Thanks guys for supporting this plot…many people don’t believe in such things but its just a fiction…thanks for understanding…this chapter will show characterization n the way they behave in present era …important threads will start to bind later…

Glamour industry just busy in preparation of its upcoming fashion event…there is a gossip going on birdsong n its brooding next generation model samaira Khanna…well people always interested in discussing about other’s lifestyle, don’t know which kind of joy they got…cameras are focused…piyali Khanna took the charge of event…she did her best, waiting for result, but she was afraid of her own daughter ‘ if she will destroy her reputation ‘ ;but more than that she is afraid of public taunts,that may affect her daughter badly n she can’t tolerate that…yes samaira Khanna was a beauty queen but very much stubborn n little bit proud…her parents extra care make her obstinate queen…now she just works as role model who only appeared on advertisement of entertainment company birdsong n she did work for some fashion events but not like today’s international event,even many super model were rejected…she just wanted to be centre of attention which she got from whole India for her beauty but her childhood friend( but if we say they are still in new friendship mode,it’ll not wrong) Arjun Mehera never glanced back toward her like others…that ignorance made her to force her mother to give her a chance in that international show…

AM enterprises
Employees tried to do everything perfectly as they know their ruthless boss’s mood swing…Arjun Mehera never smile but if u’ll notice him laughing then u should be sure that somebody’s gonna pay that day…what amount n which way will be decided by him mostly mercilessly….he was decided to visit his department store today…his PA zubin,his house butler Rana’s son followed him wherever Arjun goes…these two people were in Arjun’s life whom he never fired,only warned them countless times,threw his anger towards them…although zubin scared of Arjun but he knows that he had a golden heart n he likes to stay with him nevertheless how much anger,tantrums he faced…

Today Arjun got up with a jerk…those baseless prince princess dream make him feel irritated coz till now he didn’t see anybody’s face…top of it Sam to participate in such a huge event just to get a chance to become role model of Arjun’s department store make him more angry…he never liked anybody who seeks attention…more over did he aware that this was one of past birth deed,so Sam behaved this way???

At railway station a girl with a bag jumped down from a full speed train followed by another man n paced out…after sometime near by a tea vendor they stopped…

” chasini how much did u get,I mean what amount those things costs”…asked Teji as his eyes were sparkled
Radhika looked at him with doubt n said; ” This time no share for u,even I did those things which I never did in my life,that chipko saral n his lustful eyes…aargh…n u stood there like dumb”…

” what could I do,u started ur seduction dance first n now blame me” said Teji with a innocent face

Radhika spitted out tea :” What seduction,do I look like a serpent in disguise who will dance with naagin dhoon”…

Both saw saral was running to them by shouting stop them,they cheated me…stop her…both radhika ran away followed by teji then saral…after sometime they came to the highway …they crossed the road in zigzag move as heavy traffic jam …mean time radhika bumped into a car but teji helped her they both ran away…owner of the car shouted on them first seeing the scratch on his car but stopped in midway…now both came to a bridge n stood on that…they threatened saral; ” leave us otherwise we will suicide by jumping down from here”…they both saw a police van coming toward them n with a hurry they both jumped off…saral screamed n cried…the great Neil Malhotra came out from the van n stood in front of saral giving a stylish pose…

” u pushed them to river,u committed a crime in front of me,the great SI Neil Malhotra,how dare u”, said Neil giving a light punch on saral face

” I didn’t do anything,that Chinese dragon n that opera queen cheated on me,they coned me took away my money n jewellery” , saral said crying

” so u killed them,u have to pay the price,u r under arrest”, Neil said angrily

” I told u truth,trust me,I swear on u they both jumped off by themselves ,I didn’t force on them”, saral almost pleading neil

” u joker don’t dare to swear on me,k so wanna a settlement of this matter”, said Neil mischievously

” yes i can do everything from getting out of this mess,I want to back my home,tell me what I have to do”, saral said in a lower voice

Neil thought for a moment n said ” how about ₹2 lakhs…

Saral shocked n said ” why two lakh,very big amount n why should I pay when I didn’t do anything “…

Neil scared him by saying how he is going to arrest him,third degree torture n constitutional articles…on which article he will punish him hard…saral get frightened n gave Neil extra one lakh n ran away….after saral disappeared from the sight Neil went to bridge n shouted ” both of u get out soon,I know there is only water present upto knee”…

Both radz n teji came out from water…Neil narrated the whole story..trio did a monkey dance n said loudly time for party…teji excitedly said,” we never visit a high class pub n restaurant,this time we will go”… Radhika beated his head n said idiot u forgot we promised those slum children to help them, ur party is important?? Neil came forward n said dramatically,” my queen,my chasini take a chill pill yaar,ur wish will fill n this Chinese dragon’s also”… Both radhika n teji stared him…neil said just few moments ago u both renamed as Chinese dragon n opera queen by saral…he laughed like mad…first teji n radz make faces but they couldn’t control themselves n laughed…

Also they are not aware that they are interlinked from past birth…its their fate which will try to make them happy always…it was a blessing they got…

Arjun was overlooking company’s account…but couldn’t concentrate…with anger he threw the file…zubin started collecting those files…he knew today his boss’s off mood went more off after that girl bumped into his car…zubin first time witnessed his boss calmed his nerve immediately after shouting one sentence…he didn’t know what is so special about that girl whose face even they didn’t see properly,half face almost covered by hair …then her partner came n help her n they both ran away…but important noticeable thing was Arjun get restless seeing that view n now he let out his anger in other things…

” get that girl within 24 hours,how dare she scratched my car ran away without apologizing”, Arjun ordered zubin almost in a threatening voice

” yes boss,I’ll try my level best but m not sure about that,we didn’t saw her properly”, said zubin sounding panicked

” u don’t have to see her ,I’ll see n don’t dare to look at her else u know the consequences”, said Arjun mischievously holding his anger

” but if I will not see her then how can I recognize”, zubin almost afraid enough that he was ready to ran away from Arjun’s cabin…coz this time he returned back on his statement first time…he gulped hard when Arjun came near him…but the most surprising thing happened in his life…Arjun just said casually” do whatever but I want that girl in front of me within 24hour”…

Zubin understand his seriousness but didn’t know why?? Why he mad about someone whom he never saw?? Even Arjun himself doesn’t know what kind of emotion this is??

Arjun’s POV; ” I don’t know who u are,don’t even know how u look,but i can feel ur presence…just one glance of urs put me in such situations…i never attracted towards any girl but u r something…ur eye which spoke the deep mysterious things without saying…i can feel there is a some strong connection between us…if its u who is the answer of my puzzle…i lost myself into u without seeing u properly”…

The thing which will fate wrote for u,u couldn’t understand that…same thing happened with Arjun…radhika bumped arjun’s car n teji help her get away…Arjun saw them n felt strange …coz they were all linked from past birth…but he can’t figure out why he was after them …waiting is the best thing… Everything is gonna return to its original place but patience is needed…

Precap: Some past birth revelation…the meet

Credit to: Rosie

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