Hiii all people…a big sorry to all for late again…apologies for this. Chapter coz its not upto the level. I personally felt…gap between two chapter was much…so I promise I’ll make over all in next chapter n very soon also?? ✌thank u…let me know ur views

Arjun woke up from his deep slumber…he was panting heavily…he couldn’t figure out what’s happening around him…the dream he saw,if it has something to do with his present or not …and he was more confused seeing samaira with him,n radhika was pale n life less n that man Neil he cursed…with frustration he was going to break a glass vase stopped in midway…he reminiscences how Radhika praised n told that she loved glass items…remembering her calmed him a bit…

“what rubbish”; he screamed…how is all that possible…its just a dream merely…wait…wait…wait…he mumbled to himself…”neil cursed me,while he was prince best friend, n that prince just look like me n radhika!!! Why she had to be with him…and i promised radhika to make her my queen n why I stood near samaira”… What’s all this ….the more he thinks the more he feels pressured…finally he concluded one thing;” it’s sure that,I bear all those cursed words coming from Neil’s mouth”… Is it possible in this era of science….he remembered once his psychiatrist told him to meet parapsychology therapist…now he thought to visit him….he dialled his phone n marched toward washroom…..

Neil was getting ready for office…radhika was discussing with teji about whom they target next…teji said;” we got so much amount yesterday,what’s the need to con again”…

Neil said in between;” he was right chasini,now lets start our life in new way,from now on only honesty,OK”…rads had tears in her eyes …she said;” my senti daadi amma n naany please don’t act like we committed a grave mistake,idiots u know my weakness that’s why i agreed with u”…so what’s next???

Teji said;” I already applied for PA post for u in a branded textile manufacturing company…so that u can change into as many clothes u wish n take ur selfies as much as you wish”… Last sentence teji said jokingly but he didn’t know only that reason gave her happiness..so she agreed for interview …

Now Neil winked teji for success of their plan n now they have to accomplish other which is more tough…to make her drink milk…it was their daily routine to fed her..when teji held her she knew what’s going to happen?? Before she could do her move Neil closed her nose so that she opened her mouth n make her drank all…after that the beating session started…she ran after them..all those things recorded by Zubin from a safe distance…he was following his boss order to capture each bit of their daily life n send him…he said to himself;” what a crazy girl!!!! N why my boss said to capture Neil’s vedio??”… He thought;” if my boss’s preference changed suddenly…omg I have to save myself”…

Arjun came back to his office after his session failure…the therapist told him that until he didn’t allow himself to be hypnotized or his strong brain didn’t receive to go back to past memory nobody can’t do anything…now he’s in a deep thought what he should do or what not??? Zubin gave the vedio to Arjun n saw he laugh seeing the vedio…he was thoroughly looking Arjun from tip to toe…with a exciting yet clear voice he said;” boss why r u interested in Neil??”…

Arjun heard his question n threw a dagger look towards him…zubin gulped hard thinking about consequences n cursed his gut,how dare he questioned his boss??… Arjun studied his curiosity, squinting ,fear…he was not a fool to not get what he meant??

Arjun replied cunningly;” good question,now Neil is my priority n yes my preference changed…btw seeing u I can say u r not that bad”…he ended his talk with a witty smile …

Zubin startled with his answer,his eyes widen n his file fall down…he immediately hand over the file which had contained list of names coming tomorrow for manufacturing department PA post n ran away from room…after he gone Arjun laughed hard imagining zubin’s face…

Samaira was busy in her modelling shoots…after the incident from ASI survey site she was not in peace…even for the first time in her life she forgot about Arjun n how to pull his attraction…after her shoot she went toward her home stopped at middle of road for checking…she was told to show her id proof and license…” Oh shit…i forget that at home… What to do now”,she thought…an idea stuck in her mind…she came back to her old avatar n went outside of car n started her acting how she was in a hurry to meet her friend who faced an accident..but in-between she was looking side mirror n set her hair and facial make up…two constables were already gone seeing her..they wanted her autograph n a selfie with her…Neil shouted from behind so u people are interested to take snap with Canberra Bandar ,then why not with Indian bandars…sam was startled n shocked seeing neil there…but she composed herself…sam fumed with anger n said;” I’ll file a complaint against u for mocking me”…

Neil;” go n lodge a case…I’ll help u to write down fir…but I have a doubt it will be accepted or not”…

Sam retorted back;”why it will not accepted…I’ll make them”…

Neil smiled n jumped ait on her car said;” first of all I didn’t took ur name …other people are here …why u only took that word to u…ur fault,may b u r a Bandar…i don’t know…second before u will file a complaint,I’m going to arrest u for this irrational driving without any id proof”…

Now samaira got scared n pleaded Neil to his left right…she also bribed him but Neil threatened again for bribing case…seeing Neil honest first time n saying no for money, two constables fainted…he laughed n Sam now lost in him forgetting everything…

Next day when Arjun was having his breakfast he told Rana ;” tell Zubin to be careful about his thoughts…though he made me laugh yesterday with his stupidity but I don’t want to repeat that”…

Rana nodded positive;” I’ll rely ur message to him,anything else”…

Arjun commanded;” just prepare a room to welcome a guest here n make sure the room interior view has to be exactly like mine”….

