Dym-Revenge that leads to love (Chap-2)


So hi guys I m back…pls ignore my grammatical mistakes…

The man reached his home Nd went into his room before anyone could see him…he was very angry how can a girl throw water on him on the grt Arjun Mehra…many girls runs behind him Nd this girl threw water on him Nd that too for an apology..
Arjun ‘u showed me what u can do now it’s my turn ‘..”so wait and watch u tiny little girl…the day I see u again will be the worst day of ur life…
After few days Arjun forgot abt the incident Nd continued in his work…some interviews were going on in his company he gave a look on the people who came for the interview…he saw a similar face Nd a smile came on his face ‘now u r gone Miss’..he called his manager Nd asked him to appoint the girl as his P.A Nd make her sign the 1 year contract…
The girl was very happy that she got the job…As she will be joining from monday Nd it was jst friday so she went for shopping the next day for her new job…when she was going to the other shop she hit smbdy Nd without looking up she apologised ‘i m really really sry’…The person she hit was none other than Arjun..
Arjun said ‘u should be’..The girl found smthg fishy in his tone Nd as she tilted her face to see the person she was shocked to see the same man she threw water on…she walked few steps back but Arjun didn’t let her Nd caught her by her shoulders ‘do u have a habit of stepping back’ while looking into her eyes…Any1 can say the girl was scared…she tried to say smthg but words were not finding their way out from her mouth…
Arjun continued ‘leave that..now it’s ur turn to apologise,say sorry Nd I will let u go’…the girl now composed herself Nd with a shivering voice said ‘ but I said sry few seconds before’…arjun hold her chin from one hand Nd tilted her face up ‘ not for that little tiny girl for throwing water on me that day.. The girl said with lil confidence ‘no i will not apologise for that day bcs it was ur mistake Nd u were not apologising so that’s y…
Arjun ‘so that’s y u did that but now now u r not saying sorry too so what should I do’ Nd he looked at her red juicy lips..The girl got scared, her heart was beating fast..but after a second she collected all her strength Nd pushed him hard but he was strong so he balanced himself…Now they were standing at a distance Nd the girl shouted ‘u stay away from me Mr. , U don’t have any idea what else I can do”..
Arjun laughed Nd laughed Nd laughed ‘u r so funny’ Nd then he suddenly became serious Nd said’i have smthg planned for u…jst wait Nd watch ‘..then out of the blue he pointed a dress Nd said I would like to see u wear that dress …when the girl turned around to see the dress she was dumbfounded the dress was very short Nd when she turned to shout in the man ‘he was gone ‘…
The girl pulled her hairs nd thought how to get rid of this man after lots of thinking she left the mall Nd went back to home…
The girl reached the office Nd asked receptionist about her work…she explained it to the girl Nd then led her to the boss’s cabin…The girl knocked on the door Nd asked permission to come in…The man was sitting on the chair facing the other side ..the girl said ‘sir I m Radhika Mishra ur new P.A..The man turned Nd said ‘Hello Radhika Mishra welcome to hell…
Radhika was numb,shocked Nd jst a word came out of her mouth”’you”’…The reply came with a chuckle ‘yes me Radhika …I m Arjun Mehra CEO of this company Nd ur new boss…

This was the end of second chapter..enjoy..☺

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  1. Saloni superb yaar.he is taking revengefor throwing water.hope that this story will go a long.our arjun is well known for arrogance and revenge.you nailed it.keep on rocking

    1. Saloniraheja

      Thanks chansni..I m happy u liked it…lots of love??

  2. Arti Viswanathan

    Saloni superb yaar. I liked it.. I think ur written story will be interesting dear… Saloni excellently written update….

    1. Saloniraheja

      Thanks arti..I m glad u liked it…??

  3. Superb episode… Wait 4 next….

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      Thanks Saran??

  4. Sulbi

    Hey saloniraheja… superb episode… i loved it… Arjun so cool and Radhika so sad of her… He is gonna take revenge so interesting… waiting Ardhika love scenes… i enjoyed it dear… keep going… tc…

    1. Saloniraheja

      Hey sulbi…thanks dear..u too take care??

  5. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Saloniraheja

      Thanks kavina

  6. awesome update …

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      Thank u very much subha..?

  7. superb. now the story gets interesting.

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  8. tooo goood ..pls post soon

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  9. Brin

    Awesome episode, love it to the core, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Saloniraheja

      Thanks a lot brin….will post ASAP?

  10. Superb interesting
    post soon

    1. Saloniraheja

      Thanks aastha… glad u liked it..??

  11. Jewel

    Hey, this is really interesting, liked it a lot…. Waiting for next one…

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  12. Jessie

    Interesting one,saloni…eager 4 nxt…post soon….TC

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  13. Rossy

    Omg…lol.. So much interesting dear….update soon….now what will radz do…punch him radz…go baby go

    1. Saloniraheja

      Rossy glad u liked it Nd Radhika will surely give a shock…?

  14. _Ritu

    Wow…intriguing story dear…m all xcited 4 nxt…loads of love. 🙂

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    Interesting…. Looking forward to read more from u…..stay blessed

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