Reincarnation 8

Hello guys m here again with my stu…….oooopsss sorry…enough of my joking drama…enjoy n do let me know ur sincere views…be bad or good…
P.s.: Neil will start to realize about his past birth n power very soon as major crux is going to reveal soon…rads will be the last one to realize…so ending of the story is near…??


Aditya Mehera, a well known actor by profession…most handsome person by outer appearance who is living on earth ; but from inside he is a mysterious person…nobody knows what he wants or what he likes…a dark prince,elder brother of Arjun Mehera but live separately due to worst circumstances of their past… few months back he saw Radhika n teji ,when they coned saral..he was impressed with her antics n tactics..this was the first time in his life he pulled to a girl n came after her; else it was always girls were after him…he smiled a little seeing his younger brother knew the girl already…

Although Arjun n Neil didn’t feel good seeing him,radhika n teji jumped with excitement… radhika was moving ahead with excitement pulled back by Arjun strongly…Arjun excused himself saying Neil to back with luggages n dragged radhika with him,despite all her protest..teji’s shocked seeing Neil didn’t even try to protest …but couldn’t ask him anything as he suddenly pushed by crowd gathering who were mad to see Aditya Mehera..they immediately packed everything n shifted…Aditya just smiled seeing them thought;” I’ll meet u at mansion”…

Arjun till now didn’t leave radhika’s hand..he didn’t know why ;but boiling with anger…radhika finally freed her hand from his grip n told;” I missed my chance to take a selfie with Aditya Mehera,all thanks to u”.

Arjun pulled sudden brake n looked at her intensely..he asked on his top of voice;” have u met him before??how close he is with u?? How did he know u and from when??..he held her shoulders tightly which pained her n shook her to answer him.

Radhika was shocked to see his anger..she couldn’t figure out what happened to him suddenly; but above all this, she is she!! Nobody dare to talk with her in this intonation except Neil for once…she pushed away Arjun’s hand and retorted back with same voice;” who r u to talk with me in such way?? Moreover m not bound to tell u everything..just be in ur limit and don’t talk with me further..I’ll do all my work silently..just notify me”.. She turned her face toward window.

Arjun realized if he asked her calmly she would reply; but its late now and she was more angry..he thought to calm her down after reaching home..he just looked her in between on their way of return..his biggest fear if she will tell Neil to leave ,they will agree on her demand n leave him alone again..he can’t tolerate that..they reached at mansion ..she went furiously inside without waiting for him n banged her room door hardly…samaira n Rana witnessed everything…Sam was going to ask something Arjun,he signed her to stop n went to radz ..Sam n Rana followed him..

Arjun went to Radhika and looked her writing something on a paper almost crushing up the paper n threw it…she continued with her act,without caring about Arjun..Arjun sat down and said ;” m sorry..sorry..i should not talk angrily to u”..she just glared him once n again busy with her doing..
Arjun thought” what to do,she is nothing less than me in stubbornness n anger”..he made sit ups which he saw in TV once..radhika stared him,she wanted to laugh seeing him in such avatar ;but thought to tease more..Arjun started his sorry singing…radhika’s eyes widen with shock n his besura voice…rads stood up placing her fingers in her ears n said;” do u really seek my forgiveness or my anger ?? What a great voice u have!!WOW!!!..even a crow can sing better than u..just stop it before my ear bleeds”…n started laughing at him…

Arjun said;” so u already forgave me n teased me!!”… He ran after her..both are running here n there like child n giggling..rana was very much happy seeing Arjun..he thought:” Finally my child get his happiness n peace”..
But Sam sat at one place with shocked..she thought;” what happened to Arjun?? What’s so special about radhika?? Even I feel good seeing her..if it has something to do with my absurd talking in between my sleep”.. She was confused…

Neil barged inside like a storm n said radhika to follow him..now samaira was irked with all radhika centric things happening around her; but she couldn’t figure out even after so many things she herself liked her..all she wanted now a glance from Neil which was impossible right then..radhika followed Neil to terrace with teji n Arjun..
Neil held radhika from shoulders n said;” I have one request chasini..will u follow that?? Its for ur safety n believe me”.. His eyes were almost moist but he hid it.

Radhika replied ;” u don’t have to request me..just say me..I’ll follow it without questioning u..don’t u know that me n teji trust u more than ourselves..whatever u think right tell me”.

