EDKV- H.B.D-os-gift to birthday [NEETI] girl by ufati

suman in the morning picks up the mobile phone in order to check is there any msg
her face gets dull seeing no msg
sumn;how khadoos my friends are how could they not wsh me on my b.d I just hate all of them
she msgs on the number named angel;hey aangel
angel;no reply
she ws not angry on angel cuz he always wishes her first on her b.d and he had wished her on her this b.d also at night right on 12am

he was an unknown person to her who used to msg her talk to her through msgs from the time she had cell phone in her hand but never reveals his identity to her
he was a stranger whom suman named angel she knew that he was a boy and her friend special friend that’si t
on the other side that angel knew each and everything about her he was like her reporter who knew her each and every move
so the story begins

she again msgd him;hey angel r u busy??????
reply;hey doll sorry I was in a meeting
suman;oh its ohk thnks for the last night wishes and the flowers u sent me
reply; oh ur welcome
suman;u r the only one who remember my b.d
reply;oh its nothing like that may be ur friends r preparing for something
suman;how u know?????
Reply;yar sixth sense
Suman;oh axha btw y don’t u tell me ur name?????
Reply;mmmm I will tell u but not now
Suman;then when???
Reply;I will tell u naw y r u being curious????

Suman;u will not leave me naw,will u????
Reply;y u think so?????
Suman;cuz my bff left me 10 years ago he said that he will not leave me but left me
Reply;may be there was something that stopped him
Suman;his career he want to be an actor and singer he became but then he thought I m not of that worth to be his bff
Reply;dnt think negative like that yar
Suman;no its truth
Reply;how u know????
Suman;I know

Reply;acha what s his name????
Suman;sharavan malhotra the great actor and singer now
Reply;sharavan that hero of the century??????
Suman;yup shravo he was my bff but now he never contacted me I hate him
Reply;don’t say like that yar
Suman;y not I hate him
Reply;do u love him????
Suman;I m saying I hate him and u r saying do I love him angel what r u saying????
Reply;just tell me yar
Suman;may be I dnt know but I m angry on him and I hate him like hell samne agay to mar dun gi
Reply;hahahahaha bechara I wish k na aae btw doll u r becoming devil nowadays
Suman;no u know he was 3 years elder than me still I made him my bff but he left me
Reply;he was elder than u???
Reply;than u might have not made him ur bff

Suman;my mistake
Reply;hmmmm anyway I m getting late I will catch up wth u later ok?????
Suman;ok u go I wish I could hear ur voice
Reply;the day will come now tata
Suman;tata take care
Reply;u too
Suman throws the phone aside
And gets ready for her office
Suman;I will nottlk to anyone hate all of them
She reaches office every one as usual was busy in their routine
Suman;doob k mar jaen asare
She starts her work
Preety comes;hey suman whats up????
Suman was hell angry cuz her best friend didn’t wished her
Suman;dafa ho ja preety

Suman;nikal keh rae hun
Preety;bt sun mere
Sumu;nikal she pushes her out of cabin and locks it
Preety;kharoos mar ja andar
suman;tu dfa ho
Preety leaves

[preety sumu conversation remember me something kun fati?????]
Suman sits on chair nd pcks a photo frame from her side table
It was of her with a boy
An was written sharman bfff

She smles but then becomes sad tear rops from her eye
Loo man lia hum ne
Hai pyar nahe tum ko
Tum yad nahin humko
hum yad nahin tum ko
Bs ek dafa mur ke dekho
Aae yar zara hum ko
Loo man lia hum ne
Hai pyar nahe tum ko
Tum yad nahin hum ko
Hum yad nahin tum ko
She comes out of her imagination when her phone beeps
She picks it up it was msg of company about some meeting
She reads it wipes her tears and opens oor of cabin and sits on chair
She works whole day nobody wished her

