Reincarnation 2

Hello friends…sorry for delay…coz I forgot about this completely…thanks to twin sv n supu dear for made me remember….so here is the second one mixture of past life n present…face-off between all….


Zubin scratching his head with frustration n anger for not finding any clue regarding that girl…he was cursing his luck n his boss Arjun ‘s mood swings…it was 9pm,already 2 hours passed from his deadline of 24 hour…more the time passed his heart beat got very fast that can explode out any moment with fear…he even can’t able to imagine wat will happen to him after 24 hour if he will not be able to get the girl…he can’t figure out what’s so special about that girl for whom Arjun got mad n with him he made others mad also…he was cursing the moment why it should be their car from out of millions…rana entered the room when he was busy in cursing…

Rana saw his state n asked;” what happened to u my dear son…what is it that bothering u so much…tell me if I can help u”…

Zubin got little relief hearing his father n said;” papa,why riche Richie are so stubborn,for their obstinate nature we people suffered”…

Rana understand that Arjun must did something…he knows Arjun well n about his demands also…he patted zubin affectionly n asked the whole matter…zubin explained everything how Arjun saw a girl bumped into their car n after that his madness n time limit n warning…now Rana also afraid for his son…both were in deep thought heard a humming sound near them n stood up immediately…

Rana said trembling with fear;” little master when did u come,sorry for not noticing u”…

Arjun replied with a cunning smile which shocked both;” I guess if both brains function together,then nothing can be impossible…i hope ur Jodi will not break my dream…else…”…

He went toward his room, stopped in middle n showed his watch to zubin without turning n went in whistling….

Now both r frightened coz calm n cool Arjun is more dangerous than angry Arjun…suddenly something stuck in rana’s mind…he told;” if u didn’t see the girl properly but u see his partner clearly…get him first…then we can get the girl easily”….

Zubin’s eyes brightened…he kissed his father on his head n said; u r brilliant papa n ran away outside …now Rana was also at ease…but this thing bugged him truly that who is the lady having capabilities to leave an impact on great Arjun Mehera…he also curious to see her…

Arjun went for fresh up…water droplets fell on his well toned body…he smiled a little,coz the main reason he wanted that girl for his true happiness …this feel he felt first time…to feel her, he closed his eyes again under the shower; but his inner vision caught another scenes which take him away to some eras back….

Again those dramatic situation…a scenic enchanting beautiful view of a garden,totally royal…in the middle ,artisans n architects were busy in giving their final magical touch to a stone statue but it seemed more real…statue of a elegant beautiful lady yet half of the face covered by veil,but the eyes spoke volumes of depth of mystery…statue had a mixed pose of dance n as a warrior…right then one guard announced the entry of prince of Astana…all stood bowed down their head to show him their great respect …

Head of the architect came forward n greeted him;” your highness,the statue is ready as per ur saying,but it still needed some magical power bathing…only u can do it…I’ll show u the view,if any mistake is there; my apologies,I’ll take my punishment”…

He took prince near the statue…prince was dumbfounded with seeing excellence of the art n exclaimed with great humour;” great,wonderful…u all go now n collect ur rewards from Royal accountant,let me complete my work …after all went,prince applied his power of fire inside the statue making that looking like a pure golden statue ,mostly it looked alive”…

Right then the prince heard a girl’s voice which he always thought as music of stream that soothes him,amuses him,calmed him…a royal lady came near to the girl n said;” u r more than what I heard about u from my son,stay blessed dear”…
When prince tried to see the lady the vision getting disappeared…

Arjun can feel his nerve pressure coz blood running at a high speed…heart beats loudly…even under the shower he can feel his sweats…this was the first time in his life he daydreamed that to under the shower…he finished his bathing n come to the room…he was frustrated n angry that till date he always dreamt those tacky things yet unable to see the faces of the characters in his dream…but today he got to see the face of statue which is quite familiar looking…he was thinking;” I saw her somewhere,those eyes…”… With frustration he bashed everything in his room n go outside to get some fresh air…Rana saw him moving out n thought; this time I won’t bring any kind of glass or clay material for his room….

In a forest ASI put its tent…it suspects some ancient lost civilizations ,is available somewhere underground of this forest …they will dig the ground to know more about…Neil Malhotra was appointed for security n surveillance at the area…but they thought it would be best to wait for the land owner,Arjun Mehera to come before digging…Neil took teji n Radhika with him as they all live together always n moreover they are interested in historical events…as Arjun informed them that he will be busy so he can’t come early..they should start their work…so instead of waiting for morning they started digging in night itself…teji n Radhika so excited that started helping them by digging…in between they’re joking on Neil n laughed…Neil knows they are laughing on him but he was happy that his friend,his only family is happy…he provided them coffee n biscuits in between…they all three are orphan n befriended with each other from childhood…finally after digging some feets radhika’s spade hit on something which create a hard noise…she jumped to teji with fear n within no time she went up by ladder n stood hugging Neil,so as teji following her…both are afraid…

Teji said fearly;” I hope it will not a dinosaur who lived underground”…

Radz eyes widen with fear n she blabbered ;” I hope it will not the monsters from underground which I read somewhere in mythology”…

Neil stopped them from blabbering their imagination n look down…after sometime of hard work,the labours took it out…that was the statue which was seen by Arjun in daydream…it was covered with mud…that was the first biggest achievement for ASI as they achieved something early than their expectations n it was the civilization they doubt before 5000 B.C…with excitement they cleared the mud from the staute…media flashed the news as main headlines…when mud cleaned a clear cut view of statue came…everybody astonished seeing the architecture,they looked on without blinking eyes…the statue looked so alive n golden…ASI people thought before it is commonation they should covered it,so they covered it with curtain but too late media took out some photos…

Before going to sleep Neil first broke the silence n came out of trance n said;” chasini don’t u feel the statue looks just like u”…

Teji supported;” it resembles u so much”…

Radhika replied;” both of u don’t try to frighten me..m already in fear of monsters n u both…no m not looking like that crap…n how could this possible?? M here always with u”… She slept without giving any further answer but Neil n teji come out again to see the statue n both look at each other with astonishment…its not a dream,the same eyes particularly…absurd but truth in front of their eyes..

