Reincarnation 6

Sorry for late..health issues…i hope u all understand…n I changed the story a little bit as I said precap, for a better closure without a dragfest…
P.s. If u have some natural mythical power,if u r a pure n innocent soul u will retain that from birth to birth; but till how much u remember,how u retrieve it is all depends on ur inner strength of strong wish…as u all know our body related to mainly five mythical things: Air,water,fire,earth n sky..ancient people held this powers by hard meditation n determination..so I showed these powers…n already told its a fantasy based story..plz bear that n do let me know ur views

Radhika ran toward Neil n teji when Arjun stood numb…his thinking flashed something happened much before..he can remember a little bit of things…

Inside deep forest two persons running at a high speed..one lady seemed like some kind of Royal lady with a talisman in her hand..and a boy running behind her with a mask covered upto his nose ,only his eyes visible..he had a sword ,looked like he was protecting the lady from some kind of danger..finally they reached at the edge of a cliff,where it’s impossible for them to leave..there was no chance to turn back as enemies were behind them..they could heard their footsteps n sound of horses…boy said to lady;” ur highness,princess sameera,please be calm down and don’t worry…remember one thing never let them to touch the talisman even…it is one of the important possessions of our kingdom Azana given by that saint..it brought us fortune so,hold that tight..I’ll see them”…

He made princess hidden in a safe place n told ,” don’t come out until I come to u,even if u heard my scream or anything just stay here for shake of our state Azana..I hope u understand”..

When he moved princess called him back n said;” come back soon with victory n alive,it’s my order warrior angel”..princess with teary eyes spread her hand for a hug…Now she unveil her mask n hugged her..said;” ur radhika isn’t a coward”..

She turned to go but enemies were only some feet ahead of them…with urge of time she hid princess sameera immediately n jumped for fight…within some seconds she surrounded by enemies…she had a great skill at sword fighting which she learnt from her father major general of Azana…she managed to kill n hurt many of them …princess was observing everything with fear n tremble..after some moments one caught rads by trick n others placed their sword on her neck n some pointed their arrow to her , unknown to the fact that she was a girl…they asked;” where is princess?? If u want ur life tell us the truth..she smiled sarcastically n replied;” If u think u can able to scare me on my life then go on,m not afraid even a bit…moreover m loyal to my lady n my land”..

Just then another detective of them reached with a hurry towards them n told;” whole aryavarth was in happiness for the new relation is going to happen between state of Astana n Azana..the kings of the provinces declared the marriage of princess sameera and prince Arjun..if this will happen then our all plan will be failed”..

Their leader was in a rage n anger going to kill Radhika who already set up her mind how to rescue but; princess sameera come out by screaming “stop”.. Radhika was bit startled n angry also..she knew her ability n now problem increased..enemies laughed evilly as they saw princess..he threatened if princess not go with him,he will kill her guard n destroy her kingdom..radhika already decided her mind…she knew what to do at the edge of time,she already knew that prince Arjun has fire power n warrior neelkant has wind power..she couldn’t decide whom to call but finally she screamed help…help..; but in her mind n heart she called Neel continuously…when one person tried to close her mouth n another marched toward sameera ,before he touch her a human form of Neel appeared from air n stopped all of them…radhika bend down n kicked from the legs of the people held her…finally neel n radhika killed all of them while their leader escaped by threatening them….

Neel come forward n asked;” who called me”??

Radhika moves front n replied;” I called u warrior Neel..i know u r curious if I know telepathy or not but I knew that u had ur wind power which can make u present anywhere within a moment..so”..

Neel thought if she has no power how she called me n how I heard her..this is strange..finally he bid adieu to them after made them reach safely at palace…princess thought occupied by Neel,Neel’s thought occupied by Radhika …but two carefree soul were happy at least all set properly..prince Arjun hugged Neel after his arrival but he was too engrossed with his thoughts he blurted out;” that boy seems suspicious”…prince Arjun seems upset…Neel come to his sense n got he ignored his highness…he bend down n asked apologies for his mistake of ignorance…Arjun laughed hard n hugged him……….

The scene was disappearing from Arjun’s sight slowly..slowly…this time he felt weak m crashed down on floor by holding his head…neil n teji were busy listening rads ultimatum works when they saw Arjun crashed…they immediately ran to him n made him move to his room…Rana ran toward Arjun seeing his condition..neil didn’t know why but seemed worried…radhika ordered for hot milk n teji called doctor…rana immediately responded what they told….