Now Arjun’s fear started piercing inside him..will they leave him?? The only fear he has..Neil pulled her for a hug…Arjun could feel the depth of their bond..after some moments Neil said;” I know chasini how much u r mad for Aditya Mehera,great fan..but he didn’t give me good vibes..promise me,u will stay away from him..even if he comes after u,u will say no to him”..he looked at her for reply and Arjun felt happy..

Radhika laughed hard n said;” just this much..i promise I’ll not go to him..may be m a huge fan of his looks; but there’s nothing important than u n ur words “..Neil smiled and patted her cheeks..he sent rads n teji to downstairs..

Neil turned to Arjun ;” I don’t know what happened between u brothers ; but i want to trust u..one thing I m expecting from u is ur honesty..I don’t know why ;but I feel if m not there u can protect my chasini…don’t fail me coz u v to work hard to get her..i know u instantly like her”..Arjun jumped with happiness..he said;” I’ll…i promise u will never get a chance to complain..not only her,but u…he cut off by Aditya’s laughter…both felt irritated..

Aditya said cunningly:” Finally it’s good to see u together again..but,my dear little brother,don’t u know how I took everything from u what I want in past!!don’t forget m always two steps ahead of u…and

He turned to Neil;”u also came here to nagging Arjun..quite strange..i didn’t think u would be that much fast..but ; remember one thing ,she is mine ,only mine..i won’t let anyone to snatch her from me”..

Arjun move towards Aditya with anger stopped by Neil..Neil replied;” listen mister,I don’t know what r u talking about..but something is fishy in ur talking..I’ll find that out and my doubt is correct regarding u..and about my chasini,I warn u ,stay away from her..else u will face the consequences which u even didn’t dream”..

Aditya was going to reply something stopped seeing Sam is coming..he sweetly started to talk about general things..sam said with excitement;” thanks Adi,for giving me the break in ur upcoming movie..I’ll definitely prove myself”..Aditya showed thumbs up to her..Arjun n Neil shocked …Aditya left as he was happy that he played his first card wisely …

At night Neil felt very uncomfortable…he was so tensed..something was killing him from inside..he was restless first time..Arjun came to him n put his hand on his shoulder..he blinked his eyes in assurance manner..he said;” thanked for putting ur faith on me..don’t worry,we will be together always”.. He gave a friendly hug to Neil which made him calm down..Neil thought;” something is there in him n his wicked brother that tell me the matter is very serious “…Arjun seek neil’s permission to sleep with them n he allowed..as usual after Arjun dozed off his dream caught him..but;……..

” prince Arjun,ur little brother is here..he is with king now n wanted to meet u”,sentry relied the message with excitement…

Arjun happily jumped n went to meet his younger brother Aditya…whole aryavarth knew how two brothers bond was strong despite they are step brothers..Arjun’s mother was a general lady while Aditya’s mother was a princess..but ; it didn’t create much difference between brothers..as Arjun was elder and intelligent enough he was crowned as prince of Astana..Arjun entered the court while Aditya came n bent to touch Arjun’s feet..before that he hugged him..both brothers were chit chatting for long as if they were parted for long-time..princess sameera went to them for hospitality..Aditya looked her without blinking his eyes..Arjun noticed this n happy..he was looking for radhika as she was in charge of princess…

” where is our warrior Neel,I didn’t see him after coming here,is he forget himself in beauties of this land”, asked Aditya with playful manner ..Arjun also wanted to know…

” Neel and radhika went out for some work given by king,u were sleeping at that time,so we didn’t disturb u”answered princess in easy manner…

” looks like Neel was very interested to some girl for first time..he loves her more than u,so he didn’t even inform u..let me see this radhika,who had power to impress Neel”,said Aditya in a mockery…

Both Arjun n sameera defend their friends and partners..

” ohk,u will get to see her in traditional annual festival which will be held in evening at royal ground,so don’t worry..and she didn’t only impress me,she also impressed our prince,our king and the whole kingdom”, replied Neel who just entered..it was clear from his voice he was bit irritated with Aditya…

Neel never liked Aditya..he always thought Aditya took advantage of Arjun’s simplicity n soberness..he tried to find out about his true self; but everytime stopped by Arjun..because Arjun loved his brother most…
Sameera blushed seeing Neel n invited all of them to festival..

