I am yours…edkv sharman two shots…part one

Hey guys….this is me khushi back again With the first shot of my two shots…..I hope u will enjoy and give me ur love…..I love u all
So here I begin…
The top university of Delhi…there was alot of things going on….all the students were very excited about the first day….
All the seniors were eagerly waiting for the juniors to come so that they can rag them….

Just then a handsome guy enters riding on a sports bike….he was wearing a leather jacket and black shades…he was looking damn hot…all the girls were looking at him….he parked his bike and took off his shades….. Then a hot girl comes towards him
The girl: hey shravan what’s up??
Yes he was none other than a spoilt brat of a rich business man Shravan ( who can be more hot than my Namik???)
Shravan: hi urvashi m good darling how r u ???
And mind it u r looking soo hot and s*xy in this dress
Urvashi: awww Shravan thanks for the complement dear….let’s go
Shravan: hmm chalo…
They went towards canteen to meet their friends….
Here a sweet and beautiful girl wearing a blue anarkali suit enters the university….. The heart of all the boys skipped a beat after seeing her…..they just stood there shocked as if they had seen an angel…???
One girl comes from behind her….
Girl: hey sumo….u came thank God yr…mujhe laga aayegi hi nhi…
Yes the beautiful girl was sumo
Sumo: oh hi pari… Kaise nhi aati…aaj first day hai university ka….miss thodi karungi
Yes she was pari sumo’s best friend ( it’s none other than u pari di??)
Pari: haan chal lets go to class
While they were going to the class a boy started teasing sumo saying that how pretty she is and all….but sumo was not interested so she avoided him but pari was not able to stand that….
Pari: oye what…..never a seen a girl before?????
Boy: have seen but not this beautiful…
Pari: acha…..now imagine if such beautiful girl was your sister, then your reputation will get so much better, …hai na??
Boy: shut up why would i make her my sister
Pari: you won’t, but she’ll definitely make you her brother??

Sumo take this rakdhi and tie in this gadha’s hand….oops now he will be your brother..won’t call him gadha.. you tie??
Saying this she hand over sumo a rakhi from her bag and signals her to do as she says….
Pari holds the boy firmly
Pari: don’t try to move….i know karate….???
Sumo quickly tied the rakhi on the boy’s wrist and the boy left from there
Pari rocks and the boy shocks???
Sumo: yr pari tujhe dar nhi lagta….
Pari: dar kis baat ka sumo…galat voh kar rha tha hum nhi..tu chal
Sumo: acha yr tu kya hamesha apne nag mein rakhi rakhti hai??
Pari: han taaki aise ladkon ko sabak sikhaya jaaye….and vaise bhi jiske pass itni sundar friend ho usse thode precautions toh lene hi padte hai na???
Sumo: kya yr tu bhi…bas kar ??
They also went towards canteen….
As sumo entered the canteen Shravan felt a slight blow of wind on his face…then he saw sumo….he was mesmerised…????
He just couldn’t get his eyes off her…
Just then the boy to whom sumo had just tied rakhi came to him and saw him gazing at sumo
Boy: bhool jaa bhai….voh tere haath nhi aane wali….Maine thoda sa ched kya diya usne toh rakhi hi bandh di…saying this he makes a puppy face…
Shravan: ab voh Teri behen hI hui….aur han Shravan malhotra jis ladki ko dekh leta hai voh uski hi ho jaati hai…..
Here pari saw sumo seeing shravan and said
Pari: ek number ka kameena hai saala….Shravan naam hai uska…Casanova kahi ka…aaj tak iski koi girlfriend ek week tak bhi nhi tiki…huh
Sumo was shocked listening this and thought… Aise bhi ladke hote hai iss duniya mein…huh cheapo kahin ke??
The day goes on swiftly….the time for lunch break arrives….
When sumo entered the canteen she saw that there was no one there…. She found it quite weird coz it was lunch break and no one was there….she sat on a chair and ordered a sandwich… The waiter serves her order and she sees that there is a heart made up of ketchup on the sandwich… She became angry and was about to go but she was stopped by a voice…
Voice: dekha hai tumko jabse haye main toh hil gya….lagta hai mere seene se dil nikal gya
Mummy se kya daddy se bhi milaunga tujhe…
Tera dhyaan kidar hai yeh tera hero idhar hai.
Tera dhyaan kidhar hai yeh tera hero idhar hai…
Toh palat….
Toh palat na..