After some time when Arjun felt well..others were bit relaxed but next moment he irritated rads with her questions..Arjun asked;” so u were a boy”.. Rads eyes poped out,Neil n teji were like if this man gone mad just by a crash ..radhika threw a dagger eye towards Arjun…he didn’t react n again asked to Neil n teji;” how n why u reached here this early??”..

Neil was completely irritated now..he said;” we came by bike n why means what? My chasini called me how I ignore her..

Arjun taken aback…seeing his condition teji told;” Neil was a bike racer ,so it was not difficult for him to cover up distance in less time…but why u r so perplexed”..

Arjun told;” if she contacted u by phone or via any other media”..

Neil replied annoyingly ;” we don’t need any media for our connection u billionaire fool…she just called me,I just heard…simple funda…that continued from our childhood..we also don’t know any reason behind this..now if ur interrogation over can we move now”…

Arjun was stunned…even Rana heard everything at doorstep he thought if those people have something to do with Arjun’s dream…he only wished Arjun’s happiness..he wanted them to stay there forever but how?? He noticed Arjun’s calm n composed behaviour first time after they arrived…he decided something n went down…

Neil stood up for exit..Arjun rushed to him n hold his hand..he requested with a lower voice;” can’t u stay here today ,I need u all”..teji n rads stood up by thinking what will happen next..neil looked straight into arjun’s eyes..he saw his genuineness,his restlessness,his urge to find answers..he even couldn’t identify what is in Arjun which irked him sometime n feel good sometime…without uttering a word he dragged rads n teji with him ,stopped at doorstep n told without turning ,,just for today we’ll live with u…he danced with joy first time,rads looked back n saw him..she thought;” what’s with him,he looked genuinely happy”..

Rads n teji finally gave a glance toward his big mansion…they’re checking out the items n antiques..the more they looked one by one the more they attracted..both praised his choice in mind..finally they reached at kitchen..they already in trance seeing his house n now teji mouth hung open..he whispered ;” chasini his kitchen is bigger than our home..exactly how much rich he is..it’s something beyond imagination”..radhika replied in whispering;” don’t know but for the first time I want to cook by myself if they’ll allow me”…somebody whispered from their back;”u can ..nobody dare to stop u..n m eagerly waiting to taste ur hand made food”.. Both startled n turned to see Arjun stood with a pleasant smile…

Neil watching sky at lawn area..he was thinking deeply why he nodded to Arjun’s wish..rana went to him..rana said;” if u don’t mind I would talk to you something”.. Neil nodded..rana told everything about Arjun to him,from his childhood to yet…how his parents left him,how he was deprived from every happiness n peace..and how his dreams make problems n solutions for him..neil was stunned but replied;” why u told me everything??”

Rana said;” coz I believe you all..i never saw Arjun this much calm n happy before..n moreover I heard from my son how u all get back answers to him..believe me it was first time he listened to u all n didn’t do anything absurd with his anger..I know u also don’t like him but why u couldn’t say him no?? I believe some connection are there between u all to him n his dream”..

Neil kept silent…rana again continued;” can u do me a favour??Neil just said him to tell..
Rana requested;” why don’t u all shift here ?? I’ll provide better accommodation n everything what u want..i just want my child to be actually happy..i know m bit selfish..but…with that he went down n sit on ground near Neil’s feet”..

Neel was shocked…he immediately made Rana stood up n said ;” u r elder than us ,like our father,plzz don’t do this…I’ll think about ur proposal but I can’t guarantee it..as I have other two kids…rana said i hope they wont have any problem n pointed toward them…neil saw ;” teji n radhika looking here n there n whispering themselves while arjun stare them affectionly”…neil said;”but I have one condition; if we will stay here,we will pay rent”… Rana immediately agreed as he knows once they come he can organize other things properly…

Radhika demanded a positive signal from Arjun if she can cook…teji scared heard her cooking…he ran out…Arjun held her from her shoulder n headed toward kitchen…he ordered other staffs to finish their cooking asap n let her cook alone without any disturbance..he turned towards rads n said ” happy”.. She giggling like child n up her hand for hi fi..Arjun doesn’t know why, when she’s around him his time passed smoothly n happily ..he stared her without blinking..she pinched him to broke his trance n again said hi fi ..she hugged him lightly which make him electrified,soothing,n numb at a moment..here teji told Neil ;” let us have our food early else chasini won’t let us to survive”..even Neil knew what is going to happen…but he kept mummmm…