Arjun went out for his textile department…Zubin was not enough for handling his vast empire of business so another PA selection process..but a particular name flashed infront of his eyes from his file which Zubin gave him in a hurry,yesterday…he was in a very pleasant mood…

Radhika was waiting for her turn…she was going for a interview for first time but she was cool as ice…she stares people scared face n smile thinking their nervousness…she has a chill concept;” if u will expect more,u will be nervous n blown away….so chillax before facing by thinking if I’ll not get it nothing big will happen next or if m not able to do it nobody in the world can do it”…she went inside by greeting…still Arjun covered his face merging his face in laptop….she hand over her details when Arjun asked about some basic introduction…still he couldn’t face her …he has fear if she’ll go away…but poor lad merely he is not aware what is coming to him…rads feel weird at his behaviour…she looked on table glass n saw his reflection clearly…she thought;” from all those people why I v to face him”???but controlled herself n thought;’ I can’t work with him,I have to do something”…Arjun thought if I’ll ask some easy basic she’ll be here with me forever….he felt happy by his thoughts…

Arjun asked ;” what do u mean by PA??”

Radhika looked like prepared;” personal ……assets..”…

Now Arjun stared at her with his brows up…she was as usual unaffected…

Arjun said;” ok u must know what is PPP???”

Radhika replied;” person to person partnership”…

Arjun tried to find words what to say her…he said ur interview is over…now u go…she came outside putting her conscious steps…at terrace looked around,see nobody is there and laughed like mad…she told to herself loudly;” radhika u did a fantastic job…who is interested to work with that bipolar billionaire loafer”…but she was unaware that Arjun just followed her n listened everything…he thought” I knew it ,u r such a dramebazz,even I couldn’t figure out in interview…i thought that u really don’t know anything…but now u r coming with me”…

When rads come out from lift on ground floor humming herself she was collide with Arjun…arjun without wasting time lift her on his shoulder n took her into his car…he ordered his driver to go to his house immediately n pull-down curtains covering back seat totally…rads beat him n said let her go…he said:” U told me that PA means personal assets,so u r selected n m going to take of my PA….her eyes widen hearing him…he continued;” and according to u we should develop our ppp…person to person partnership”… A cunning smile spread on his face…

Radhika said;” let me go or I’ll call my Neil & teji…why u dragged me without my consent…I’ll file a case against u…u don’t know me”…she said with a anger filled tone…

Arjun retorted back with smile;” do whatever u want but I can’t bear ur blunt talking’s…n about ur Neil how he will know that u’ll with me”…

Radhika squinting n said ;” before we reach at ur home,my Neil will be there …u will see that…

Arjun can’t tolerate his my Neil mantra..he put his palm on his face n said from now onwards u will say only my Arjun…understand…her eyes spinning roundly…she wanted to retort back but Arjun press his palm on her more…she bite his hand instead to leave her…but Arjun didn’t leave; rather said that sweetheart u r doing many impossible arousals inside me ,instigating me deductively by that biting….so stop ur antics n stay silent…otherwise I v other ways…he said;” u said Neil will come,I’ll leave u if i see him”…
But he was curious n asked ” how he will come,by any chance you called him…so he heard our conversation n coming….she nodded her head negative as his palm still on her…she pointed that her phone is in her bag…Arjun also wondered how he will come here within 15mins to here,as he has no idea she is with me…his car stopped at his villa n he came out from car by dragging rads outside…but next moment he was stood numb as he shocked n rads jumped up with excitement n ran toward Neil n teji…


Precap: Radhika’s stay at Arjun’s home…she made Arjun go crazy n half mad within a day

Credit to: rossy


    • S.v


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      i got my peace back. Dear i am really sick today but you know what i’m jumping now as you gave me what i was waiting for . Lovely dear soo lovely. The questions which i was asking for days was also asked by Arjun he looks cute when he smiles then why he is not smiling and the revalation part of the past is only the major curx of the story i can sense that Radhika and her interview wow mind blowing and I loved when 2 constable fainted when neil said no to sam for the money and Teji rads and Neils friendship is beyond words. Lovely and i want more and more as you know how much i love thses stuffs. I wanna hug you tight. Love you lods

      • Rossy

        Lol…twin hope u feel better…coz m feeling well…hehehe…yes major mystery hide in past birth

  1. Ritu

    Superb Rosie…loved rads teji and neil part…and zubin..lol…u r too gud in keeping names..plz keep a name for me too… 🙂 but m also wondering how neil and teji came to Arjun’s house..waiting for nxt..post soon..love u.tc

  2. Jessie


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    Fantastic one… I loved it.. Zubin’s weird thought n Arjun’s reply rofl.. rofl…Awww.. I loved this kinda Arju… Rads is all naughty giving such answers..guess..she had her phone on wit gps or any emergency call to him.whatttt… rads stays wit him.. how Neil said ok 4 tat.. all eager 4 nxt update ..bear hugs dear..