In evening they got ready to attain festival ..both kings n queens already left for festival as they would inaugurate the festival..its a common man’s festival for crop yielding n the deity goddess earth worshipped..then the fair would start after king’s worship n havan…prince Arjun,Neel n Aditya were waiting on their horses as king ordered them to escort princess n her friends to festival..in mean time princess sameera came with her attendants ,all complemented her genuinely except Aditya drooling over her..she went n sat on curtain surrounded palanquin..Arjun impatiently asked radhika’s where about…neel smiled hideously seeing his excitement ..but Aditya burned from inside but showed a fake smile..sameera said;” she was busy with some important palace work instructed by king n will join us later..lets go now or we will be late..

Aditya said them to go as he will accompany radhika..Arjun nodded as he was not aware about his brother’s reality; but Neel doubted …later on he made up his mind as he witnessed radhika’s bravery…Aditya went inside but to his bad luck he saw radhika was surrounded by some soldiers group n discussed something..he thought to carried out his plan some other time..he mumbled himself;” in front of u even princess is nothing..my whole life I spent with favouritism n partiality ; but u will be mine only by wish or force”..

he was absent minded when someone dragged him by covering his mouth..it was the leader of enemies…he brought Aditya to some room n left his hand from his mouth…he was shocked n said ;” mamaji( uncle), what r u doing here?? If someone sees u,then??” His uncle told him he was invited..he said;” my child,I can’t see u in pain..the king always preferred that shit woman over my sister and now her son over u..I’ll never leave prince Arjun..i promise u that u’ll be king of Astana”..

Aditya retorted back;” but he always escaped from u because of that Neel..we have to create rift between them; but now I want radhika only,major commander’s daughter of Astana..Arjun here also tried to snatch her from me..i will destroy everything if that will happen”..

Although his uncle didn’t like Aditya’s madness on radhika ;but agreed with him.. he made up his mind with some determination as he wanted Aditya to be not only king of Astana but whole aryavarth..he thought if Radhika will be finished then Aditya become furious and his work will be easy..to make him SAMRAT, Aditya should marry princess not general common people..he took him to festival ground…

Prince Arjun was impatiently pacing at festival ground avoiding gazes on him..neel told him to be patient as he already guessed Arjun fell hardly for radhika..both turned to look at entrance and stood like frozen ,dumbfounded..this was their first time they both saw radhika with a girls attire with jewelleries n ornaments..she was coming to them with her father..Arjun felt his heart would explode at any moment..she excused herself from her father and show her gratitude to Arjun n Neel..by that time Neel n she became good friends..Neel complemented her immediately n excused himself as he knew Arjun must be wanted to be spend some time alone with her…

Arjun took her to lanterns festival place..there was a saying if u blown up lantern by wishing something at crop festival time,it will be filled..Arjun wished her love for him till the eternity and radhika wished well being of loved ones..Arjun took promise from her to meet him at some place after festival..both went to meet king n queen.. Arjun didn’t want to leave her ;but excused forcefully after getting a news from his father..radhika moved forward,at turning point it was bit dark…some people dragged her forcefully n took her to some enclosed place..she lost her sense due to uneasy n choked to breath…someone took out his sword to kill her n put it on her neck…………………………………………..

Arjun woke up from his dream screaming radhika’s name loudly..neil n teji also woke up with his scream…Arjun was sweating badly…he immediately took radz sleeping form into his lap n constantly caressed her…tears were flowing down from his eyes constantly as he took her into his embrace tightly as Neil and teji looked on……….

Aditya was yonger brother of Arjun in past birth but; in present birth Arjun was younger brother to Aditya..now u could have guess my first line of riddle…

if something u feel like bored or very absurd ,just let me know …

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  1. Sreee

    U r building suspense on suspense…and r planning to kill me di…the update was short but captured my whole heart..i cant explain it seperately each words were a treasure to me…love u so much di…and thank u for such an beautiful update….muahhh????

    1. Rossy

      Thanxxxx sreee dear …i saw ur comment..wow…u read dark within short span of time…thanks dear for appreciation…apart from dark,I wrote. Manmarziyaan…new dimensions..thank u n say me after reading how was that…
      http://www.google.co.in/url?q=http://www.tellyupdates.com/manmarziyaan-new-dimension-2/comment-page-1/&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwidrabU65rOAhXKPI8KHV2zDhUQFggQMAI&usg=AFQjCNGY94pqlraWhx6_givKwe_84P4gNA this is the link to first chapter I think…

  2. Adu.nupur

    Wow! What an amazing chapter didu! Kintu tame sadabele end bishayre kahinki kahuchu, please end kara ni, mu ahuri padhibaku chahunchi:)

    Au eha kau bhi angle ru boring kebebi heba nahin:) Next jaldi post kariba. Au os pain tike apekhya kara, kahinkina ff ra chapter lekhuchi au puni Jana nahin Ki mu bahut lazy hei jaichi Abe. Silly me?

