DYM2 – Episode 2 (illusory)


The episode starts with radhika and neil leaving to presentation hall and sam starts her presentation. radhika sits worried and couldnt concentrate.. arjun noticies her and gets restless. sam completes the presentation & evry1 gives an applause. Radhika leaves the hall congratulating sam followed by arjun. sam asks neil i feel they are worried.. neil tells her about the mail. arjun asks radhika whats the matter, what is making u worried?

radhika tells about the mail and arjun says its just a mail dont worry about that. neil and sam join them and says the same..they have a talk and NS teases arjun about his care for radhika. Meanwhile radhika’s phone again bangs with a beep. she feels tensed and reads the mail congratulating arjun for the award. arjun & nesam say that sender might be his fan.. radhika stares at them and they tease her saying the sender might be girl. they have a light moments of laugh and they enjoy with their coffee..

In Hrishikesh, dadaji asks mala to know whereabouts of ankush and dilip comes saying i called him & he is fine there. Ankush leaves for abroad for further studies and scene shifts to ankush in london. He & his frens plan to visit an orphanage to offer fund, clothing and neccessary accessories as it is one of his fren’s birthday.. so, they leave for orphanage. Receptionist calls a lady on phone & tells her thar some people has come to meet Mam. The peon goes and calls Mam, and a lady turns back and it is none other than nandini. She comes and meets Ankush & his frens. ankush was shocked to and he couldnt utter a word.

Ankush and his frens play with the kids and gifts them with the things what they bought.They have a happy day with the kids. Nandini from far observes ankush and moves forward to meet ankush. Ankush notices this and gets tensed.

Precap : nandini moving forward to ankush to speak and ankush feels tensed.. both the duo couples chat at birdsong.

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Hi anu

    enjoyed it dr…..

  2. Anu I really donno Wat to say. …amazing dear. ..u r truly talented gurl. ..loved ur dym2 story plc continue. …god bless ??????????

  3. Hi anu its sonal..where is frst epi dr?

  4. very nice anu.
    good work

  5. Guys our anu’s (nitya ) article abt sp slogan has published by national views. ..plz click the following link nd enjoy reading. …………. http://nationalviews.com/star-plus-rishta-wahi-soch-nayi

  6. Awesome dear keep rocking bud 😀

  7. Superb its like continuation of the serial and its very realistic enjoyed it

  8. Thanks Anu..i too read this artical..you have well said frnd..but the sad thing is still no good positive respond fm SP,Swastik right???….pls do not give up..will hope for the best..
    also i really want to thank telly updates for opening this page..coz they really value their fans..

  9. @anu…yaar my dear…just read that article..hats off to you buddy….hope this constant effort ll bring DYM back…GREAT WORK..

    n ur epi too awesome…keep rocking….

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