Effect of Poverty In Lives – OS

A man who looks little old rings the bell of a house. After several minutes the door is opened by a boy.

” Come in uncle. I’ll tell dad that you have come ”

The man enters the house. The boy runs inside screaming to his father . His father comes out .

” Why are you here at this time brother? ”

” Nothing special.. I just came to see you all. ”

He gives a gift to the boy..

” This is for you”

The boy takes it politely and thanks him. His father asks ,

” How’s your wife and child? ”

The man glanced at him as to question why he asked that question. He gets thinking.

” How can we stay happy when our second child is with you? Hopefully the only son I have doesn’t know this. He calls his own brother as cousin! I can’t help it. How can I ? I’m not that much rich to feed two children and that’s the only reason why I had to do this sin.. I love both my children equally but when one of them calls me uncle… He doesn’t know the truth … ”

The other man asks ,

” What happened to you? Is everything alright? ”

” Ye..yes… They are fine . I must leave now” . He make a rapid glance at the boy and goes towards the door to leave.

” But you just came ”

” I have some important work to do ”

He rushes out..

” Can anyone understand my pain ? My own so calls me uncle. For him , my brother is his father . He respects him not me. Why does everything depend on money ? Why ? I can never get away from this truth . I can never live peacefully.. ” Small drops of tears comes out of his eyes.


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  1. Swethaa

    its very difficult for the parent and feeling bad that due to poverty they can’t raise their children…
    very well thought dear and you presented it sooooooo beautifully..

    1. Priyu

      Thank you so much ??? your comment means a lot ??

  2. Such a beautiful piece! Loved it.

    1. Priyu

      Thank you so much ? your comment means a lot ?

  3. Fenil


    1. Priyu

      Thank you so much bhaiya ?

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