Dym-Revenge that leads to love (Chap-1)


A handsome Nd a well built man was walking through the aisle talking on his phone Nd was seriously engrossed in the call when he unconsciously hit a girl who fell down on the floor with a thud…he without giving a glance moved forward talking on his phone..the girl got up Nd shouted ‘hey Mr.”..’hey u on the phone ”..The man turned around Nd actioned her ‘what’..the girl replied because of u I fell down Nd instead of helping me or apologising to me u r jst going…’oh’ nd he once again turned around Nd continued talking on his phone..

Now the girl lost her control Nd ran towards him Nd blocked his way’ hey u have to apologise to me first Nd then u can talk on ur bl— phone..Man said ‘what’ the hell ‘jst get out of my way can’t u see i m busy.. but the girl didn’t listen nd said first apologise Nd u can carry on with ur work….
The man was hell angry Nd put his phone down Nd caught her arms ‘stay out of my way u don’t know me nd u don’t know what I can do…

The girl said ‘u don’t know me either Nd u don’t know me what I can do’..
The man gave a sardonic laugh Nd folded his hand on his chest ‘let’s see what a small tiny girl can do…Girl’are u gonna apologise or not’…man nodded a no…
The girl walked a few steps back seeing her the man said sarcastically ‘it seems like the little tiny girl is scared ‘..but instantly the girl remove a bottle from her bag Nd throw the water on his face Nd with a big smile said ‘now I m satisfied ‘nd left the place immediately before he could hold her..
He saw his surroundings to see that no 1 was there to see the incident when he found no one he left the place with a shocked face…
This was the end of first chapter… hope u like it..

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  1. Superb Start… Wait 4 next…

    1. Saloniraheja

      Thanks Saran…will try to write as soon as possible

  2. Wow nice start.Guess that man is our arrogant arjun and that girl is our chashni radhika.thank you take care.

    1. Saloniraheja

      Thanks chashni…ya u r right they r ardhika☺(the best couple ever)…u too take care

  3. arti viswanathan

    Superb dear… I loved it. The way the girl threw water onthe man’s face was awesome dear… Will be waiting for next episode….

    1. Saloniraheja

      He he…thanks arti ?..will try to post asap

  4. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Saloniraheja

      Thanks brin ??

  5. Awesome yaar

    1. Saloniraheja

      ?thanks a lot devika

  6. Kavina

    Loved it

      1. Saloniraheja

        Thanks Kavina…?

  7. A good start saloniraheja…. Waiting for the next chapter ???

  8. Sulbi

    Wow… lovely episode.. i loved it… waiting for nxt chapter… update soon dear… tc

    1. Saloniraheja

      Thanks a lot sulbi??

  9. Meen

    Nice…….I loved it…..waiting for d next

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