when the EGO called FARAK crosses its limits (Part 1)

Hey guys it’s my first ever ff pls read and comment Ur comments means a lot for me all tomatoes and chamelis r welcome ?
@oberoi mansion ;
Anika’s room
Bhavya and Anika were speaking about raginis drama. Bavya says that bhabhi we got nice proofs let’s show this for bade bhaiyaa in the same time Shivaay and Ragini go from that side
Anika says it’s a good time come let’s show this for Shivaay
Chaloo they both go towards Shivaay s room .Anika says to Shivaay ;look at this Shivaay Ragini s Sidharth is not in India only he is settled in US she shows him all the profs yet no reaction in Shivaay .Ragini smrinks . flash back ;
Ragini comes and hug Shivaay he makes excuses and moves aside?? she gets angry but she won’t show that she says u know Shivay I’m so happy today he asks yy she says Sidharth left permanently for US his mom was not happy with our relationship so she asked him to come for US permanently ohhhhhh I’m so happy she comes to hug him again ?but he moves away ??

@present ; Shivaay says so what Anika we already know that he went for US wats new in this Anika is confused ?? par Shivaay these many days she was cheating uu .he says no Anika uu misunderstood and he says Even if she cheats me wats Ur problem thumhe kya FARAK padtha hai ?!! Anika didn’t expect this answer from him she tries to leave just to add fuel in the fire Ragini asks Anika “I heard u were engaged with Ur bf rihith is that truee ” u know I’m so happy uu moved in very fast even b4 Shivaay u got engaged congratulations
She leaves from there Shivaay feels hurt with Ragini s words he asks Anika yy do u ever bother about me and Ragini Anikaes from there without answering Bavya feels embarassing and leaves from there

Anika says to omru and Riya (buvya and Gauri ) that we need to put full stop for this rothith drama I can’t say any more lie for Shivaay Ru says bhabhi I have a plan with that we will end Ur engagement drama done all agreed

Later Shivaay comes from that side he looks at Anika and asks did I hear truth only
She asks which truth he says don’t act I came to uu and rohith had brake up soo u looking so sad ri8 now anikas lost her temper and she yelled at him yyy do u ever bother about me and rohith we moved in ri8 then AAP ko Kyun FARAK padtha hai ?!?
Shivaay already was very angry he didn’t expect this answer and he shoted at her that I don’t care why would I ever bother I was just happy for that Rohit who was escaped from the cheap money digger like uu Anika shots SHIVAAY ??????? be in Ur limits Shivaay then realised what he said b4 that it’s too late Anika leaves from there

Anika asks the driver to take the car for park the screen freezes

Precap :new man/friend in anikas life Shivaay is soo jealous ??

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  1. Shabana

    Hey guys so many typos please bear with that I’m so sorry it’s my first attempt next te I won’t repeat these again

  2. Fenil

    Ohh my Kidding girl finally came on floor.
    Nice start.
    Maja aaya shouting and shouting on ek dure …mixture achha lagta hain.
    Next please.

    1. Shabana

      ??????????????????thnx a lot u r the first person to comment in my first ff I’m soooooo happy uu know , u became so SPL for mee bhai ??

      1. Fenil

        Why, i was not special before !! so sad to hear this.

  3. Superb

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      Thanks ? keep reading

  4. Awesome.

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      Thanks a lot ?

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  6. Sairan

    Super duper episode
    No worries
    Continue soon

    1. Shabana

      Sure will post the next one ASAP ?

  7. Dhar

    Superb yaar.. Plzz do post the next update ASAP

    1. Shabana

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  8. Amayaa

    It’s an amazing work maddu
    Keep going

    It’s very good that u r portraying Anika ‘s character as strong one with ur words
    That’s like an independent girl
    Ego has a limit too we have not to cross it’s line
    But I thought u will come with a funny ff
    I get shock for first time but awesome
    Emotions can not be displayed by everyone
    I m de example

    Waiting for de next one ….. post soon ….

    1. Shabana

      ammmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu thnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
      yeah sure anika will be the strong one in my ff no one can break her
      will posst the neat chappy by today even ing

  9. Shab i am the same Nilash
    Nice start and continue soon. Just one request please reunite Shivika soon.
    Love you re and amazing work
    Ab jaldi post the next part will be waiting

    1. Shabana

      nilu di now i understod the problem of gul if i reunite shivika then i cant take my story further heheheh shivikas reunion will be the end of my ff

  10. ??????????love it wanna see shiv jealous

    1. Shabana

      yeah i will try my best to make him jealous

  11. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

  12. Swathi..

    Shab i coludn’t believe. It is your 1st ff and it is amazing dear update next asap. Jealousy mein SSO kya karega? Have to wait for next chapter.

    1. Shabana

      yeah jealousy mein sso …………. oh noo suspense koo mein break nahi karsakthi ehhe wait and read next part willbe posted by today evning

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  14. Lauren

    Amazinggggg dr… loved it… confrontation was d best part I think…. n dat ragini I hate her lyk anything… post nxt asap

    1. Shabana

      thnk uu ssoooooooooo much yeah that ragini i hate her alottttttttttttt i will surely do her oh my maatha in my ff ehehhe

  15. Alekhika20

    Amazing update

    1. Shabana

      thnk u sooooooooooo much

  16. Amazinggg starting Shab…. Keep going dr…. Waiting 4 nxt chappy….

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      will post it by today evning thnxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Loved it post next part asap

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    Nice one shaba seems aana oru request shivaaya alukka vaikkatha Pls n anika romba stronga kaami
    This was nice one
    Keep writing

    1. Fenil

      Rufi, Sorry pls come back

      1. TUFriendsForever

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    2. Shabana

      yeah suree rufiiiiiiiiii i wont my shivaay to cryy soo much i didnt expect ur comment here i was missing uu in the activity area thk u so much for reading and commentingg

      1. TUFriendsForever

        Missing u tooo shaba.u can expect my comments here I will try to comment In all epi

  20. AnuluvsIB

    Good start shab.. Waiting for your next part now!

    1. Shabana

      thnkuuu forr reading and commenting anu akka it means alotttttttt

  21. Tanz

    The name is really interesting… and it was written by you so I had to read it….and believe me it was amazing… the story is awesome… I’ll like to read more of it…So whenever you post the next part please send me it’s link so I don’t miss it…
    Bye for now ?

    1. Shabana

      was that really very intresting omgg thnkk uu dear and thnx for reading and commenting i will post the next part soon then i will definitly send uu the links thnx for reading it once again love yaaaaaaaaa

  22. Soumya85

    Wow shabana superb start?
    So much drama and fighting
    Loving it❤
    Post the next one soon and pls do send me link ?
    Love you shaba ????

    1. Shabana

      yup soo much drama heheh ii love that im soo glad that uu liked it tooo love uu somoooooooooooooooooo love uu soooooooooo much and yaa surely i will send uu the links

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  24. Awesome epi jerryyyy…loved it
    Jealois shivay….waiting
    Post soooon

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      thnk uu vannu baby yeah next one is posted when it will be uploaded ii donno ehhe till then uu need to wait dear love yaaaaaaaaaa

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  28. Radhika.k

    Shabu……………ur first attempt n it was superb!!!!
    Loved ur portration of anika being so strong…..n ragini ki omm karne mein tuli hui hai!!
    It was amazing dear…….loved it!!NICE EDIT COVER..
    Really so sorry for the late comment!!!
    Love u…Keep writing!!

  29. Ranilya

    Hey shab, fark tho padtha hain….
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