Reincarnation 3

Hello friends…thanks for supporting me n bear my mad stories…lol…m happy n love u all those people bear my madness…so here is the next chapter…do let me know ur views…sweetie dear I m assigning u a work; help Rana to get plastic items for Arjun’s room…lol??…i know only u can help him…k enough of my blabbering…don’t mind my silly things….

Neil was attaining his higher official calls regarding the supervision of area…sam looked at him by hiding…sam thought;” if I knew him,but I didn’t see him before yet he doesn’t feel like a stranger ; what is this??? Why I feel like I know him from decades??? M feeling like mad”… She went away to see other items where she would get another shock…ASI people took her to show their achievement,the statue…they unveil the cover…Sam’s eyes widen with shock; she stood still without blinking her eyes…without being in her scene she blurted out “Warrior angel… M sorry,please come back” n got fainted…when she back into her senses she found herself in her home n her friends said to piyali about her absurd blabbering on whole way…piyali seems worried…

Zubin sent some of their men to find out teji’s whereabouts…he already done teji’s sketches by the help of artists n got full visual…from that picture he uses their source n got everything regarding them…he got confirmation call n started dancing…rana told him to calm down as Arjun was sleeping else he better aware about the consequences…

Zubin without making any noise hugged Rana n said;” papa I got the address of that girl n confirmed it also…they were out for a night…our men were waiting for them…they would inform me immediately after they return n then I’ll convince them to meet Arjun,my great boss”…

Rana was also happy that his son get saved n cheered him up…but both didn’t know that how much stubborn people radhika n teji are…

Arjun was sleeping on his king sized bed…it’s already 10 am but nobody dare to wake him up as all witnessed his restlessness n impatience last night…finally Rana gathered some of his courage n decided to wake him up else Arjun will miss his important meeting at 11:30…before he entered his doorstep he heard Arjun mummed in his sleep;” please,come back,u said u can do anything for me; then can’t u forgive me ,m nothing without u”… Tears flowing from his eyes even in his sleep…rana felt sad seeing him in this state…when Arjun was child he usually shared his fears of dreams with him but after getting older he became cold n rude…rana cursed his parents for this state of Arjun but one thing he also didn’t know Arjun being punished for his past birth deeds…but every misery has an end…after some time his life will b joyful if he succeeded in his task…

At work place
After the meeting Arjun asked zubin ;” how much u proceed in ur task,finding my girl”….

Zubin afraid with his calmness but answered;” almost completed,just waiting for their arrival as they are not in town now”…

Arjun stormed to his office room n banged files on the floor…zubin saw his fists n growing anger but still he said;” still many hours left for deadline,I’ll make her stand in front of u,sure”…

Arjun somehow controlled himself n gave a freaky smile n said;” u better save ur nerve,it will help u in coming time if needed”…

Zubin looked at him with fear n thought ; m gone this time if that girl will not return today…he gave a break to his thoughts n informed Arjun that ASI people found a statue belong to some civilizations before 5000 BC in his land…Arjun seemed lil happy n went to visit the area with zubin…

Neil was getting ready for return as another officer come to join…when he was coming out of tent he bumped with Arjun but as he was busy with talking radhika he just said sorry without turning n come out…zubin shouted like anything on him but what shocked him Arjun’s silence…Arjun felt some closeness,strange calmness inside when bumped into Neil…he stood numb for sometime n then ran after Neil but lost his track…zubin prayed god; not again,now I didn’t bring the girl,if he will demand for that man…god save me…Arjun returned back n stay silent which worried zubin a lot…only he knows before storms come everything was calm n quite….

ASI people were happy seeing Arjun n gave him a warm welcome…after some chitchat they take Arjun to see the statue…Arjun’s heart beat nearly stopped when he saw the face of statue…he thought;” how can this be possible,those were just valueless mere dreams or reality??”… He couldn’t think any further n started his exit…the file which he held slipped out from his hand n papers scattered here n there…zubin collected papers with that photo which rads clicked a replica pose with statue unknowingly…

On their way back Arjun was completely silent which scared zubin most…Arjun squinted at zubin n said in a low yet threatening voice ;” u better bring that girl till evening else u will not see the next evening”…zubin frightened listening his serious stern voice…he only prayed god coz he is aware that nothing is impossible for Arjun Mehera…right then he got a message which took his tensions away n smiled a little…Arjun asked his reason for smiling!! Zubin only replied; sir get ready to meet ur dream girl…Arjun also smiled….

