi Shab.,… Eagerly waiting 2 see jso…. Post soon…

    1. Shabana

      thnx a lot banita yup will post it b4 night thnx again

  10. Nikita_jai29

    Nice one dear

  11. Niriha


    1. Shabana

      thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kep reading and commenting

  12. Soumya85

    Awesome one shaba
    Shivaay took annika in his arms wah?
    Loved it yar❤
    This ragini is too much ? make her die in your ff?
    Dadi is sooo good !!
    Egarly waiting for next episode pls try to post soon like this one
    Love you ??

    1. Shabana

      thnx sumooooooooooo
      yeah i will make her die if possible heheheheeeeeeeeeee
      thnx again for reading and commenting

  13. Tanz

    Wonderful part Shabana…..
    Ye Nagini thoda zyada hi kood Rahi hai….. jaldi hi niche giregi???Poor Samar, Psycho behen ki wajah se khud hi pagal ho jayega lagta hai ???
    Finally…. Shivaay is ready to find out what happened to Annika three months back….It would be great to see a jealous Shivaay…
    Waiting for the next part ? (pls send the link)
    Till then, take care ?

    1. Shabana

      thnxxx tanishaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love uu sooomuch suree uu r ging to enjy shivaay being jealous ehheh
      and yup i will surely send u the links tooo

      1. Tanz

        Ohho waise hi itna Lamba Naam hai tumn

      2. Tanz

        Ohho waise hi itna Lamba Naam hai tumne aur kheech diya????? koi nahi…..??

  14. Anitaaa3

    Too Good…Shab…Keep Writing

    1. Shabana

      thnx annnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep reading and commenting

  15. Riddhima

    Shab …
    Sure thangachi .nalla iruku …
    Nenu ff lam ezhuthuvanu theriyama pochi …arumai arumai …

    1. Shabana

      thnx akka it was jsut my start nandri akka romba nandri keep reading and commenting

  16. Radhika.k

    Shabu…………………………..it was awesome!!!
    Starting from the first……..dadi’s concern for anika is very true……..after a long time seeing dadi’s love for her anika puttar!!!!
    I think woh servant…….should be khanna jii yaar…….Billu yeh sab kya ho raha hai….n his reply how do i knw……..i felt like this shivay acts like so good,sab patah hai but shivay hone ke badh bhi acting!!!!
    Shivay though was compelled by dadi to search for anika……..somewhere in his heart he really wanted to knw!!!Dadi ordering everyone to not eat!!!Semma order….
    Shivay only knws where his anika is……..n u depicted it perfectly!!!!Mentioning sweet singh oberoi…..i could see there the shabu wala love for nakul….hehe!!!!
    He is sooo tadibaaz ki itna rudely usse ghar bula rahe hai…Both r fed up with the FARAK PADTHA DRAMA……..Hope they soon sort that out!!!!
    Shivay lifting in his arms………….wow…..i can imagine very well….n then usse khana khilaya…..n anika also acted as a small good girl n obeyed him!!That was cute!!!!
    This ragini is happy…….don’t worry nagini soon omm ho jayegi tumhari……keep waiting!!!
    Though samar is ragini’s bro………..i like him!!!he acts as a very good bro!!
    Precap:its okk….CVs have done that……so u can also do it…….excited!!
    Nice chappy dear…..post the next one soon..
    N do tell me!!!
    LOVE U shabana…

    1. Shabana

      wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh di itna badaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa comment
      uu ruff,fenu bhaiiiiiii uu alll guys r really my amazing friends
      im soo happy to have uu all as my friends
      loveeeeee youuuuuu sooo much akka
      and sure i will rectify my mistakes i wont repeat it next time
      thnx again akka eep reading nad commenting

  17. Gayathri.visu

    OMG!! Shabzzzzzz is that u????? Just now only I read first part….amazing dear. Very very very good starting. Keep going!

    Coming to this part…..I loved it dear. Superrrr! If possible plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kill that nagini along with pinky ponky dinky…..bcz of these two, I m getting michmichi feeling yaar!! Antha pinky ponky kanula theeya vekka….pisasu! Samar is positive or negative dear?? Shivika feeding each other….awwwwwww!! Waiting for next part dear. And haan Shabz…..unnoda ff-na dialogue typela ezhudha try pannu, adhu innum easyya ellarukum puriyum.

    1. Shabana

      gayu akka im so happy that u read my ff soo happy
      i will surely kill her hehhehe along with that dinky
      and yea next part i posted in dialougue type only
      u can uderstand it welll thx for reading and commenting it
      next part will be uploaded soon

  18. Zaveesha

    Good one

    1. Shabana

      next part is here pls do read and comment thnkkkkkkkkkkkkuuuuuuu soo much

  19. Ankita27

    Superb update.. loved it…

    1. Shabana

      thnx next part is up due to some mistake it got posted in swaragini page here is the link
      http://www.tellyupdates.com/ego-called-farak-crosses-limits-part-3 pls do read and comment

  20. Sagithya

    Awesome update yaar..

  21. Amayaa

    A big big big SORRY maddu. …I m so late …..SORRY SORRY SORRY
    Now pardon me please …..

    The episode is awesome ….I didn’t knew u r such an awesome writer. ..keep going
    But u cation club member u made my Shivay bhaiya so angry ….this is not fair ha ….
    ???…..just kidding u have that right too do what u wanna do with him …..

    Have a saluting Saturday. ….
    Now going to read de next one ….???…

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