She had no mom dad her friends were only there for her preety his fiancé pushkar aditya his gf urvashi that’s t
His parents had left a large mansion and a bg company just for her but she always wished that she lived in cottage with her parents and now shr also left him
She leaves the office sadly
She enters her house to her surprise there was darkness in the house she opens the lights
And suddenly hears the screams of happy birthday suman
Rose petals falls on her she was amazed
There were some people only obviously each of her friend
They wish her, her sad face lits up forgetting all the worries she was very happy
Preety;happy birthday sumu
Sumu;thanks yar sorry for the morning
Preety;its ok no worries I want u to meet someone

Somebody comes from backward removing the people
Preety;meet him he is pushkar cousin shr malhotr the actor and singer
She gets shocked to see shr
Suman tries to smile
Yes the person was shr her bff
Suman shakes hand with him
Shr;hi happy birthday
Sumn;thanks shr I mean mr malhotra
Shr;u can call me shr
Sumu;no mr malhotra is fine
Preety;we have called him to make ur party special
Suman;thanks for coming
Shr;oh no worries

Preety;shr plzzzzz will u sing a song
Shr;sure but u two have to join me
Preety;that will be honour
Shr starts singing
Shr;Kisi shaam ki tarah
Tera rang hai khila
Main raat ik tanha
Tu chand sa mila
Shr looks towards suman, suman looks towards scenery to wipe her tears
Haan tujhe dekhta raha
Kisi khaab ki tarah
Jo ab saamne hai tu
Ho kaise yaqeen bhala
Preety;Toota jo kabhi taara, sajna ve!
Tujhe Rabb se maanga
Rabb se jo maanga mileya ve…
shr;Tu mileya to jaane na dunga main
Haan maine suni hai
Pariyon ki kahani
Waisa hi noor tera
Chehra hai tera ruhani
Aa tujhko main apni
(aaja meri) Baahon mein chupa loon
Haan apni iss zameen ko
Kar doon main aasmaan bhi…
Zindagi rok doon main ab tere saamne
Pal do pal jo ruke tu mere sath mein
Suman;Toota jo kabhi tara sajna ve
Tujhe Rabb se maanga
Rabb se jo maanga mileya ve…
shr;Tu mileya to jaane na dunga main
Song finishes

Suman goes washroom and wipes her tears and get fresh
She comes to hall cuts the cake and feeds it to preety while looking at shr
While shr was like he never knew her
She was sad very sad
Party finishes her all friends goes to guest room to sleep
Shr;I have to leave
Suman; ok I will accompany u to door
Suman smiles lil
They go outside
Suman;do u know me???/
Shr;yup u r preety best friend
Suman sadly smiles
Suman ;ur car is there bye
She turns to go
Shr;itna rukha bye sumu yar
She turns to him
Shr;apne dost ko itna rukha reply????
Suman;dost kb bane hum????
Shr;15 saal pehle
Umu;so u remember me
Shr;so u thought I forgot u???
Sumu;whats there to think I know u forgot me
Shr;don’t say like that I cant forget u
Sumu;ku main tmhari producer to nae ho
Shr smiles;but u r my bff
Sumu;oh really????

Shr;yeah u r my sumu my bff
Umu;I dnt think so I m anymore
Shr;don’t say like that
Sumu;10 years 10 saal k baad yad aae h bff
Shr;nae actually……….
Sumu;bss…….. I know u have many reason and I dnt have time to listen that
She starts to go
Shr holds her hand
Shr;dnt do that with me
Sumu;shr leave my hand
Shr;baat to sun lo yar
Sumu; 5 minutes u have 5 minutes
Shr;oh thanks
Shr starts to tell that he told her mom about sumu that he love her but his mom said that u should be of that worth to get sumu as his wife he should work hard for her if he truly loves her he worked hard his father told him not to contact sumu in these years if u truly love her so that u can focus on ur work and became of that worth to get her
Sumu;oh wow so u left me
Shr;cuz I love u
Sumu;wah g wah u loved me so left me amazing
Shr;no I left u for u
Sumu;but u hurt me shr and I will not forgive u that
Shr;please forgive me I promise I will no
t do that
He bends down ;sumu I really really love u plzzzz forgive me and marry me plzzzzz

