Dym-Revenge that leads to love (Chap-4)


Here’s another one..enjoy Nd ignore grammatical mistakes nd I know this is lil short too but thought to update it..Hope u enjoy it…

A new day with a fresh start…
So everyone started working in the office , Arjun was in his cabin eagerly waiting for Radhika..many things were going on his mind…then a knock on the door broke his trance Nd there she was on the door with a totally different look which can woo any guy..

She was wearing a red knee length fitted skirt nd a white full sleeves shirt with matching red stilettos Nd a little makeup..She was looking breathtaking..Arjun was intimidated by her beauty but then he regained himself quickly Nd was abt to shout on Radhika for being late when she said ‘ don’t u dare to shout on me Mr.Arjun Mehra’…
Now Arjun was dumbstruck Nd new thoughts start forming in his brain ‘ I m her boss,how can she speak to me like this..Is she gone mad due to yesterday’s event..Or she is day dreaming..I have to show her that she is my employee Nd she cannot speak wid me like that…In the meantime Radhika came inside the cabin nd took a seat in front of Arjun..
Before Arjun could speak Radhika gave him a letter Nd said’ Mr.mehra this is my resignation letter Nd take this,this is a cheque of 10lakh rupees as per the agreement..Now I m free so I would love to leave… It was Radhika’s turn to enjoy Arjun’s expressions which only showed confusion,shock,loss Nd thousand more which satisfied Radhika’s heart…
She stood up to leave but Arjun was not ready to let her go without answering so after composing himself he said ‘miss Radhika sit down Nd answer my questions Nd then u can go’..
Radhika ‘why should I???’..Arjun ‘bcs u have to otherwise u can’t leave the cabin”.. Radhika chuckles ‘ Really Mr.Mehra u know u can’t stop me, so bye nd hope we never meet again.. Radhika walked up to the door but Arjun reached fast to her Nd pulled her to the nearby wall Nd moved his face near to her ear nd said ‘not so easy babes’..A chill air passed through Radhika’s spine…Now Arjun faced Radhika Nd asked ‘if u had this amt of money then y u joined here??Who r u??…Arjun looked into her eyes Nd Radhika into his Nd they both lost themselves in each other’s eyes which looked like hours but Radhika abruptly break the contact nd said ‘leave me u pig’..Arjun repeated ‘what me pig?’ anger took over him nd he tightened his grip on radhika ‘what the hell u think of urself many girls r after me for my looks Nd u…u think me as a pig’…

Radhika mumbled ‘misconception’.. Arjun”what did u jst say huh!!..Have u ever seen urself in a mirror u fat ugly lady… Radhika mouth was flung open on the thought of fat Nd ugly ,as these two are the biggest fears of a girl nd he said it on her face, Radhika was giving him a angry stare.. Arjun was now irritated Nd shouted ”stop staring Nd answer the questions dammit”.. But Radhika was in no mood to answer the questions after getting praised by the most scary words so to get herself free from Arjun’s grip she went close to him before Arjun could understand she bite him hard on his shoulder he flinched Nd moved aback holding his shoulder.. Radhika seeing it as a golden opportunity ran outside the cabin nd out of the reach of Arjun..Arjun was shocked nd he watched her go, seeing her tactics an unknown smile crept on his face but immediately the feeling of revenge took over him ,he went back to his seat Nd made a call nd asked the person to send Radhika’s detail nd ordered to find a new PA for him ASAP..
After few minutes peon came with Radhika’s file nd Arjun took it instantly nd there were simple details nthg strange so he called a person Nd gave him the address to keep an eye on her…
The person called after 1/2hour nd said “sir this house is on the name of samaira khanna nd she only lives in it alone.. Anything else sir”.. Arjun”nothing else,thank you”…arjun was confused so to check further he dialed on the no. given by her,the person on the other line picks the call nd said “Sam speaking,who’s this…Arjun cut the call nd was shocked”wong identity…y this girl gave the wrong information”…’who she is Nd what is she upto’..
On the other side Radhika was pleased wid herself “she was able to teach Arjun a gud lesson which he will never forget”..

Short update again,sry for that

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