I am yours…edkv sharman two shots…part two ( second last)

Hi this khushi here m back again with second part of my two shots now three??…I am yours…I hope u will like it
Hey guys….m so so sorry for being late and for not commenting on anyone’s ff….m really sorry guys….I have read everyone’s ff….and all were soo good…
Sumo di…Maria…..pari di….lily..Niki….someone….lovely di ……WS……All of u have written so nice… I just couldn’t stop myself from reading ur ffs though I got a lot of scolding after that???
U all are just fabulous……and I m really so sorry for not commenting
@Niki: u r chota packet bada dhamaka…love u dear…I thank God that the misunderstanding got cleared….u were amazing I loved it alot dear… and yes I m excited to c khushi oops thats me only I suppose??…in ur ff keep it up and post soon
@lovely di….I read both ur ffs….anjck was awesome….. atlast our sharman met….I m so happy….and coming to together forever…. It was as usual sooo good…I don’t know how u manage to write so good…sanju is so cute and yes plz post next part soon really want to c Shravan taking care of sumo❤
@Pari di…..di aap ko kya kahun…..the last part of love in paradise was amazing….. Thank God the stupid black magic king prince died and our Ariel and daina came together…. M a lil sad that it ended but I know u will come up with another soon di…
And yes ur OS was amazing I had tears in my eyes…I also fight alot with my younger brother…. But can’t imagine my life without him…u just portrait the bro-sis relation so beautifully…. Love u
@Maria….dear kamaal kar diya fir se kya baat hai….tu na bas avein meri tareef karti hai….agar kabhi kissi ki tareef Karne ka man kare toh just look in the mirror and praise itself…u deserve it dear…ab main soch rhi hun ki yeh tia ne kya kaha hoga…pta nhi I feel that she wants to create a rift between sumo and shravan… Maybe she will say that sumo loves someone else….just a wild guess dear…
@Lily…. Dear u write fabulously so don’t worry…. It was amazing… I really loved the way to showed that sumo has evolved as a better person…. Amazing loves it dear keep it up
And now my pyaari pyarri meri jaan…sumo di
@sumo di….thank god u posted di….I had two sleepless nights bcoz of u…I was just thinking what could be the reason…. Now I feel really light….I m now waiting desperately for the romantic date….I will really have some hints and suggestions coz I really lack romance in me…di I m in love wid u….u just come with ur ff and take my heart with u….keep posting di….love u so so much….
@someone…..please tell who u r….I just can’t digest so much of suspense… Plz do tell….
@guys….I hope I have not missed anyone….if I had then plz forgive me….bemaar bache se galti ho jaati hai????
Plz maafi???….love u all
I thought to write the shots first and finish it then continue with my ff….are u guys OK with it….or u want me to the next part of my fff after this???
Plz do tell???

