Dym-Revenge that leads to love (Chap-5)

Radhika went to her frnd’s home”hey sammy”…

”hey radz…so how was ur day..got rid of the handsome hunk??

Radhika pout ”yeah sam… y r u rubbing salt on my wounds by calling him handsome…he is my enemy”…

sam grins ”But u only said he is hot….leave that…tell me does he know about u?I mean who u r nd y u were working in his company?

”no…nothing nd it’s good that he doesn’t”…

”ok cool….so after today’s adventure chef sam is in ur service tell me fast what do u want to have in ur breakfast??”

Radhika chuckles nd sits besides sam laying her head on sam’s shoulder ”u r a darling sam”…

”that i m!!! so r u gng to tell me??”

“ummm….yeah i will eat u…yummy sam”..by saying this radhika licked her lips nd stand up quickly before sam could beat her…she started running in the house with sam running behind her…nd with all the talking,eating,joking their day end….


On the other side Arjun was very much irritated with Radhika’s wrong identity…Arjun had a sudden urge to know her…he was trying very hard to find her details but a very important meeting came in his way…
Arjun’s meeting went well…the meeting was related to merger of his company with RM enterprises..so a party was going to be organised before the merger to announce it in front of everyone….

The party was organised at a very big scale..Every big personalities,industrialists,businessman’s were invited..


Party day-
Every person who were send the invitation came, as everyone wants to know the reason for the party..every one was waiting for Raghav Mishra as the invitations were send on the name of RM enterprises…

Suddenly everyone’s gaze fell on the top of the stairs…two of the most biggest businessman were standing there Raghav Mishra and Arjun Mehra…Arjun was looking very handsome in his black tuxedo..every girl in the hall was staring at him with wide eyes…Raghav Mishra was a very aged man but with a great personality….

They both climbed down the stairs and Raghav took the mike from the servant…”Hello everyone,hope u all r enjoying the evening…..you all will be thinking the reason for the celebration…I don’t think I need to give introduction of Mr.Arjun Mehra the owner of Mehra enterprises,one of the biggest personality of business world…Mr.Mehra will continue further so a big round of applause for Mr.Mehra”….everyone claps

Arjun took the mike from Raghav nd cleared his throat ”Welcome everybody,thanks for being a part of this great evening….we have gathered here as we,Mr.Mehra nd I have decided to merge our companies”…everone watches them with horror as they both together will be a big threat but keeping aside their horror they all clap…
Arjun took a drink from the nearby table”cheers everyone,pls enjoy ur drinks”….as he took a sip from the drink…

After a while Arjun nd Raghav were occupied as all the people were congratulating them…Arjun went to the bar nd took a seat drinking champagne…He watched Raghav who was standing with two girls nd a boy….one girl took his attention, he was not able to see her face properly…she was wearing a black full sleeves tight fitted knee lenght dress,her perfect curles were touching her waist with black Ankle Strap Stilettos…

Arjun stood and went near Raghav to see the girl and was aghast seeing the face of the girl it was none other than Radhika…Raghav saw Arjun nd signals him to come…Radhika turn in the direction where her father gestured nd jst a glimpse of Arjun ,she was sweating…she fled from there without anyone’s knowledge..

”come Arjun meet my son Rudra Mishra..He is doing bachelors in business management”…Arjun shook his hand with him..”and meet my daughter Radhika Mishra,she has completed her studies nd now i m searching Mr. right for her”….Arjun was shocked,he never thought she can be a daughter of such a big businessman…as they turned towards her she was already gone…”oh!sry Arjun i don’t know when she left from here”…

Arjun with a tight smile said ”no problem,i will meet her later”…Raghav gave hime a polite smile nd pointed towards another girl nd said ”meet Radhika’s best friend samaira khanna”…Arjun remembered that the home address given by radhika was on the name of samaira…he shook hands with her…arjun excused himself from them nd went to search Radhika….

He saw her behind a pillar at a very lonely place….Arjun smirked because now he knows that she saw him that’s why she left the place…her eyes were closed,she was holding the hem of her dress tightly with one hand nd the other one was on her chest due to her fast heart beats which were not getting normal after watching arjun in the party not because of fear but due to some alien feeling….

Same thing happened with arjun when he saw her, but he was more shocked with the revelation that he overlooked his heartbeats which were racing like a wild horse…

Arjun went near her and something unknown possesed him and he kissed her cheek from behind, radhika’s eyes were wide opened…she came to her senses as she don’t want to feel weak in front of him…Arjun came in front of her”so u r daughter of Raghav Mishra…does he know that u applied in my company??”

Radhika was quiet with a blank expression on her face,showing nothing to him…Arjun continued ”so u r not going to answer,okay let it be….so what r u doing here darling??hiding yourself from me!!!”

Radhika with full attitude said ” Hiding from you!!!excuse me this is my father’s party,i can go wherever i want…i don’t need to give u any explanation…so if u will excuse me i will like to catch up with my friends…”

Arjun was not annoyed nd with a genuine smile said”catch up with ur best friend samaira whose address u put in ur resume!!”’Arjun realised something ”oh that means ur father was not aware that u applied in my company..that’s a good thing..i will enjoy telling him”..

Arjun was watching radhika carefully,her action,reaction…Radhika was little scared now but what should she do??Request him??but she can’t show her weakness…”Radhika u r very gud at conveying ur emotions,it’s visible in ur eyes u r very scared”..

”’No,i m not”…

”okay then let me search ur father”Arjun moved towards her left to go but Radhika hold his hand”please don’t do this…it’s between u and me,don’t bring my father in between”…a current pass through Arjun with Radhika’s touch….”Please don’t tell him anything”…

Arjun smirked and touched her face with his thumb,Radhika closed her eyes feeling his touch ”you have to work with me if u don’t want to let ur father know about ur lil adventure”…
that’s all for this update…hope it’s up to mark……….

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  1. It was really fantastic. I loved it as it was a long one. I hoped it to never end but it ended . waiting for the next one. One request if possible, add a lot of teasing,romance,masti and lil bit of arjun getting angry on radhika but later they are okay after again a bit of teasing and romance.

  2. Kavina

    Loved it

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  4. Wow radhika going to work with him again.hope their romance starts soon.keep on rocking.

  5. its a awesome chapter ya ,I really like it ……plz continue this I want to know ,how revenge leads to love and plz update soon and I am waiting…..,bye and TC

  6. arti viswanathan

    Saloni darling awesome, superb, outstanding episode….. I loved it to the core….. I liked the way arjun was shocked to know that radhika was raghav mishra’s daughter…… And why was radhika having any feelings towards arjun….tc loads of love to u from me……and teddy hug….

  7. Rossy

    Superb dear…i liked Arjun’s shock…lol…outstanding…waiting for next

  8. Jewel

    really nice chapter…. loved it… waiting for next one…

  9. Jnana

    Awesome dear…. Waiting for the next….

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    Arjun’s shock was worth watching…..kiss unexpected….naughty guy wants more of her !!! update soon dear…

  11. Hi dear… totally awesome n waiting for next update…

  12. Awesome. Superb

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    hahaha now the fun begins… Arjun is gonna trouble her…

    keep it up dear…

  15. Roma

    Wowwww awesome, lovely episode. ..loved it very very much. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡ 😉

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