Reincarnation 9


Hello everyone..m very late for this update..apologies..next only this update until it finish..here is it..do let me know ur views..its mostly about arneil
Silence was ruling that time..various types of emotions running inside Neil seeing Arjun’s tight embrace on radhika..one side he was angry seeing the dare of the man who held his chasini infront of him..another side he was happy seeing Arjun’s honest care and affection towards her…again he was confused and sad..teji just checked out both arneil..finally he broke the awkward silence and directly asked;” Arjun,what happened?? Why u screamed aloud by taking chasini’s name?? Any nightmare u saw!! And Neil what’s wrong with those various kinds of emotions on ur face”..

Neil glared at teji making him gulped hard..he said to Arjun in a low yet stern voice;” let chasini sleep..u follow me..i have something to clear up”..

Once they reached at terrace Neil again stare Arjun with confused multiple expressions..somehow Arjun guessed what they want to listen..Arjun said;” I know what you want to know; but I doubt if i tell you everything,will u believe me ?? Or laugh at me”..

Finally Arjun told everything regarding his dream,about how they were best friends..how he loved radhika and Neil’s curse on him..but ; till now he didn’t know why all these things only happened to him..he also told about the stone statue retrieved by ASI team from that forest where Neil appointed as security in charge..he also told once he heard from Sam regarding this matter but didn’t give importance..n why he cried recently..and about Aditya’s plots n ploys in previous birth..Arjun told about his restlessness n anger previously but; after meeting all of them he got his calmness n contentment..he respect Neil ..

Neil didn’t laugh; but felt more worry,more confused..he could not figure out what’s happening around them..but one thing he was sure personality like Arjun could never come up with such stories just to lure him..there must be something if it was not their past birth..both were too busy with their talking n thinking they forgot about teji..neil suddenly looked down and saw teji laid on ground unconscious..Neil sprinkled some water on teji..Neil made him sleep; but before he closed his eyes he told only Arjun was right,we have to find that person to save us…this made Neil more confused..

Neil didn’t know that the right time approached him to know everything..some promise from past would make him remember through some mythical help..to make everything fall at its place ,now its necessary for him to accompany Arjun in the game of destiny and destruction..already the deviant blood made his move by making deuce strong..
( p.s. I already mentioned in prologue that teji was a clown/ jester at Royal court of kingdom Astana ..other circumstances also there for him which will reveal later)

A week passed..there’s no dream ,nothing approached since that night to Arjun..he was calmed ; but impatience was growing inside Neil..he didn’t know what happened to him,why was he so restless..he asked Arjun about further dream to know what actually happened; but negative nod from Arjun made him more impatient..both were hell curious to know further as Aditya was giving them hard times..Aditya already planned against them ..

One day teji went to AR enterprises..he rushed to Arjun and asked if he knew any whereabouts of Neil??teji was afraid if Neil didn’t do anything stupid ..right then both got message from Neil to meet him at his old place..Neil strictly told them not to told radhika anything..after Arjun instructed zubin not to let rads step out from office,both teji and him went Neil’s old place..both saw Neil sat down perplexed..he gave them a scribbled copper plate on which some inscriptions were wrote..although it was written in some ancient language ; but to their astonishment they could read it easily..it was said like:…..



Arjun asked Neil;” from where did you get this..u are alone here without informed..is everything alright??”his voice filled with concerns..

Neil replied with a off mood;” I tried to remember everything ; but I am unable..after u told me everything I don’t why but I wanted to trust u..for that I need to remember even teji had some clues ; but why I can’t have??and i got it by luck may be..when I got up in early morning its like someone said in my ear to visit the stone statue; which hold the solution of my puzzle..i got that weird inscription from the sword cover of statue”..

He continued his frustration;” u know it killed me from inside that I am sure something was there which involved me ; but m unable to revive it..if it has nothing to do with me then I can never able to read this inscription..and it was strictly referred to neelkant means me”..

Arjun and teji both hugged Neil..they knew he was in agony now..he was in dilemma to find out truth but; before he found any clue another puzzle came into picture..who would be realize better those restlessness feelings other than Arjun..he was gone through it much before..Arjun consoled Neil;” don’t worry..we will find out what it means and nothing will happen this time..coz we are together now”..seems Neil felt happy..

Suddenly teji himself got some idea and told;” guys this may sounds silly ;but I think we have to try it for once..”

Both Arneil asked in unison;”what are you talking about?? Just blurt it out”..