Recap: Shravan proposed sumo but she rejects…..sumo gets kidnapped while going home…
Next day
Sumo regains conscious… And finds herself in a dark room….she got up but was feeling very tired and weak she reached a lil window and saw that she was in a secluded place with rocks everywhere…. She was very confused and wanted to know that why is she kidnapped…
Here in the next day….the news of sumo’s kidnap spread like a jungle fire….Shravan also heard it and then called someone…
Shravan: wah acha hai…tumne bina galati ke kaam kar diya…ladki ko Kuch nhi hona dhyaan rakhna main aa rha hun…
The person on the phone : SS..SS…Sir…kaunsi ladki humne kissi ladki ko kidnap nhi kiya…
Shravan: kya!!!!…Maine tumko bola tha ek ladki ko utthane ko…pic bhi bheji thi uski
The person: ji sir kaha tha….par mere biwi ghar pe thi aur Maine thodi si pee li thi toh bahut maara usne mujhe belan se….ab hospital mein hun…fracture hua hai…???
Shravan: shit yr …..pta nhi kya hua hoga..
The person: nhi sir zayada nhi lagi mujhe…bas haath mein fracture hai….vaise bhi maar khane ki aadat ho gyi hai….aap meri tension na lo
Shravan: chup kar saale….main Teri baat nhi kar rha….voh ladki ko kissi aur ne kidnap mar liya hai….pta nhi kisne aur kyu???ab pta nhi usse kaise dhunduga
Saying this he cuts the call turned behind and was shocked to c Pari there
Shravan: tum yaha???
Pari: han main kyu nhi hona chahiye tha…saale kutte….kaminey..tune kya socha ki tu meri bestie ko kidnap karwa lega aur mujhe pta bhi nhi chalega…ab dekh main Teri aisi halat karti hun ki tu 10 din bed se hi nhi utth payega????
Saying this she rremoved her slipper and started hitting him with the slipper
Shravan: oye yr….aaou…aàa….oye…shit…aahhh.yr bas kar. …maine usse kidnap nhi karaya..aaaahhh??
Pari: bakwas naa kar… Maine khud suna hai tujhe baat karte…ab jhooth bol rha hai…???
Shravan: yr maine karwane ke baare mein socha tha…but kisne karna tha uski biwi tere jaisi nikali…
Pari: kyu bahut hot thi…??
Shravan: han bit dimaag ki hot thi…usne apne pati ko bahut maara and voh sumo ka kidnap nhi karwa paya…
Pari: toh phir sumo ka kidnap kisne kiya??
Shravan: pta nhi but main pta lga me rahunga aur usse sahi salamat vapas bhi laaunga..
Pari: aur tu aisa kyu karega?? aur tujhe uski itni fikar kyu hai???
Shravan was left shocked he himself didn’t knew why he cared for sumo he had a feeling but sidelined it and said
Shravan: kyunki yeh sab meri vajah se hua hai..
Pari: Teri vajah se kaise tune jisse kaha tha voh toh tera kaam kar nhi paya fir kaise Teri vajah se hua??
Shravan: ab tu itne sawal mat pooch main jaa rha hun…sumo ko bachane
He leaves and pari smiles she thinks that pehli baar Shravan ki kissi ladki ki fikar karte dekha hai…I think he is in love with sumo…in dono ka kuch karna padega..???
Here sumo was trying to free herself from the ropes….when a horrible looking person enters
Person:ohh toh madam ko hosh aa gya…zayada uchalne ki zaroorat nhi hai chup chap baithi reh and yeh khana kha samjhi
Sumo: tum mujhe yahan kyu laaye ho chahte kya ho??
The person: tu bas chup chap khana kha…tu humare boss ke liye sone ke ande dene wali murgi hai…ab zayada bad bad mat kar…chup chap khana kha
Sumo was confused that who can be their boss….
The person calls someone on phone and says…hanji humne uss urvashi ko pakad liya hai….ji ussi college se bahar aa rhi thi ji…theek hai aap aa jao…
Now sumo understood that she was mistaken to be urvashi….but she decided not to say the truth to save urvashi
Just then another goon enters the room….she eyes sumo lustfully… Which made sumo uncomfortable..
The goon came near her and touches her sensuously..
Sumo: chodo mujhe….haath mat lagao…chodo???
Then a voice came from behind
Voice : chod do usse??
The goon turned and sumo saw the face it was Shravan… She was shocked to c him there…
Shravan hit the goons with a rod and freed sumo’s hands and then feet and they ran from there…
The goon called his fellows and said…
Voh ladki voh urvashi bhaag rhi hai…padko usse..
Shravan heard the name urvashi and stopped there
Sumo: kya hua ruk kyu gaye??
Shravan: hum kyu bhaag rhe hai voh toh urvashi ko kidnap karna chahte hai
sumo: jaanti hun…ab chalo
Shravan: jaanti ho.. Toh in logon ko kyu nhi bataya?????
Sumo: main nhi chahti ki uski jaan ko khatra ho ab chalo bhaago yahan se
Shravan was shocked he was thinking that how can a girl be so selfless that in such a problem also she is thinking about others
They both reached shravan’s car and sat in it and drove away..
IN the car
Sumo: thanks aane ke liye…agar tum nhi aate toh pta nhi kya hota
Shravan: it’s OK and relax Kuch nhi hota lo pani piyo and be hands over a bottle to her
Sumo: tum itne bhi bure nhi ho…
Shravan: whatever
Sumo: vaise tumhe pta kaise laga ki main yahan hun..
Shravan: voh…
Flash back shows that when he called someone after sumo rejected him..that person was the kidnapper and he made the whole plan with him and he decided to also put a chip in sumo’s bag so that he could locate her even if she manages to run away from his kidnappers….
Shravan: yr yeh sumo seedhi ladki nhi hai…apne aap ko bachane ke liye Kuch toh karegi aur agar isse chakar mein gum ho gyi ya isse kuch ho gya toh….nhi main itna bda risk nhi le sakta.. Yeh locator uske bag mein daal deta hun…and he stealthily puts the chip in her bag during a lecture..

Flashback ends

Shravan: voh mujhe laga yeh bahut secluded place hai so shayad yahi lekar aaye ho tumko…
Sumo: acha…

They both reached college and pari came and hugged sumo…they share some light moments and then pari takes her from there….
Shravan keeps on staring her until she is out of sight….this all is noticed by urvashi and she feels jealous
Note: guys urvashi is shravu’s present girlfriend…. Just thought to tell u incase u forget…

Precap: last part….sumo gets to know about shravan’s plan to kidnap her and a lot of emotional drama…
I just hope u liked it guys…
And yes I couldn’t even reply to ur comments on my previous part….thank u all guys….
This fever is really getting on my nerves now…I just hope it will get normal soon

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  1. LovelyLady

    its cmpletely okey dear….. leave all sch tensns n take prpr cr of your health……
    it was vry nyc…. belan se potna was d bst part fr me…..
    haate haste girne wali thi mai….. kuch frcture hota to….. baad grl 😉
    thnx fr liking my story…… hope u wl get wll soon n cmmnt on ff page ……
    i cnt say tosay to post soonn….. post when u feel well…..
    get well soon…. take cr… bye… n love u a lot…..