    Lots of love and big hugs for u di:)

    1. Rossy

      Thanks baby…end au alap baki achi…keteta chapter pare hi sarijiba…sata…au OS pain kichi tension niana..mu wait. Karibi..jaldi post karibaku try karibi…au lazy huani…jaldi tam ff post kar..??

  3. Rg2015

    Wow rossy tooo gud. So aditya mehra is d villian? Oh god pl reveal all soon.

    1. Rossy

      Thanks Ramya…more than Aditya there was other negetive things also present…

  4. Brin

    I’m loving your story, the past and the present, you nail it, well done, eagerly waiting for your next update. 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Thanks brin for ur great support…will try to update soon ?? tc

  5. Sammy

    Wao di …it was awesome …I was only wishing one thing .pls don’t end ..this story and this update too …di pls write neel and Sam past romance …this was awesome ..superb …mind blowing …and thanks for updating it soon ..just dying for it …thanks a ton for such a lovely update 🙂 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Lol…thanks sammy dear…Neil role in this ff only pure friendship oriented..and in past his one n only importance was Arjun…still will try..

  6. Jessie

    Then… then… what happened next.. Rosieee.. always saying this story will end..tat will end.. why yaar… there were 5 riddles.. one oly u explained.. still 4 der n main part n romance n nesam n a pair for teji so.. story is long..like real loooonnnggg..?? ?. To1 villian hai Aditya..
    ArNeil part is super.. they started 2 bond.. but do Aditya knew past birth or is he jus saying abt past.. why they dislike in this birth? Arjun n situps..! U love Arjun tat much? eager 4 nxt one..and how this time they succeed..Neil got so senti coz of negative vibes.. will Teji too get flashes… does Rana have anything 2 do with their
    prev birth.. hmmm…will wait 4 updates.. Take care n loads of love…Nice dp yaar..

    1. Rossy

      Then..then…nothing happened..lol?? yes only four riddles n five chapters left..??..this story is mainly arneil,raneil n ardhika based..infact second lady was not needed but I put Sam …?? Aditya?? Wait…rana has nothing to do with past…teji part will be introduced in next chappy…?

  7. Aadia

    Its really awesome Rossy di..in every episodes new twists and turn..waiting for the climax..

    1. Rossy

      Thanks aadia dear…glad to see u again..will post soon

  8. S.v

    God what are you made of ?? You know what i am really feeling calm after reading your update. Wow so Aditya was Arjun’s elder brother but he has the same grudge as he had in his past and Neil accepted Arjun’s heart. I thought Neil would remember his past as you mentioned in the first para but now i’m double happy. But the way Arjun has his love for radhika and her impossible nature is so cute twin you gave me what i wanted for…… my inner peace. I should salute that for this…… Love you so much for this and ya i’m a bit sad that it is going towards its end. But i know you will come up with something different. Love you so much…. Bear my hugs….

    1. Rossy

      Twin it gave me inner peace when u called this story as ur inner peace…so cool…Aditya has same grudge..Neil will remember in drastic situation everything…as the story is mainly about arneil …so Neil should be always stood by Arjun..lol u think I come back with something different…so much faith on me??? Aahaan…mars is pending dear

  9. Gauri

    Rossy from start till the end I almost ate my finger nails…. kill this Aditya …. you are raising my curiosity day by day … fantastic update Rossy darling wat a story and wat a way to build it up hats off of to you ..waiting for the next one 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Lol…don’t bite nails…bad habit ??..killing Aditya…i think death is easy…so suggest some other way to torture…thank u very much ?

  10. _Ritu

    OMG a roller coaster ride it was ..one thing happening after the other and my eyes were jst hooked to it…with each para I was reading my heart was racing faster that plz don’t let me reach the end..I jst wanted to read and read and read…Rosie dear it was awesome fabulous fantastic update..
    So, Aditya Mehra and his mama are the real culprits….Arjun and sit-ups.. Aww..? I wonder if any punishment u left for him ???? so now Neil is also getting vibes… And Sam too…whether Teji is also related wid the past?? And whatttt that Mama attacked Rads..now all curious to know what will happen next…and plz don’t end is so soon..There are still many things to cover up…but one thing I must say dear u have a great power of imagination and an amazing writing skills…every part was so realistic …hats off to u …waiting for nxt..plz plz plz post soon…and waiting for Mars as well ..when will u update that??love u..tc.. ??

