DYM2 – Episode 4 (illusory)


Episode No : 04

The episode starts with ankush and his frens leaving to their rooms from orphanage. Nandini @ orphanage goes to children’s playing room ands sees a boy sitting and crying on the floor. She sees his hand swollen & rushes him to the hospital. Ankush &his frens get fresh and they leave for dinner. After having done with their dinner they all have a talk abt how they enjoyed playing with the kids. Meanwhile Ankush gets his lappy and saves all the pics they took with kids. He sees all the pics scrolling down one by one. He sees nandini in a pic and sits brooding. Many things flashing in his mind about nandini. He remembered the past and sits questioning himself. “Why she moved forward to talk to me? What she wants to talk? Is it about radhika di and arjun jiju? Or just for a casual talk?”

Nandini talks to doctor and doctor asks her to take care of the kid as he had a fracture at collar bone. She assures him and takes the kid back to orphanage. She asks how did he fell down, boy replied I was climbing the window and suddenly lost the grip and fell down. She talks to the boy with much love and care, and asks him not to repeat it.

One of his(ankush’s) frens asks him to sleep, its too late and they have to getup early as they have to attend a seminar the next day. ankush stops thinking and says to himself to be careful and he shuts down his lappy and goes to sleep..

It’s morning radhika feels dizzy and asks arjun to getup first and searches for him with her hand, but she couldn’t find him and sits up thinking.. Arjun makes an entry with a hot coffee wishing good morning to radz. She takes the coffee wishing him good morning and goes to the balcony followed by arjun. Its almost all cloudy over the sky, even sun doesn’t want to disturb them with his rays. Radhika still feels dizzy bcoz of the climate and leans her head on arjun’s shoulder. He turns his face and kisses her forehead. She rests for a while on his shoulder and talks to him with innocence filled over her face and childish looks she has with dizzy face. He stares at her, smiling. He holds her and hugs her asking her to be in his arms forever. She raises her head and winks at him. He smiles with love filled over his face.

Neil and Sam still on bed, they both get up by the screams of Apple. Sam asks Neil to go and get him food. Neil asks her to do it herself. She pinches him on his waist and runs, followed by Neil to catch her. He ends up colliding Sam in the kitchen and she asks him to have eyes on the floor and walk. Neil says how can I have my eyes on floor when u r in front of me. He acts romantic and makes coffee for both. They hurry up for birdsong.

PRECAP : nandini takes care of the kid, and some unknown elderly couple/people were shown from back..

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Nice episode anu…..keep it up yaar

  2. fabulous anu !!!!! this is called ” Height of Love ” :-* :-*
    ardhika, nesam miss u a lot ..
    eagerly waiting for waterfalls episode 😉 😉

  3. Superb anu. I am thinking about the couple who r in precap.

  4. Keep going anu,

    Loved this episode.

    Well its my manmarziyaan to read these stories and thinking about the chemistry of these beautiful couple ardhika.

    Listening to romantic songs.

    and thinking how this couple looks magical in these songs.

    In these days I stop watching saans bahu soaps. Kind of boring for me .

    Start watching a new series.

    Feriha on Zindagi channel. Loved college romance. Kind of okkkkkkkkkk . But get rid of those saans bahu daily soaps.

    Its better.

    Love you anu , keep going and please add more ardhika scenes. and wish to read more spicy mystery scenes in this story which make it more dramatic.

  5. anu yaar…keep it up dear….

    n thrilled by ur steps for DYM 2….super anu

  6. Heyyy anu awesome epi keeep going 😀

  7. Dear anu if i want to give story ,what i have to do?

    1. plzz visit this link http://www.tellyupdates.com/contact-us , then fill the form.. thats it.. ur story wil get posted. keep rocking

  8. fill the form in the below mentioned link http://www.tellyupdates.com/contact-us

  9. Hey anu u r doing great work by protesting for DYM2..i daily read ur posts on ur fb page..but sad to see tat less no of fans r gathering…and i think the fans r nt responding bcoz they might be upset with sp…firstly when they protested to continue mmz sp didn’t listen them….badtameez dil is going to air on hotstar but when we requested for mmz to air on hotstar they ignored..the no. of fans of DYM were much more thn badtameez dil but still sp didn’t care… the petition to save mmz at ipetitions.com reached more thn 2000 signatures but they remained firm on their decision to stop mmz………sp this decision has disheartened mmz fans…
    But still anu u r doing hard and i wud say dat plz don’t stop trying..ur efforts will not go in vain…and yes i wud like to suggest u one thing….if possible try to connect wid other pages related to mmz on facebook der u will find large no. of fans of DYM who r waiting for dym2 and wan to see ardhika back….


    der r many fans connected on this fb group…..and also if u r using twitter den see at https://twitter.com/hashtag/manmarziyan i hope from der u will get some support….

    keep it up and good luck dear….and yes update ur story eagerly waiting for further episodes…..

  10. Hey Anu….when will u post ur nxt update???… We all r eagerly waiting for it….. And ur story writing skills r awesome… Goooood yar…..keep it up….all the bst….
    N pllllllz update its nxt episode….

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