Teji said;” we know Arjun once went to parapsychologist to know complete history..but he returned back empty coz he was too strong headed who denied to access his subconscious mind..i just wanna say that let it apply once on me as I remember things blurry..we can know something from my side also”.. He stared both of them with hopes..somehow both agreed as they don’t have any other options available..coz like Arjun Neil was also strong minded…..

Later after some days they all went to therapist to know further things..say it may be their good luck or teji’s interest ;but they got to know the things happened right from the annual crop festival……….

Teji was a citizen of yuan( ancient name of china) kingdom,Xinhua states..he had a natural quality to make people laugh even in sorrows..he had his own cleverness n wit to win people’s hearts..but sometimes it might become the reason for ur remorse..the Royal jester and other were afraid of their position when they heard teji was being called to the Royal court of Yuan..they planned to kill him on way..but; fortunately teji got to know about the trap and escaped to aryavarth..he was frustrated by his land people’s insecure behaviour..he decided to visit pilgrimage spots to calm down him..he reached at kingdom of Azana at the time of the very annual crop festival..

He was amazed by seeing the happiness in air..people were interacting warmly with tourists..everywhere calmness n peace filled..he went to visit king..there he saw first time prince Arjun,warrior neelkant and princess sameera..he was warmly welcomed by them as a guest to aryavarth land..he was pleased by seeing their warm hospitality n gesture..that was aryavarth culture” atithi devo bhavh”( guests /tourists always regard as god)..as he wanted to see each part of festival prince Arjun himself wanted to show him the richness of culture..both were visiting place to place n Arjun explained everything briefly but clearly..Arjun stopped at lantern blowing area to reminisced his moments with Radhika..he suddenly wanted to see her..

Here radhika was unconscious coz of choke on her neck..somebody ordered ;” finish her up..our leader don’t want any hurdle on path of little master Aditya,future king “.. When the sword was going to hit radhika on her neck,at the edge of moment teji screamed aloud by seeing the view..he came to this dark place when Arjun was lost in his thoughts..people’s were startled seeing a sudden appearance of him..anyhow he understood the seriousness of the situation..so he tried to make them busy with his wit and cleverness as he knew Arjun could be reached there anytime..again that person ordered to kill both of them ; but before they captured teji Arjun reached there..his anger rose to its maximum point seeing radhika in such conditions..teji ran back to him n told how they all tried to kill her..now it was reverse fear arisen in between enemies as they all knew the fire power of prince Arjun..Arjun freed radhika n sent teji to Neel..he burned the whole place along with enemies and went to a safe place by carrying radhika with him..

Teji informed Neel everything and they both went to find ardhika..kings of both states also worried about the recent happenings but ; commander in chief relaxed them..Arjun put swiftly radhika on sand of river bank which was flowing inside forest..he sprinkled some water and let her gain consciousness..he stared her with love filled eyes..he was afraid from inside for today’s incident..he thought;”if anything happened to u, how would i live without u..i didn’t confess my love to you yet..but; today i will”..he waited for some more moments..radhika got up and Arjun wrap his hands around her without thinking anything else..she said;” I think I got to know most what the prophecy said..u should take care of urself prince Arjun”.. With that she broke the hug n stood up..Arjun was all astonished by her behaviour..but; he composed himself..

Arjun said with a low yet clear voice;” I never wanted things should turn out in this way..but today’s event made me tell u what I had in my heart for u..i don’t know if it’s right time or not,but I can’t able to hold my feelings anymore ..i want u to be my queen sincerely from my heart..there is no pretence nothing..please accept my heart”..

Radhika was shocked hearing his confession..she was going to answer him stopped seeing Neel n teji who approached them..neel asked her wellbeing..she replied she got to know many things about the inscription..so they should visit the saint who blessed them fortune of their land..neel could sense something happened between ardhika..Arjun signalled Neel something n he understood..teji instantly liked their bonds..he decided to stay with them..

After some days teji able to won heart of the kings by his clever wits..he made everyone laugh around him..king of Astana decided to appoint him as royal jester as Arjun n neel liked him for his nature..before Neel went to saint Arjun told Neel to help him with radhika..he agreed happily..teji wanted to accompany Neel and radhika on their journey ; but Neel refused n told him to stay with Arjun as he would be all alone to manage state affairs..he strictly instruct teji to have close eyes on Aditya’s moves..

