Earth Is You.. Sun Is Me!! OS by Swetha

“In my home ? they have started to find a groom ? for me!!” I said to my Duffer lover who is sitting in front of me and That duffer gave me the reply ” Jab ladka yahan samney beta hai then why finding the groom.. Phone ? kar ke bol ladka yahaan hai…”

” Be serious my boy” ?I said

“Okay ? Baba then say to them that u r not ready!”

” Oh really If I say them I’m not ready again, then do u think ? they will stop finding a partner for me,uh??” I said with a stern voice!!

” Oh,miss Anika Malhotra U look more gorgeous when u get angry ? And If u look so gorgeous How can I answer ✔ to the questions ❔ u raise as my concentration is full on ur beautiful lovely ☺ face and not on ur question!!” Said the duffer..

I sipped some coffee ? and said “Look Mr.Shivaay Obroei” And I gave him an angry ? look.. And continued “Sale Kaminey Tu sach bol, Do u love ❤ me or not! Am I ur habit or ur love ❤ Just give me a answer…”

He said “You r my love and u r my habit” and he smiled ?

His smile ? has the power to flat any girl ? and Yeah,I fell for him by his smile ? And his smile ? has also got some speciality too.. It’s that His smile ? can heal my Anger ? my sadness ? and all other ba change my mood to Happiness…

Opps! I forgot to tell u who am I.. I’m Anika Malhotra as he said… And I’ve completed my post graduation ? in commerce and I’m doing my 3rd year in article ship In his company? Sorry ? His means this duffer’s company? Yes,Mr.Shivaay Obroei’s company ? He is the son of the business tycoon Shakti Singh… And I’m doing my article ship in his company ? as I’m doing my article ship under my father ? who is a well known Chartered accountant and it is my dad ? who is the Official Chartered accountant of his company ? And at present we both are in a coffee shop ?

Soo coming back to my conversation with this duffer We have decided that we will talk about our relation to our respective families tomorrow…

We left that chapter and sipped some coffee ? My eyes ? reflected His image of sipping coffee ? He looked at me.. And I looked at him.. His love ❤ for me was clearly visible in his eyes ? He looked deep in to my eyes ? And I looked into his eyes ? too.. And our eyes ? got locked..

“Sir bill ” said the waiter and we came to senses.. We Paid the bill and came out of the shop..

He held my Hand ✋ and I felt a current passing in me.. The breeze felt more lovely.. The vast beach with waves splashing felt more romantic.. We moved towards the beach and the salty breeze stroked me…. Shivaay freed my hands ✋ and he kept his hand on my cheeks… My face was dipped in to his hands..

And he said “Oh my Love,just like the waves ? Troubles will come to our life but Just like the sand beneath the beach I’ll always be with you!! Just like these people who are witnessing these waves.. Thousand will witness our love ❤ Just like the water in this beach ? my trust is there for you Unconditional.. Just like the sun ? which is going to set, My love ❤ is there for you.. Though the sun will set now It is born in another side of the earth.. Earth is u and sun is me my love ❤ Though I set down.. I’ll be born for u in some other side.. And will never leave u alone…

By this time my tears ? had started to flow down.. Yes,when he speaks about our LOVE ❤ he gives such heart touching words and tears is sure will roll down my cheeks…

I hugged him and said “I’m soo happy that I got u! I don’t know ? to give such heart touching words but I do say that Just like the sky My love is there for u… Just like the stars ?? that twinkle in the night sky.. I’ll twinkle in ur life when u pass through dark times..”

Saying this I buried my face on his chest and he gave me a tight hug.. A hug of love,trust,passion and much more… It was a hug which was full of Love ❤ Happiness, Satisfaction amd so..on.. I could hear ? his heart beat that pronounce my name each time.. I closed my eyes ? When I was been inside his hugs.. I felt soo comfortable.. I felt like I’m in a beautiful place.. And much more!! Later we freed ourselves from the hugs.. And moved forward towards the beach..

His hands near to my hands.. Later I realised his hand are now crisscrossed with my fingers soo tightly… With fingers crisscrossed we moved towards the beach..

Salty breeze made my hair flow in the air and He looked at me.. And kept my hair behind my ears ? And looked at me.. I melted in his eyes ?.. And we had a eye lock…

Later we moved out of the beach and entered into our car ? As the car ? started to move I became sad ? Now only we have 20 min with each other.. He rubbed his hands on my cheeks and smiled ? He tugged my hair back my ears and said Daro math.. If any one scolded u after disclosing our matter then just give me a call ? And If our love ❤ true,ah.. It is, then the universe will try to make us one.. I nodded.. I rested my head in his shoulder.. His hands were moving to and fro towards the gear with respect to the speed..

My beats of heart became rapid as I reached near my home ? Now within few hours our overflowing love ❤ will reach in to the ears ? of my parents from my lips ? and I got tensed as I thought of my parent’s reaction..