    1. Rossy

      First toh I want to say thanks a ton..teji is related to past..will see him next chapter..yes for Arjun I have many punishments??..it’s looking like many things to cover but all simple things left…realistic..my god…m really grateful for such honour…mars is pending..think to write about that ..then I’ll write this….and ur dp…lol…i always laugh when I see it…thanks

  11. _Ritu

    Forgot to ask dear what is the name of ur ff other than dark which u completed ?? I guess I have not read that..plz let me I want to read that too..

    1. Rossy

      My very first ff..manmarziyaan ..new dimensions..i gave link of first chapter to sreee..if u can plzzz give her other links…as my search button crashed…that ff was extension of original one..n raw one from me also…lol..even m raw today…let me know sure how u like or dislike that ff..? ? ?

  12. Lakshmi05

    Superb update dear… Arjun n Neil’s bonding was too good …so aditya too remember about his past…waiting for next one… Luv u..tc…

    1. Rossy

      Thanks hari alot..glad to see u always…arneil are major part of this ff…Aditya is steps ahead of them…

  13. wow……..mindblowing episode…..thirlling story….eagerly waiting next one……please update soon…tc

    1. Rossy

      Thanks subha for tremendous support..will update soon..?

  14. Starz


    1. Rossy

      Thanks stars…u tc too?

  15. First it was tu then my stupid network finally am able to read ur update. This Aditya is bad news, what is he going to do now. Raneil’s bond is amazing, it feels good to read about them. Okay now first part of the riddle is revealed let me scratch my head and find out what the other parts means. Hats off to for writing this.
    Love u

    1. Rossy

      Giu baby where is minion ..i missed it..lets ask Aditya what he’s upto?? Then we can plan..??..tu seriously killing me…i couldn’t find a. Single chapter of can love sparkle…what happened?? If u will find send me dear..

  16. Hi Rosie…might be surprised to see be back..I like giving shocks thats y come to the comment section now and then..but I do read all ur updates.. update was rocking…Aditya idiot..RaNeil it is always a treat to read their pairs…waiting desperately for the nxt..will try to shock in the next update too by commenting..lol..anyways awesome episode yaar..

    1. Rossy

      Thanks pankhudi dear…glad to see you again..yes u both shocked me n surprised me; but I like it…its basically Arneil n raneil ff..they are ready to face everything…see you later ??

  17. Sweetie

    Mummmyyyyyy……I’m crying now..Rossy suspense mein chod diya story ko…Loved the whole episode..You sent me back to the kingdom of Prince and Princesses..Lovely yaar..Loads of love.. 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Hehehe…don’t cry yaar..who knows if future stores more tears???…u went to pince princess era..lol..thanks sweetie

  18. Dipika

    Rosie darling sooooo much suspense…. Yarrr can’t handle.. That aditya..entry se hi devil lag raha tha…i guess aditya was successful in snatching rads frm arjun….aditya ko k punch frm me….i m eager for neil to get reminded of his past birth…rosie darling post soon…love u my action Queen.. Tc

    1. Rossy

      Lol…heroine patience..I’ll surely give punches to Aditya..u can trust me on that..thanks dear for liking it ?

  19. Dipika

    Yarr how many times i tried to post my comment..

    1. Rossy

      How many time??

  20. Rosie my dear rose. Wow. It was awesome. unique one. Past n present mingling. Very intriguing. Loved it. Amazing.

    1. Rossy

      Lol..manhu…u read it???thanks dear very much ??

  21. Jnana

    I love this ff. Mingling past and present. And this update was superb

  22. Rosieeeee my sunshineeee. …it’s not boring. …dare you say that again….it’s interesting n unique lovely. …marvellous episode. …mind blowing combination n Web of past n present story….you’re doing phenomenon job my sweeeeeetheart. ….first phrase of riddle…wowwww. ..so true…loving this story very much….I adore it from the bottom of my heart. ..keep it up honeyyy. ..love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 🙂 ♡♡♡ 🙂

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