Both Arjun n teji accompanied with Neel n radhika for some distance..as they began to enter deep forest Neel told Arjun n teji to go back..he assured Arjun that everything will be all right..Arjun wanted to talk with Radhika alone for sometime..he took her to some place n said;” I know why u hesitant..but one thing I should make clear,I had never a thing for princess sameera..i also told my father everything about u..for ur information my mother also was general common people..i fell for u for ur inner beauty and bravery..i loved everything related to you..take ur time for reply me..i know u take decisions wisely ; but sometimes we need our heart to realize truth..I’ll accept whatever ur decision be coz I respect u and i love u very much”..radhika stood frozen hearing his truthful genuine confession..

After reaching to the top of mountain mountain cages radhika n neel found the saint in meditation..they waited there till he himself opened up..saint looked at them smiling n said;” when u have ur own saviour in between u ,why u came here!! Just try to find by urself”..they were shocked hearing the saviour was in-between them ..then saint then sent them to retrieve some mythical sword..only one person had the capability to took out the powerful sword from lake in between all the people had mythical powers..neel took both saint n radhika to lake ..saint said Neel to go inside middle of water n retrieve as he was one of the mythical power holder..Neel obeyed his command n disappeared into air ,again appeared just above the middle of lake..the crystal clear water shown clearly the sword visible to outside of the world..he went inside water and tried to pulled out the sword from sea ground ; but all his efforts failed..saint just smiled and mumbled; “sometimes for something someone else was destinated from the very beginning..but; I am afraid after all ur efforts devastation will not stop”..he suddenly came out from his thoughts and ordered radhika to went for sword..she just looked back him confused,so as Neel..saint told;” may be u can hide urself infront of world , but not infront of urself..now go my child”…

As radhika proceeded Neel looked at her perplexed and saint had his calmness on face with smile..she first stood near the lake n chanted some mantras n showed her respect by touching her head on ground..finally she put one step into lake..like water knew her from decade n waiting for her..the water become firmed as she walked above it n ran later..she disappeared into air and appeared at the spot of sword n looked deep down the water..like miracle water departed away from sword area making her stood up on ground comfortably.. Looked like water protecting her making a ring like structure around her but without touching her..she looked up sky ,closed her eyes for moment…in next moment she took out the mythical sword like it was something just laid on ground..Neel was all confused ; but happy also…saint told Neel;” u both are the best persons of aryavarth,humble n noble…having ur own mythical powers..but she is the one who held all five powers from her birth as blessing..she is the one who can stop devastation”……………..

Precap: Sam kidnapped…Neil to remember everything from past birth…Arjun was stabbed..
I felt like I wrote many absurd things but bear it as it’s a fiction..

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  1. Sammy

    di pls don’t call it absurd..oh my god whenever i read this one ..trust me i went era’s back..what to say further iam lacking words …it was fantastic ..minblowing ..awesome…i love it ..what to say ..there are so many butterflies in my stomach ..ardhika scene was amazing …sword scene …omg waooooo..happy independence day di ..love u more for this

    1. Rossy

      Thnxxx a lot dear…u went eras back…that gives me more energy now…btw did u do gymnastics in washroom…how z ur ankle now??? I didn’t know that…now u need a good bunch of scoldings from me as reward..u know my right as elder sister ???

  2. Brin

    Outstanding episode, the story is too good, brillent writing, you nail it, well done waiting for the next update and happy Independence Day stay blessed. 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Thank u very much dear brin for awesome words…waiting for ur next update of rectify..

  3. S.v

    Twin pls dont say it is absurd its my inner peace. U know how much i love it sofor my sake dont call like that dear and Teji is the tenali raman of the court a wisdom person yet funny suits the character. Thanks to him else radhika(worrier) would have been hurt gosh i cant even imagine that and the saint made Radhika the hero who took the sword. Super awesome and Arjun spoke his heart to radhika past one and he spoke his heart to neil present version. And thanks to tej because of him everything was known and what is there in the precap ?? SAm kidnapped by whom adithya ?? Arjun stabbed yaar so many shockings, twists and turns my lil heart cant bear it if you delay it. Lol a demand from your lil twin. Dear update the next part soon love you tons.

    1. Rossy

      Twin from the next time I’ll say it’s awesome rather than absurd…lol….???? u know how much ur words give me peace…ur demand,I’ll fulfill it soon…m happy that u demand something lol..need to keep ur little heart safe??..tenali Rama..i loved his stories…??

      1. S.v

        See thats my twin . U say or not it is awesome only and something bad about my twin I will not take it a possessive sis when it comes to my twin. I love tenali raman’s story funny yet has wisdom in that. Love u twin.