At dining table every body ate what prepared by kitchen staffs..teji filled himself upto his nose that radhika couldn’t force him…but he is unaware today’s someone else’s day…only Arjun wait eagerly from two hours for her…they finished their dinner..Arjun waited at dining when teji n Neil sat on sofa giving a pitiful look on Arjun..after another hour radhika came out from kitchen with only bowl of porridge..she was looking a complete mess ..while one staff went toward kitchen he fainted there seeing the condition of kitchen..Arjun didn’t give a damn about that as he was excited to taste the food; Neil n teji looked horrified thinking victimization of Arjun…

Before he started eating radhika took promise he would eat everything…he nodded n took the first bite..he felt like he will puke..Neil n teji closed their eyes..but Arjun controlled himself n asked radz;” what is this”??

Radz:” Porridge..what else could be”??

Arjun:” Oh really,I couldn’t figure out if it’s something solid or liquid..i mean if it’s oat or milk or water or sugar …what is it??

Radz;” sometime it’s solid n sometime it’s liquid..u can say multiplayer food”..

Arjun was like what should I say..he finished everything in one gulp as he promised n ran toward washroom..Neil n teji feel sad for him…both said her to stop torturing others by her food…teji said I can cook for u my whole lifetime,plz don’t try…they went to sleep..radhika thought what happened?? She entered kitchen n taste one spoon which she left knowingly..she knows what she did…she cursed herself n felt sad for Arjun…she thought;” this billionaire loafer has a very good side also”…

Arjun came out from washroom..he refreshed himself n mumbled himself feeling great now..he went out to his balcony for fresh air n saw radhika sat on lawn…he went to her n asked what happened?? Radhika said;” sorry,m good for nothing..m not girly girl…always pampered by both of them so I v no idea about anything except one or two thing…but my intention was not bad..we all may be anything but we never hurt anyone intentionally”..

Arjun held her both shoulders n said ;” I know,u couldn’t..and it’s not necessary every body should know everything”..

Radhika was shocked seeing his new attitude…she said;” I thought u might be think that as I always make absurd comments towards u..thank u for relieving my burden”..

Arjun asked;” do you want to know how to cook simple items??”

She nodded excitedly..Arjun said;” but I need my payment..radhika’s eyes rounded more n said;” u need payment from me,wow,how can I think u can do anything without thinking about money..ur name should be renamed as billionaire loafer to billionaire beggar…coz u beg in ultimate way…she was on her tune..Arjun suddenly pull herself into a tight hug..she shook but he said ;” this is my payment ,so that I’ll teach u how to cook”… She stopped n smiled;” really its ur payment,then I need to learn many things from u as free” … Both giggled…

Precap:Arjun hugged Rana happily..sam shocked to see all four sleeping on a bed like child..storm coming…biggest revelation from past birth

Credit to: rossy

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  2. Mindblowing 🙂

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    Story is getting very interesting, eagerly waiting for the next chapter. 🙂

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    Rosie my twin I feel contented something dofferent loved it dear I am unable to say it but able to feel it dear. Soo superb arjun all calm a nd quiet and rads cute neil and teji oh hod adorable. U have me my inner peace. Love u dear im spel bound . Loved it to the core darling . Wanna see u and hug u tight and take u with me to here all the thoughts of this story and precap was cure all six sleeling together. Oohhhh mmmyyyyy ggggoooooooodddddddd rosie. Bear hugs and kisses. Muuhhhaaa

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  5. Rg2015

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      Sorry dear if u r aham fan n I hurt u…big sorry

      1. Jessie

        Why.. why no mars..dont be sorry.. sounds toooo formal..I never worry for scripts of serials unless am glued with a track..wud make fun of scenes if it turns boring.. I like Arjun more than Aham ??

      2. Rosie dear ur comment made me laugh so hard…?? ? the words u said about ekta’s show…snake , tiger, ghost , lion , bird , chudail….omg..m still laughing crazily???. and getting weird expressions of my roomates..?? I totally agree wid u dear.. these kind of baseless shows jst irritate me to the core..disgusting…. But thnx u for making me laugh so bad between so much stress …?? ..love u..

      3. M seriously happy seeing u both guys..huh I thought u people are going to kill me again for spilling out beans about the fact that I don’t like any celebrities…for me I like practical contents…so m bit interested towards web series starring up..lol??

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      2. Yes m preparing for my comeback after dark epilogue..cook something well..I’ll push Arjun n eat everything by myself…???? lol…waiting for ur OS

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