Teji n radhika entered their house n fell on sofa being tired from journey…after sometime someone knocked their door n he gave some parcel to them…they both opened parcel with excitement n danced happily…it was the gift from Neil for their party…radhika always demanded an angelic dress which she got n teji has latest model suits…they know that Neil’s coming…radhika said to teji;” we need to be prepare ,u go n make food n m going to apply some face pack”… Teji stared her with astonishment as this was the first time rads said about beauty treatment…radhika understood n pinching his cheeks said;” we r going to a high class pub n restaurant so it’s needed”… Both went in for their perspective work…rads didn’t know cooking n always fed by Neil n teji…they both pampered her so much…

At AM enterprises…it was already 6:45…Arjun was impatience now…his heart beats in a faster rate…he was pacing inside his room n thought what would he talk to her n how to interact…each minute felt like a decade to him…but with his excitement he forgot to notice Zubin…he was looking pale with fear remembering how Arjun threatened him …he remembered how radhika n teji refused n threw him out of their house …they warned him if they will see him again they will file a police complaint being portrayed him as pervert n stalker…before it was sharp 7 pm zubin handover the file to Arjun n sit on his knees…Arjun asked him the matter n told to get up…

zubin almost crying n said ;” sorry boss,I couldn’t able to convince them…please forgive me this time”…

Now Arjun lost his patience n roared with anger;” when u can’t do a simple thing,why should I keep u…be ready for ur rewards”…

With that he banged the file on table which again scattered n that photo came out with a clear view on table…he again going to bang other things,stopped seeing the photo n again get another shock…he asked Zubin with a shaking yet pleased voice;from where did u get this photo ?? Zubin took a deep breath n thanked that photo in mind n said from survey site…

Arjun was happy but still angry n said ;” u get back ur life but that doesn’t mean I’ll free u from ur punishment”…u deserve a good lesson for ur overconfidence”…
with that he moved toward zubin who was shaking with fear…before he could do anything he stopped hearing a voice saying;” stop ur irrational n rude act,don’t torture that poor thing”…

he thought I heard this voice before which was like music of stream,which soothes n calmed my nerve n turned to see radhika stood there with teji…she completely looked like an angel…his vision get blurred with happy tears n zubin got back his life n ran toward radz n stood behind her….Arjun ‘s eye scanned rads from toe to head…

Arjun’s POV: Finally u come…u r the most beautiful soothing sight for me…i don’t know why but I feel that one thing which I needed most in my life in presence of u,my peace,being loved…i even don’t know why m attracted toward u but it felt like I know u very well…as u came it felt like I got back my actual meaning of life…even m confused why u just looked completely a replica copy of that statue…but one thing m sure I will never let u go again,if that will happen so that means means I’ll loose my life…stay with me…plzzzzzz say yes….


Precap: Raneil n teji at party….Arjun mesmerized…some past birth revelation

Credit to: rosie

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  1. Rg2015

    Superb. I loved it.

    1. Thanks Ramya…?

  2. U made it rosie but why arjun is khadoos ?? That is the only thing disturbed me. But sam has a insight of neil and arjun is happy to see radhika and calmness when he saw neil. U r so great in these kinds of stories. Loved it twin. Im jumping coz of happiness. U know some kind of inner peace im getting. Pls give me more of these kinds of stories. Love u soo soo much. Muuhhhaaa

    1. M honoured with ur reply twin…inner peace…don’t know what to say u…really if nobody will read this I’ll write only just for u…i can understand how u liked it…coz u always said it gave u some kind of peace…really a great compliment…I think I know ur previous birth..? ?

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      i wish too as we are always connected by our heart twin . love u

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  8. Suga

    Rosie muhaaaaaaa 😀 ohhhhhhh godddddd its like awwwwwwwww wowwwwwwwww 😀 😀 poor zubin ….. Its more than fabulous 😀 😀 arjun he s awesome 😀 oh god its superbbbbbbbb darling superbbbbbbbb 😀 😀 lots n lots of love with so many hugs darling 😀

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  15. Sweetie

    Rosie sweetheart..Oh!!Thank you so much for the work..I’m on my way to collect Rana and take him to shopping tomorrow..Before the next chapter gets posted Arjun’s bedroom and office will be filled with plastic items,I promise.. 😉 😉
    Coming to the chapter,absolutely fantastic it is.. 🙂 I think if not anything, Zubin will definitely get high BP because of Arjun..LOL..Yaar kitna bhagaaya bechara Zubin ko.. 😀 Now our angel finally met Arjun..Now what??Clash of the titans?? 😀 Loved Arjun’s POV in the last scene.. 🙂 Every bit of the chapter is fabulous dear.. 😀
    Waiting for the next..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Thanks sweetie dear…i was right…u just like ur name…next is dark…will try to update soon…n yes I’ll make sure Arjun will not bash anything from now on…??…zubin bechara…lol

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    1. Hmmm….raneil n teji had a secret in past birth…they don’t have any spark of feeling coz a major reason is there which will unfold later…Arjun did a mistake so …he suffered ..

  20. Rosieeeee my sunshineeee….awesoooooome episode. ..just loved it to the core. …very interesting n lovely narration. …Sam confused about neil…lol…poor zubin….lol…arjun’s surprise to see the statue n photo…cert nice n ardhika fisrt meeting was really awesome. …precap is very interesting n exciting.. ..keep it up honeyyy. ..take very good care of yourself n your family. ..stay blessed. ..muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

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