DYM2 – Episode 5 to 7 (illusory)


Episode No’s : 05, 06, 07.
A Big combo for you guys. Enjoy.


Episode No : 05

The episode starts with Arjun&radhika in birdsong and waiting for sam&neil. They too reach birdsong but few minutes late. All the four goes to canteen to have breakfast. They discuss about the places they marked and back to arjun’s cabin. They finalize 3locations at last and sam&neil fight over it. Meanwhile birju brings coffee for them and smiles seeing them fighting. Arjun&radhika likes one place and sam likes other one and neil loves another one. AR hold their heads seeing NS fighting.

Scene shifts to london, its morning Nandini wakes up and goes to the injured kid. She caresses him and sits thinking. FB shows arjun and nandini taking care of each other. Her eyes get wet due to the sorrow & pain as she was very far from their hearts. The boy gets up and sees nandini infront of him crying. He asks her y is she crying and wipes her tears. She answers u were too small and you had an injury, how wil you go to school now. The boy answers Thats not a problem, i know u’ll teach me and winks smiling. Nandini hugs him and she remembers arjun and cries missing him a lot. An elderly couple(not too old,age could be around 50-55yrs) calls nandini beti and they were shown from back.

Ankush leaves to his college with frens and they attend a seminar. After the seminar all enjoy chating in the classroom along with other frens. Classes were dismissed for that day asking them to prepare for cultural activities for freshers party a few days later.

Asusual neil compromises after fighting. Meanwhile, piyali comes to them and asks is evrythng ready for the shoot. They say yes and they all discuss. After finalising the location they all plan to leave tomorrow early morning. So they call up the direction team and asks them to meet in conference hall. They reach and a meeting goes on showing the pics of the location and arjun giving presentation. Later they were askd to start at early morning for shoot. All the four go to arjun’s cabin and they plan to go out for shopping in the evng. So they finished the work fast and the duo couples leave for shopping after having lunch.

Nandini meets some donors for the education of children and they ask her to give quotation tomorrow. She says sure and fixes meeting at 10am.

NS & AR at shopping mall roaming here and there and trying some dresses. Finally they complete shopping and plans to go to beach. @beach neil&arjun folds their pants up and all the four take a selfie with sunset behing them (just imagine how cute and romantic it was,,,,,,,,, ufffuuuuuu fell in love). Neil moves bit forward to get drenched in the water. He later pulls sam. They both enjoying playing and teasing eachother. AR were lost in their thoughts looking at eachother. Neil acts naughty and throws water on them. They comes to senses and both blushes. Neil pulls arjun, arjun holds radhika’s hand. AR both get drenched in the water.. they all leave for the home after much enjoyment.

PRECAP : AR & SM gets ready & are about to leave in car. Nandini giving presentation.


Episode No : 06

The episode starts with Nandini preparing quotation for education of children. She was called by elderly people, and she goes to them and talks to them addressing papaji and maa. Later She completes the quotation and goes to little boy, sees him sleeping and leaves to her room and sits thinking about her parents(as she addressed so).

NS pampering their puppy apple. They make her sleep. NS come to their room and Neil says Sammy I love u and acts romantic. Sammy hits his head with hers and says TIT FOR TAT for morning collision and winks. Both utter ouchhhh in pain and Sam says idiot. He says Ahh with ?, and with his smirky, face says good night and sleeps turning aside. Sam feels sorry for him and sleeps. AR have their blanket on and talks about their [email protected] and lost in peeping in each others eyes. Radhika winks suddenly and arjun feels shy and blushes. They both hug each other and sleeps.

Its morning, Sam gets up and messages Arjun without noticing of Neil. Arjun replies to her hiding from radhika. All the four get ready. Sam fills her bag with all the cosmetics and AR and Neil with some clothing. Neil was bit annoyed with sam. They start to leave along with direction team. They reach almost the location point and searches for the best visuality and usage of the product.

London, nandini welcomes the sponsors and gives presentation and handsover the copy of quotation. They were impressed and they sign to sponsor for education of children.

The ad shoot goes on at T_______R waterfalls (guess the name for now) and they wrap up after completion. Sam messages arjun and arjun hides it from radhika again. Direction team leaves first. AR & NS stay there for sometime and enjoys a calm and serene surrounding with a quiet lake and the only roaring sound fills the silence is from the waterfalls, beautiful nature, greenary all over, hills reaching the sky.. (Looks like a perfect romantic date).