    1. Khushi

      Thank u lovely di…the fever was down today…just bcoz of the wishes of u all…I wrote the next part and submitted it hope it will post soon…love u di

  2. Bhoomi

    Superb Part…. Take care dear… Get well soon ??… Hamesha khush raho khushi ??

    1. Khushi

      Thank u bhoomi…well may I call u bhoomi or bhoomi di??

  3. WeirdSister

    Wow khushi..it was amazing…I liked it a lot…eagerly waiting for d last part….
    Nd its OK if u didn’t read my ff…u can read it afterwards anytime…but plz make sure u comment….luv u lots nd lots dear!!

    1. Khushi

      Ohh thanks WS….and m really sorry I don’t know it just skipped I suppose….coz my mom just gave me my phone for a lil time only….but I read it now….it was awesome WS…..I can’t explain… I love the way u write the dailouges and express the words….ohhh a sweet romantic dinner it was so nice….plz post the nxtnxt part soon
      And yes even I have tried some romance in the next part plz do read and tell me how it was❤❤

  4. Khushi…it was just awesome..
    And take care for yourself….friend…its..OK..even it become a bit late to post the ff…
    we will b here..waiting for ur ff always..OK.?☺☺

    1. Khushi

      Thank u sona di….m feeling quite OK now…but my pyaari mom don’t allow me to use my phone more….but I have somehow posted the next part that is the last part….I hope u will like it….love u di

  5. Sumo

    fever!? tu thk to h na?? get well soon khush, coming to d ep .. it was a treat! ” sir mujhe zyada nai lgi bs thoda sa , maar khane ki to aadat ho gai hai” ??? long live khush! ase mind blowing ideas lekr aati rehna..

    n about d love is blind , jldi post kr wrna we will die out of suspense ki akhir plotting ki kisne??? ????? love you.. ??

    1. Khushi

      Yes di m having fever….but m feeling OK now….thanks alot di I m glad u liked the part…
      And yes di I will try to post the next part of love is blind asap maybe a short update but I will surely try to end the suspense….love u sumo di

  6. I loved it ……..i will be waiting for the next part….. And thanx Khushi for appreciating my FF…….

    1. Khushi

      Thanks lily…..and rahi baat appreciation ki toh u deserve it dear….post the next part soon

  7. Hey khushi!!! Yr pehle toh get well soon dear…… 🙁 or han jab tk theek na ho jao na kuch post karne ka zarooorat nh hai acha!! Pehle apna khayaal rakho theek ho jao baad mai…. 🙂 🙂 .
    N its absolutly fine tum pehle 3 shots
    wala cmplete kro ya L IS B wala dono he awesome hain!! 😀 love u dear!!
    N abt d ep: its fab hahahhah. bemaari. mai bhi itna acha!! 😀 must say tum na hoti to entertainment n hota yr!!!

    1. Khushi

      Awww thank u so so much meri jaan…..ur words are as sweet as u….love u dear…
      And m feeling good now and I have posted the last part of the shots…. I hope u will like…..bas keep loving like this dear….
      Love u alot se bhi zayada???

  8. Angel_pari

    ohhhh khushiiii tmhari post dekh k thora relief aaya 🙂 i was missing u badly and was thinking where r u but its okkkkk huhhhh fever get well soon yar take care first of all phr jo post kro its up to u 🙂

    take care

    and epi was as usuall very nyc hahahaha

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much pari di…..love u di…
      Well m back now to irritate u all so beware coz these soups and medicines have given me quite a lot of strength….. So u will have to bare with my bak bak

  9. Nikita

    Post this n post the next part off ff afterwards.. Amazing one!! Post soon.. And thank you for liking my ff.. N its finee if you can’t comment.. Until I know that u r supportingme I m happy with that..

    1. Khushi

      Thank u Niki….and I have submitted it’s last part and then I will continue with my ff….love u dear and m always there to support u….??

  10. Amazing ep ??

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a lot Perry… Bas keep loving like this

  11. Shalini Naicker

    Awesome yaar loved it.

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much shalini….love u dear

  12. Hiii khushi take care dear and coming to ur ff it’s juz superbbbbbbbbb pls post the next one as early as possible plssss and i wish sumo shravan ka proposal jaldi accept karle plssss

    1. Khushi

      Thanks aaira…..I m so happy that u are likig it….and don’t take tension at the end there will be sharman only…..and I have submitted the last part….hope they will post it soon
      Love u??

  13. hey khushu get well soon yar…missed you a lot come back soon…
    amazing episode no need to tell and pari and shravan conversation liked it so much all over superb…
    i like your status that life itself has crush on you nice

    1. Khushi

      Thank u thank u thank u SSS……for ur wishes for liking my ff and for praising my status…..I m soo happy that u all are giving me so much love…..love u alot SSS…..keep loving like this only

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