      2. Rossy

        I know u r with me always ???

  4. Kavina

    It is not absurd. Loved it. Happy Independence Day

    1. Rossy

      Thank u very much kavina

  5. Jessie

    Rosiee… its getting all interesting now.. Rads has got five powers.. !!!! Tats superb..
    So now.. its not oly Aditya.. this trio too know abt their past connection.. how come Aditya1 alone got 2 know everything..did I miss tat part..
    Eager 4 nxt chappy..Arjun was
    stabbed..means prince Arjun isn’t.. Neil gets 2 know.. superb.. And gr8 warrior mentioned in inscription is Radz isnt.. Rosieeee.. u call ur plot as stupid sometime b4 now hav started saying
    absurd in past 2 chappies.. u won’t listen 2 us..so,u call whatever u want.. I will say.. INTERESTING..FANTASTIC…n I LOVE IT!! ?????? TC n love u loads..
    Happy Independence Day!!! Lets pray 4 d safety n welfare 4 every soldier of our country..!

    1. Rossy

      Jessie dear…don’t know why I missed u…yes dear it will be Arjun who will stabbed…not prince…and yes rads is the great warrior..I’ll not say anything to my work from now onwards…inly u will say…okay…deal…will update very soon n finish it…no u didn’t miss anything…Aditya knows everything…will let u know in next chapter…

      1. Jessie

        Bear hug Rosieeeee… I thought it’s prince..oh ..u let him stabbed.. u love him tat much??love ur deal.. This deal applies to Mars story n Arts n sculpture story also…how is my deal..
        It may be tat Aditya who stabbed… I know… yay.. ! Now I guess … may be seeing Arjun stabbed Rads will get some memories or something like tat… Rads d warrior.. yay.. women power rocks!??love u loads Rosieee..

      2. Rossy

        Women power rocks..patience dear we will see who will stab..n I loved ur deal..lol…i love Arjun to stabbed,punished etc…he escaped in original mmz easily..so I give him his needs..lol????

  6. Gauri

    Rossy don’t call this absurd this is a master piece …Rads has powers …Arjun stabbed ????? you are increasing my curiosity to the core ….amazing outstanding mindblowing …keep it going dear 🙂 love it 😀

    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear…biggest motivation from great authors..I m feeling like fly high…yes what to do..Arjun will be stabbed..don’t dare to stop ur writing..not even in ur dreams..I’ll scare u otherwise coming to Bangalore then..

  7. Dipika

    Rosy my action queen now i will punch if u call it absurd one more time.. R u crazy..this is amazing… Honestly…. U knw abt the historical things so deeply.. I m astonish by it..hats off..really m feeling very sml in frnt of ur knowledge… Ok now radz had all the pwr..means in this birth also she is the prsn who can save all…n wht precap..arjun got stabbed… M worried for him….my action Queen next update i want jaldi don’t go on mars for it…haha. Love u..muhhha

    1. Rossy

      Heroine if u will punch me I have my defense methods ????..and what was that about my history knowledge…lol…m poor in it…n u r great n heroine…so as radhika had powers,she retained it..everything will be cleared in next chapter I think…

  8. Why do u doubt this, this is brilliant and am saying this as a reader. Your imagination, your narration, your touch it’s just brilliant. And now as a friend I will tell u this, dare u doubt your writing again and u will get a nice set of scoldings from me. This story is intriguing n I just can’t get enough of it.
    Love u lots ???????

    1. Rossy

      Giu baby I’ll be glad if u scold me…lol…i loved when someone tried to rectify me…only closed one has that power to scold…lol…u r my closed bond…will update mine soon…waiting for urs

  9. Jewel

    rossy….. now only i am reading this ff from starting…. i want to say that u r a fabulous writer…. woww… i feel like i am seeing a movie…. it superb….. ur way writing, the characters, this thread every thing is beautiful….. by reading this chapter today i felt to read from starting and u r saying this absurd….. ur thoughts and ideas r brilliant…. please update next chapter soon…

    1. Rossy

      Thank u very much jewel for considering my story n read it…will update next one soon…thanks again for commenting

  10. Awsome chappy it was ..:-) post sooon

    1. Rossy

      Thank u very much neetz…?

  11. Jnana

    Awesome yaar….