Arjun and Neil goes for swimming in the lake, watched by radz & Sam. Arjun asks radhu to come, but Neil being annoyed doesn’t call Sam. She jumps into the lake and acts like moving far from them. Neil notices this and swims towards her saying going beyond the mentioned line will be dangerous and pulls her back. They both have an eye lock and Sam says sorry and they both hug tightly in water.

PRECAP : AR’s romance and car breaks down.

NOTE : I’ll reveal the place, waterfalls name and location 2moro as it will make u visualize 2moro’s romantic episode. Till then guess it T_______R.. 😉 😛 … Stay tuned…


Episode No : 07

The episode starts with Neil and Sam having an eye lock and both hug tightly in water, but neil is still little bit annoyed. While our love buddies bit hesitant to get close in water, acts normal and enjoys swimming.. The duo couples after much enjoyment in water come out and walk for a while in the forest in opposite directions. Sam while walking in forest feels impossible to walk with high heels and hopping on one foot,she struggles to remove her high heel without tripping over. Neil finds sam not behind him & turns back & runs to her & offers his shoulder for support. Later he moves forward still being annoyed. Arjun and radhika find a small hut laid on wooden pillars. They go inside but couldn’t find anyone there, as it looked as some tourists made it on their own.

San follows neil and says thanks for the help idiot, but I would now like to get into your arms, forwarding her hands up to him and winks. He smiles and he wraps an arm around her back to lift her & he lifts and takes a breath while his face is buried in her hair. Sam wraps her hands around his neck and both have an eye lock. Its an awesome Eye lock which we have never seen it before(between them) having a meaning of apologies, care, love, affection and warmth.

Radhika peeps out through the small vent while rubbing her hair with towel and listens to BIRDSONG ( song made by sounds of birds). But it was bit dominated by the roaring sound of waterfalls. Arjun can’t divert his eyes from her and moves forward to come close to her making a chuckle. A low chuckle behind her causes her heart to jump into her throat. She turns around to find out , it is none other than her love, Arjun. He holds her so tight that the water drops fall down from their wet clothes even after a long time since they came out of lake. Radhika feels uncomfortable as someone can see them and tries to get out of his arms. Arjun notices this and goes out angrily..

Neil makes Sam sit on a knee wall, both hug each other and he kisses her on her forehead,followed by eyes, cheeks,nose.. When he was about to kiss her ears, she tickles. He smiles seeing her and hugs her followed by kissing on her neck. Arjun comes near the lake and calls out NS & radhika as they have to go back to their homes. All the duo couples were about to leave and joins at the place where they parked the car.

PRECAP : SAM along with ARJUN goes missing from the place and neil & radhika were left alone..


Credit to: Anu

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  1. Anu…..yaar wow wat a combo pack….soooooper bud

    1. thanq dear

  2. hey anu it is like maha episode of manmarziyan! !!!!! like it…
    waterfalls romance ufffff !!!! 😉 interesting dear, keep writing
    missss you a lot manmarziyan 🙂 🙂

    1. thanq so much for the comment MAHA EPISODE.. we didnt c maha episode on tv for manmarziyan… 🙁

  3. Wow, anu, Loved these episodes.

    Well three episodes drag one by one.

    Treat for all the fans .

    Fantastic episodes love you dear.

  4. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow,

    Anu Love you dear.

    I ke badle me 3

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    Love you dear. Keep writing.

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  5. Anu love u dear. Liking ur story

  6. I have decided to pull off my story where is heart there is love because only few r reading my story and r interested in it.

  7. Pls can any1 tell me wer I can get deepa’s story pls pls

  8. Anu fabulous epi yaar loved it
    Pls update next episode

  9. hi,ANU!!!I was busy,so didn’t check the fb page for few days,but now I have.how is mitty???
    u guys r doing a great job!!!keep it up!!plz give some update of our Monica,shravan,Kashmira and aham on going and upcoming work…..

    1. @ireena : we dont have any updates regarding their new shows.. aham tweeted he is busy in preparing to entertain us soon… mitty is gud and she told there are lot of fights between fans of monica & kash.. they were bashing on twitter..
      so probably we may dont get DYM2 🙁 🙁 🙁

  10. Hey Anu, amazing epi combo n yes ye toh maha epi hai. Aur yaar suchme ye serial as mmz on tv pe hota toh very great it would be 😀

    Nisha yaaaar what songs u play here dear. Im crazy about music and u write lyrics here of dos lovely songs toh din banjata hai.

    1. kfar thanq so much for the words.. but probably we wont get DYM2 as there are many fights…

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