  3. sreee

    Oh di superb Epi…i feel arjun is turning less jerk….and zubin….so poor baby…and arjuns answer to him….lol…naughty….really loved the Epi….and sam falling for neil…does she loved him in past di? Also how come teneil in arjuns house….i was so surprised and shocked too….am waiting to know how it happened…. and di u said that arjun will know the past ,sam will get small bits, and rateneil won’t know anything about it..right?..but then will rads start loving arjun…and atleast will neil allow her around arjun….won’t he have any wrong intuition on arjun…am all curios now breaking my head for answes….pls update soon di….also u know i was thinking ways to pester u for karn’s past birth story….but i wont ask now coz i know that u will b busy writing ,correcting, thinking blah blah…as u said of making up for the late update very soon…..so take ur time di….but u should tell me the story okay?…hehe i mean plsss….prett plsssss?….and di untill ur reply byeeee….love u….muahhhh..take care…keep smiling…?????

    • Rossy

      Sorry for late reply sreee dear…my health was not well…yes I’ll definitely tell u about karna’s previous birth.. But before that I had other commitments like an OS,,dark ff epilogue,manmarziyan on mars first chapter n next chapter of this one also….uf u were near with me I already told u…but I need to type…hope u understand…thanks a lot

  4. Aasthu


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    Ha Ha Rads is really crazy………I loved her lively nature………thanks for relieving me of my exam tension……….lub u………update sooooon…………

  5. Sammy


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    Amazing update di ..pa and PPP arjun wisely used it ..and iam also thinking how come Neil and teji come there ..just waiting for the past to unfold ..precap sounds interesting ..update next soon .
    Now comes for Dark ..iam so happy that you are writing an epilogue ..di one question are studying literature or you are writer ..because u were saying proffesional writer of your society ..and one more thing i wanted u to comment first ..and that happened too on one shot . But one thing bewildered me u only guess my name ..I mean that’s why I called I telepathic …hehe .I was scared that may be u don’t like someone writing something related to your ff thats why didn’t reveal the name …so waiting for epilogue update it soon
    Now coming to mars .just desperately waiting for its upadtes ..Pls update it soon ..love u a lot di 🙂 🙂

    • Rossy

      Thanks soumya…I gave all ur answers at ur page…was thinking n try to give words to mom…sweetoooo

  6. Brin

    Awesome episode, Zubin part was very funny, I like the precap eagerly waiting for the next update, Rosie you nail it, well done. 🙂

  7. dipika

    Rosie darling its awsomeeeeee wala update.. Haha…m juts can’t stopped laughing on zubin’s thinking abt arjun…hehehe….Rads she is so dramebaazzz…..n PA n PPP..haha…Arjun cleaverly used her answers….n how come neil reached at arjun’s mansion so fast..is he have some super power??? When our cute rads n arjun will fall in love?? Nesam canbera bander..haha..omg neil is so badmash..bichari sam….its so cute epi dear .waiting for nxt..don’t take much time this time..love u..

    • Rossy

      Thanks heroine…pa n ppp…lol…glad u liked it…just wait to know how Neil n teji reached at Arjun home

  8. Sweetie


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    Lovely episode Rosie dear..Kya yaar I bought plastic items for Arjun’s room right,then how come another glass piece took its place??Anyways jokes apart I loved the way Rads gave answers to Arjun..Stay blessed and lots of love.. 🙂

    • Rossy

      LOL…sweetie dear thanks a ton…may b rads is not a rough n tough but she’s a high spirited girl…she has her ways

  9. Gauri

    Rosie tume dil churaliya …. but I am very curious to know Arjun and previous birth main kya kans kiya tha.. when will you disclose that 🙂 now waiting for Radhika to drive Arjun crazy 🙂 loads of love stay blessed 🙂

    • Rossy

      Thanks abha…ye Arjun bahut kuch kand kiya tha…wait to see..lol…rads surely eat his brain

  10. Rg2015


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    Hi so happy to c this one. When is d past going to b revealed? When will rads fall for arjun. How did Neil Abd teji reach their soon. Lovely one.

    • Rossy

      Thanks Ramya…past disclosed one after one…I’ll not give whole past at one glance coz story will become lazy type…n don’t worry they will be together always…

  11. |Registered Member

    OMG am laughing like a maniac, personal assets ?? person to person partnership ? where did u come up with this n where did Neil n Teji come from n so soon? Loved it

  12. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous episode rosie my sweeeeeet sunshine. …now only I could reach here N read it…so lovely narration n awesoooooome dialogues. ..I’m just spellbound here with your flawless talent. …keep it up honeyyy. . Love you loads…muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

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