DYM2 – Episode 11 to 12 (illusory)

Hey friends. Sorry for so much delay as im busy with my work. But from now ill upload the episodes often. Thanq all for the love and support. Extremely sorry…

Episode No : 11

The Episode starts with nandini and little arjun playing. She brings some snacks and juice for him. He says he is not hungry and she insists. He says okay i’ll have on one condition. She says okay done. The little arjun asks “with whom and about whom you are talking to some big boy in hospital”? Nandini asks him has he heard it. He replied yes in lower tone and askd her AM I NOT YOUR ARJUN, DO U HAVE ANOTHER ARJUN?” She was puzzled and amazed by the love for her in that little arjun. She cries and hugs him.

NS & AR at birdsong. Piyali and samrat meets them. She asks them to finish the project asap. They discuss and works on it. Piyali & samrat leave from there. The duo couples work hard to complete, arjun&sam feels sleepy and yawns. Meanwhile radhika sneezes as she catches cold last night. Neil observes them and asks birju to bring coffee and starts playing his guitar. He sings and plays “Aankhon ke panno pe meine likha tha sau dhafa”. They all enjoy & all work again.

Scene shifts to london again, Ankush sits thinking in dance rehearsal. He is bit upset but manages and comes out of it. Nandini says “U r my little arjun, and we have big arjun too”. He says okay, and asks will he come to meet us? She says okay too many questions today, enough for now, Go and play with dada and dadi patting his back. He leaves.

AR & NS complete the work and waits for the dvd of ad’s video shoot. He gets a call from editing team and they say it takes 1hr more as we have technical problem. But sure we will give it to you in 1hr. He scolds them and finally says make it fast, and it should be on my table in 1hr. He ends the call. So they plan to go for dinner out. They leave.

Nandini goes to her room and searches for office files and an album falls. She opens it and a new face was shown. She sits crying and after sometime gets up & goes to her parents. She sees them smiling and wipes her tears.

AR & NS were back to birdsong and they wait for dvd. They all fell asleep waiting for it. Finally one of the editing team member comes & give the dvd. Its almost 1 am(mid night). They start to leave in a car.

Nandini makes the kid sleep and she too goes to sleep. A car mets with accident, She feels restless..

Precap: Nandini gets up with a phone call and sits crying.


Episode No : 12

The episode starts with AR & NS going to their homes. Its morning arjun and radhika in cuddled position, both feels dizzy and suffers from cold. Calling bell rings and arjun getsup to open the door. There enters Mala & dadaji at Mumbai. Arjun bends down to take blessings & welcomes them and calls radhika. She still feels dizzy and comes out covering herself with half blanket and another half on the floor. 😛 . Radhika didn’t notice them and asks arjun who it is, y u r calling me? Arjun smiles with confusion and Mala gets shocked to see her like that at 9am.

Dadaji smiles seeing at her innocent face and calls meri choti abhi bhi meri choti hai and winks 😉 . radhika then realises and takes blessings from dadaji & mala. Mala takes her inside and scolds her, radhika replies its too late @office and arjun’s surprise. Mala feels that they came at wrong time. Radhika understands it and says maa I know what u r thinking. We are very happy to have you & dadaji here. So stop thinking. Mala gets fresh and brings coffee for evry1. They all talk for sometime. Arjun gets ready and calls radhika. She comes and he holds her closer and asks her to get well soon & kisses on her forehead. He says miss you and leaves for BS alone.

A car is met with an accident and nandini gets a phone call , she picks it up and gets shocked to hear the news. She feels restless having all this in her dream and gets up tensed and sweating. She drinks water and sits crying. She goes to her parents, sees them sleeping and she turns back but notices something fallen on floor and goes to pick it up. She picks it and comes to her room. She opens the diary sees the pic(which was shown yesterday) and name VIRAJ. FB shows Nandini calls the guy with name VIRAJ, and he turns back. He was a calm going, loved to keep everyone happy and valued relations. He was a doctor by profession. Nandini hugs that dairy and cries saying MISS YOU.

PRECAP : AR invites NS and piyali& samrat for dinner at AR’s residence.


Episode No : 13

The episode starts with arjun reaching BS and NS joins them. They all give the final report of the ad to piyali and samrat. The brand’s manager checks it and praises them for their work and leaves.

Piyali asks arjun about radhika. He replies she got cold and mummy ji & dadaji came. Piyali feels happy to hear it and she was so excited to meet them after a long time. Arjun invites them for dinner next day. Piyali says thanq and leaves. Arjun feels lonely in office. Neil teases him and sam joins them. Sam asks arjun to call radhika. He hesitates to call, but she insists.

Nandini thinks about VIRAJ, FB shows viraj coming to the orphanage often to play with children and to meet Nandini. Little arjun comes to her and says dadaji is calling you nandhu. She goes with him. The old man asks him about the diary. She says it fell down, so i picked it and kept it safe. He asks her to bring it as it has their life in it. She consoles them and asks them to be happy and we accepted what had happened. He says i should tell you to be strong, but u r telling me. He wipes his tears and hugs nandini.

Arjun calls radhika and talks to her. Sam takes the phone and tells Ur hubby is missing you so much here and u r enjoying at ur home. Radhika replies,no no not lile that, arjun only told to take rest and maa & dadaji came. So i-i , sam interrupts and neil takes the phone and asks oh my chasini, Arjun became devadas and teases both of them.

Nandini goes to her room and cries seeing the diary and album. FB shows viraj coming to orphanage on his duty to check basic health conditions of the children. Its their first meeting and both introduces themselves. He calls her and asks her can i visit this orphanage whenever he wants. She tells him the timings and ends the call. Scene shifts to present and Little arjun comes to her & interrupts. He asks her to come and have lunch.

Its evng,arjun wanna go early, and asks zubin&kritika for sam&neil. They say both left after lunch. Arjun calls sam and tells her that he is leaving early, she says fine and ends the call. Arjun comes home and was surprised to see sam&neil with radhika &dadaji.

Ankush’s freshers party is on the next day, so they are too busy in rehearsals.

PRECAP : Ankush’s party and dinner at AR’s home..

Credit to: Anu

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