He delivered a kiss ? on my forehead and rubbed his hands on my hands.. I took my head from his shoulder.. His eyes ? full with confidence in our love ❤ and lips ? filled with the words of confidence reflected in me.. And my tension disappeared as it was defeated by Our confidence in our love ❤ .. I stepped out of the car ? and waved him a good bye ? and the car ? flew away…

I walked towards my ? house.. The sky was painted Red and orange… Birds were going back to their nest and love birds were walking hand in hand in front of me smiling ? Thy were in thr own world.. I opened the gate of my house.. I moved towards the door ?

As I opened the door ? I heard the sound “Shh.. She is here.. And u talk to her” My heart beats became rapid as I heard those sounds.. My foot steps became slow as I got tensed…

I was now in front of the persons who brought me in to the world, My parents ?
Mom ? came near me and said “Today u won’t say anything to me.. A proposal like this won’t come again and again… So ur answer should be YES…”

I swallowed some saliva… And said “But mom I’ve to say something to you.. I Lo..”

She didn’t allowed me to complete my sentence and said “Puthar,look U’ll ❤ love him.. He is soo gorgeous.. He can meet all ur needs”

“But he can never love ? me like Shivaay” said my mind.. Sometimes my mind speaks like this!!

“Dekho meri jaan, This is his pic.. U know him!” Dad passed a ✉ envelope to my mom and she gave it to me!!

I opened the envelope ✉ with no mind..

“Dekho u know him… He is the son of” mom said… And I cut the sentence in the middle..

I took out the pic.. And said “Mom look I took out the photograph now listen to me..”

“First u look” with signs of irritation and Anger ? on my face and turned the pic…” O ? MY GOD!! HE!!” ? I exclaimed..

“Ah son of shakti singh.. He gave the proposal today morning…”

YES,! IT WAS HE MY LOVE ❤ ON THAT PIC.. I COULDN’T BELIEVE this.. Wat a miracle!! God has done… As I saw that pic and my mom’s stubbornness to marry ? him made me smile… But my eyes became filled… I hugged my mom tightly and kissed her and said YES!! I didn’t said it… Instead I shouted it!! I wanted to shout.. I wanted to cry ? I wanted to laugh ? I wanted to dance ? I wanted the world to know this.. I couldn’t restrict myself from not exhibiting my happiness ? My emotions.. But in front of my parents doing this.. They will certainly feel that I became mad ? And therefore hugging mom and dad once again.. And shouting a big YES i ran towards my room… I looked at the mirror and started dancing.. I hugged my pillow.. Cried ? with a ? smile on face.. I danced with my pillow.. And took my mobile ? The screen showed a pic which I had seen few minutes ago!! Yes It was Shivaay’s pic that appeared.. He was calling me.. I answered the call ?

He shouted from the other side..”I told na Universe will play it’s game..” In a voice of happiness,confidence,anxiety and excitement…

“YEAH.. It Became true.. I never thought there will be a moment like this..” I replied..



They talked and talked full that night ? Now they are not just a love birds.. But FUTURE MR. AND MRS…

??????? THE END???????

Thankss fr reading and enjoying my OS
Hope u loved it.. Apologies ? if any errors there!!

Pls pst ur review abt my OS as a cmnt… All criticisms too welcomed

Soo don’t forget to leave a cmnt…?
Keep smiling ?

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  1. Anujohnson

    OMG!!!! TRULY GREAT !!!!

  2. Awesome

    1. Shanitics

      Thanks ? It meant a lot to me!!

  3. Awesome

  4. Awesome

  5. Shrutika


    1. Shanitics

      Thankss Shruthika!!?

  6. Salo

    Hey!! I think u were hppy wen U wrote dis or or or let me guess u r naturally bubbly…it made me feel vrry lighthearted n hppy Tgnk u so much dear fr dis os…hope u come back soon…ur os made me fall in luv wid ur personality(funny?? I am uniques afterwards)…u r such a sweetheart

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss And fr u my cmnt I’ve writtn dwn!! Unknwngly seng ur cmnt insead of rply I directly wrte the cmnt!! So ur rply I’ve wrte down thr!! Scroll dwn my sweet heart!! Srry ? fr d mstake!!

  7. Lovely…just awesome..

  8. This was lovely ..loved the pic wala part..when she saw her love’s was mind blowing !!!!

    1. Shanitics

      Ohh Thank u Thank u? It meant a lot?

  9. Dear awesome dear….. Jus imagining how it wud be whn it happens in real life of each person who is in love my god……

    1. Shanitics

      Thankss ?

      Hpe it happns wth each person whose love ❤ is true!!

  10. It was awesome . It reflected true love and happiness
    If possible please give an epilogue

    1. Shanitics

      Thanks ? I’m srry bt epilogue means???

  11. Vincy

    Nice dear

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      Thankss Vincy didi?

  12. Wow dear It is awesome……

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    Thankss Salo didi!! Yep, u can say I’m bubbly as I’m always happy?

    Happy that my OS made u feel cmfrtable!!

    Omg!! Personality ? Watevr seems lke we can b frnds!! Wat u say di!! And Mainly,Ur cmnt really meant a lot and alot to me!!

    Again Thankng u fr ur lvly cmnt!!

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