    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear jnana

  12. Sweetie

    Dare you call it absurd again Rossy,I’m warning you I’ll come to you and will beat you.. 😛 Loved the entire episode..Haayee!! Radhika has all the five powers,I love that thought.. 😀 Waiting for the next..Lots of love.. 🙂

    1. Rossy

      I won’t dare again to say like that…m scared..lol???..rads has all powers n I had that thought from start…hehehe

  13. Lakshmi05

    U know what Rossy… U will get beatings for insulting my favorite writer???. Don’t say anything about this awesome story….k. Superb update as always .. Rads has all powers..woww..n that sword scene that was awesome. Waiting for next one…. Update soon..luv u…tc…

    1. Rossy

      Thank u very much hari..i won’t say again anything about story..sorry…will update soon..tc??

  14. _Ritu

    Rosie today u hurt me very bad by calling it absurd.. Now don’t talk to me.. Katti.. 🙁 U know what ..I jst loved it…infact I love ur every story and seriously I want to meet u in person…ur thoughts are amazing dear… U don’t know how much I admire u for this… I m ur Jabra faan yaar..and u hurt ur fan ..very bad 🙁 ? Now u will only be forgiven if u update all ur three ffs very very soon otherwise katti ? ..

    1. Rossy

      Ritu dear katti from my side also…u told me to update soon n not showing urself…??…three ffs simultaneously..lol…will let me finish this one first…where is ldr?? Katti now…ldr…ldr…i want. Ldr

  15. Adu.nupur

    Rossy di kau angle ru absurd laguchi tamaku. It’s just stupendous! Magical Radhu:*
    Can’t wait for the kidnap of Samaira xD

    Are u in bbsr? I would love to meet u and about ur story on odia culture I have given the reply regarding it on my ff’s page. Do check it:)
    Tkcr and lots of love and hugs:)

    1. Rossy

      Awww…nupur dear…na ebe nahi bbsr re..may be Sunday Ku jibi..jadi Sunday free thiba dekha heipariba…but ame janiba kemiti …au contact via hangout or this tu chat..ohk..mu dekhili reply…mu prologue link dauchi..padhiki kahiba…

      Its mmz: Arts & sculpture

  16. Oh god my unique one u r rocked 😀 😀 one big round of applause for ur imagination 😀 😀 😀 arjun’s truthfulness awesome 😀 Neil bravery splendid 😀 😀 teji superbbbbbbbb 😀 😀 ur plot is amazing one 😀 😀 loved it 😀 waiting for mars 😀 😀 one tight hug 😀 love u 😀

    1. Rossy

      Awww…loved ur name to me..unique one..lol…u liked it..m happy..mars will update soon…btw..did u read my new story prologue..its mmz: Arts & sculpture..read it n say ur views

  17. Awesome wowwww Rosieeeee. …very interesting n unique lovely amazing story. ….stay saying absurd yhings….it’s really superbbbb n awesome. …I’m loving it…I know there is not much love in this but there is love which is very pure next deep…it’s perfectly written n brilliantly narrated…it’s mind in love with this story. …you thinking I’m just saying this…but no…i mean it really, truly, n i love you for sharing your amazing treasure of stories with us….you r one of the very fine writer who has very unique ideas next thoughts…your each story is master piece….complete with all elements of story….. love, hate, sorrow, pain, batrayal, suspense, mystery, humor, …n all…I’m not a writer n don’t know all the stages n types of literatures….i have very less knowledge too…but I feel very happy after reading your update….each story here has it’s own special place in my heart…n I’m honestly saying all this…never think I’m just saying it to make you happy…I really mean it from the bottom of my heart….n you’re so close to me…n I encourage you coz you have spark in you…..here too I see that spark n talent where you very nicely weaving story…between neil arjun n teji…the present n past events…the description of letter to neil…arjun’s pure n genuine confession to rads…priest profecy…n rads powers….so beautifully n brilliantly narrated. …I just want you to keep it up honeyyy…and don’t think like it’s not good or absurd. …trust me it’s mind blowing narration unique, very interesting n lovely. …just cheer up now keep writing….I’m always here for you…In fact I feel blessed to read such a great talent here…who knows someone from u will become really big writer of future from here…..so sunshine, keep doing it what you are…we r loving it….let new ideas pop up n u give them your best in creating amazing stories…love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeet darling….muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Stop* saying absurd things*
      Im* in love with this story

      1. Rossy

        Appi di…it was ur comment which made me think what to reply u…m really speechless seeing ur love showers on me..just i can say my appi fi…my soul sister…i luvvvvvv u so much…will always want ur love n affection for me…? ? ? ?…m selfish n greedy when it come to my closed ones love

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