When the song finishes she turns around and is shocked to find Shravan on his knees with a rose….
Shravan: miss Suman tiwari.. Haha u must be wondering that how I got to know ur name ….haha that’s because I have my spies….well anyways let’s come to the point
I want to say that I have fallen for u completely u are so beautiful….. Will u be my girlfriend??
Sumo was totally shocked she saw Shravan with disgust and said
Sumo: fallen for me???
Yeah this shravan malhotra here…can fall for anyone in just few hours that too without knowing the person…
Look Shravan m not like other girls ….m different and I m focused on my career and not such stupid things… So u search some other girl for ur satisfaction coz my ans is no…. Not at all….
Saying this she leaves the canteen… And goes for her class…
Here Shravan was totally shocked no one has ever talked to him like this….he has never faced rejection iin his life…he was hell angry on sumo
Shravan: samjhti kya hai voh apne aapko…blo*dy hell main usse uski aukaat yaad dalunga ache se…voh khud chalke mere pass sorry bolne aayegi…
Then shravan makes a call to someone and smirks….
The day gets over and sumo is on her way to home but was not getting rickshaw…
Just then a Jeep came and stopped in front of her and a man came out of it and put a cloth on her face…. She fainted and they took her with them in their Jeep….

Precap: sumo kidnapped… Her life in danger and shravan saves her

So done with the first part….and guys I think it will be three shots rather than two… Likhte likhte bda ho gya kya karun. I hope u will not mind…
And I hope u will like it…. Love u all

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  1. Kavina

    I loved it

  2. its very good if u write big episodes but it will only run when u update them daily.
    by the way this epi was very nice……

  3. LovelyLady

    vry nice khushi….. characters were well potryed….
    pari was so brave 😉
    eagerly waiting for next epi…. n likhte raho….post krte rho…. hasate rho…. n most imp hste rho 🙂

  4. Sumo

    it was awesome khush (would call u by dat name from now on) i feel … u always have a bold girl character in love is blind it is preeti n here pari.. well pari.. i loved ur character yaar.. n loved the description of shravan .. d jacket would work well… ??????

  5. Khushi..puttar…thennu…tho kammaal..kar diya putaar…it was jst amazing..?
    I just..loved it..love it..and always do..☺☺?
    Seriously..ek ek line..bathey..charectors..sub mujhey bahut achey lagey..hai.???..aur.tum jitna bhi labhi articles likho..bus itna dhyaan rakna ki vo..time to time update ho jaaye..?☺?ok..
    Aur…yaar..mujhey nahi pata tha ki hamari..pari..(The Angel of Pink Paradise)
    Itni..cute..brave..smart air masthikor hogi..??☺
    Really..pari is my fav charector among all..pls..usey is I Farah baanay rakna..bhale hi WO love in paradise ko..the end ..kehneywali hai..par is tarah..to WO saath hi rahegi..
    Love u yaar khushi..all the best..???☺☺
    Keep it on..?

  6. Shalini Naicker

    Of course Khushi it’s not at all a problem to write a bit long. Actually I love to read a bit long. Now coming to the episode I loved it, It was fantastic you made Pihu di as sumo’s friend. You are too good.

  7. Yaar very nice ..I m looking forward for the next part

  8. Ooo meri khushi khushi!!!!!
    😀 aj toh plan bana hi lia hai ke mujhe maaar hi dalo gi yr!!! Itna acha likha hai ye fab, mindblowing,awesome,amazing etc etc…. Shr hmm spoiled Shr ki akar nikal Di Sumo ne!! 😀 hahah n pari Di rocks real mai be or ff mai bhi 😉 😉
    Kmaal hai yr khushi!!
    Always be happy dear luv u..! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Amazing.. Great description..rakhi part was amazing… Pls post soon..

  10. Angel_pari

    hahahahahahaha khushiiiiiiiii thankuuu so much mjhe apni ff mn itna zabardast character dene ke lye loved it 🙂 hahahaha a tight hugyyy 🙂
    and abt epi it was amazinggggg i loved last part of sharman totally amazing 🙂

  11. Bhoomi

    Superb Khushi… Rakhi wala part best tha??….

  12. Anu_u

    Khushi di it was so damn gooooddd????????
    Loved it!!!!
    Please jaldi se Next epi post kardo…please eagerly awaiting???

  13. Khushi i really loved it. waiting 4 the next epi

  14. WeirdSister

    Awesome..khushi..loved it..this one is gonna be interesting….all d best! 🙂

  15. Amazing ff…well described…rakhi wala scene ???…waiting for next

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