Sumu ;no shr
Shr gets up and starts leaving
Sumu runs and hug him tightly;I will marry u if u promise u will not leave me again
Toota jo kabhi taara sajna vee
Tjhe raab se manga
Rab se jo manga milya veee
Tu milya to jaane na dun ge main
Shr turns and hug her; I promise I will not
Sumu;I love u
Shr;I love u too
Preety comes;I love u three
Pushkar;I love u four

Sumu;so u guys know that
Preety;hm he too
Sumu hits him
Shr;ouch sorry yar
Sumu;its ok
They both hug preekar also hug
After a month it was shraman marriage
Sumu Was SAD very sad cuz angel his friend was gum from the day shr proposed her
Shr comes to her;kia hoa????
Sumu smiles;nothing
Shr;bol naw
Sumu;u know I had a friend angel he was too gud like amazing he always wished me on my b.d and knew each and every thing about me
Sumu;so he left me a month go I have no contact with him he does not reply to me I wish I could meet him
Shr gets up

Shr;so introducing shrrrrr malhotra as angel malhotra
He changes his sim card and dials number suman phone rings
Suman phone shows the caller identity as angel
Suman;so is ka mtlb???
Shr;main hi angel hun
Suman;what??tm ne mjhe btaya ku nae
Shr;some secrets should remain secret
Suman;y u did this???
Shhr;cuz I cant leave u not a single minute that’s y I kept talking with u as ur angel
Suman hugs him;thank u shr u r the best
Shr;I know
Suman;but not more than me

Shr;I know that too
Suman smiles ;shr I love u
Shr;love u too
Scene splits on sharman happy face


Heloooooooo guys so done with this
from ufaq
neeti haapppppppyyyyyyyy birthday yar
Jese sumu ki wish pori hoi na I wish k tere b har wish pori ho jae
And u live a graceful and dignified life
So many many happy returns of the day
May u have the honour of celebrating this day 100 more times in ur life
From fati side [Fatima gulesarfraz]
Happy birthday dearest and cutiest neeti
May u have many many many more birthdays
God bless u with everything that u want in ur life
And have a BLESSED day and year ahead
Love u loads n loads n loads
By fatima
Ok so guys muxt be thinking how Fatima and ufaq became ufati
Actually me and fati wrote it with coordinatione
So u can say half by fati half by me
Because the purpose was to wish our sweetheart
So we take a leave guys
Take care
With love ufati

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    Ufati 😉 This was amazing. I loved it so so soooooo much. Too cute. Loved the storyline. ?

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      thank u soooooo much zainab

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    Ufaaq diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    u r baaaaaaccccckkk!!!! I can’t believe it
    this story was suuuuuuuupppppppeeeeerrrrrrrrr cute. From the 1st line convo i understood it was shr but I loved how u explained the whole story…
    take care dear



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  5. it was damn good…
    btw happy bday neeti….
    may this be a memorable day for you
    loads of love

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  6. oyeeee Amma, ap kitni acchi ho! ap mere liye wapas a gaye! luv u di!, u r so sweet… ap bht acche ho, hehehe, lekin maine abhi tak ye parha nai, parke ati hu 😛

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    luv u all- Neeti

  8. Prettypreeti

    Uffu and fati how did u both write it by Pm each other or how??
    But anyways it was sooo cute.
    Neeto toh pagal ho gyi hmari so sweet of u both.
    Nets u liked happy bday 2 my nets.
    Uffu and fati well done after all u both r my sissies.
    Love the great idea
    Love trio ufu fati and bday girl nets
    Tu aur likh.

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    OMG this is so sweet ?

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