In morning when teji came out of tent he saw radhika was normal like other days…she was giving poses by standing near statue n one of ASI people clicked her photos…right then one idea came into their mind…he came with a veil n told her to put it on her head like statue n give a exact pose like that…he clicked…after sometime that person back with positive photographs of her n give that to her saying its a present from us…radhika was super happy…but one of the exact pose resemble photos slipped n stucked near statue when that guy give it to radhika…teji n Radhika left waving their bye to Neil…Neil promised he will reach home before 9PM…but what awaits for them they are still unaware…

Samaira was seeing the news n thought she should pay a visit to the place…as Arjun was the land owner n she was his best friend ( what she thought herself obviously) n this time she can compare her beauty with the newly found statue which became famous within a night even Madame tussah’s museum wants a wax statue of the figure…it’s very simple to guess she was a bit jealous n insecure about her position after failure in the international show…n now the ancient statue …but she didn’t know that was her past birth see which attracts her towards them…

Seeing the famous model samaira Khanna coming to their place ASI people were on heaven…they are starting to buttering her by their talk…she thought so nothing so great about the statue …a crowd gathering seen for samaira,she came out ,people were taking her photos from various angle…neil was irritated with all this show off…he called for more force n waited…with so much crowd pushing n pulling were there…samaira banged on Neil as someone pushed her…she felt a spark of electricity ran inside her but to her shock Neil pushed her from him n said ;” miss watch out what u r doing”…Sam’s ego hurted…how can a general police officer ignore her…she was going to return with a gud argument stopped seeing more force coming…they have to use tear gas n blank firing so that all crowd dispersed…

now Sam got time n stood in front of Neil with proud n said;” how dare u to ignore me,the great beautiful n famous miss samaira Khanna”…

Neil felt her proudness n replied;” samaira ya Canberra,I don’t care…just get out from my sight…all these commonation mess created coz of u only”…

Sam’s eyes widen;” what did u call me Canberra…listen
Just then one of her friend called her loudly saminder come here…now Neil couldn’t control himself n laughed…she asked why u r laughing now…

Neil replied ; ” so u r saminder Bandar also…that’s gud name ‘ Canberra bandar’ …”

Sam was thinking what to reply him when Neil moved away by laughing…again Sam lost in his laughing,she thought what’s wrong with me?he insulted me yet why m attracted towards his every antics…what is this????

The question samaira asked herself n the answer Arjun tried to find ,everything has to do with their fate…the past life deeds influence u in ur present life so much,without knowing the real reason u will do that what destiny want to make u do??? It’s the lucky one who got blessings from fate itself…ancient belief good karma give u a cheerful bright life…so do good things always….
Precap: Arjun shocked to see the statue n got radhika’s replica pose photo…zubin’s time out n the fear

Credit to: Rosie


  1. Ritu

    Finally u posted it.. it is just superb…Loved Nesam cute fights..and Teji and Rads fear was hilarious.. waiting for nxt..plz post soon and also update the dark story..love u..tc..

  2. Roma

    Wowwww Rosieeeee my sunshineeeeee. …..I missed this story very very muchhhhhh. …thx for updating it….loved the episode so so sooooooo muchhhhhhh. …awesoooooome, marvellous, lovely episode. …calm n cool arjun is dangerous than angry arjun….lol…loved the this line sooo much…zubin n rana looking for rads…arjun’s dream n rads statue……rads posing by statue…wowwww awesome plot n lovely mind blowing narration. ..Sam n Neil encounter was hilaaaaaaarious…loved the new name of sam Canberra bandar….lol…hehehe….my sweeeeeetu sissyyy…you make my day with your amazing imagination and flawless talent of writing. …precap is very exciting n interesting. ..keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 😉 😀 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡…stay blessed n healthy always. …take care sunshine. …byeeeee ♡

    • Roma

      And yes…I just loooooooooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeeeddd the image of ardhika with this epi….Rab ne bana di jodi…muaaaaahhhhhh. …I miss them a lotttttttttt. .. 😀

      • Rosie

        Thanks diii…just nothing to say only u should know that u become a part of my circle…love u

  3. priya

    diiiiiiiiiii its awesome …………………. loved it ……………… waiting for aradhika’s encounter ………………luv ya ……..tc

  4. Sammy


    |Registered Member

    Follow karo twitter pe tag karo Facebook. Pe tere quiz me Google ko beat kar diya mirror me tu dikhta hai neend me tu tikta hai tere madness ne mujhe deedh kar diya. Main tera haye re jabra hoye re jabra fan ho gya …awesome chappy di ..pls update soon

    • Rosie

      Yeh kya tha Sammy cutie…i fainted many times with happiness…u r my fan…lol…writer like u said this to me…m on moon…thanks ??

  5. |Registered Member

    Omg Rosie u are brilliant to come up with something like this, this is just marvelous. And am loving it so much, this is the first time I read this kind of story and am enjoying so much. Post soon, love u

  6. S.v


    |Registered Member

    That was freaky awesome twin you just made it. I was so mad of these kinds of plots. Arjun and his imagination man that was mind blowling . Loved it rosie . Update soon and make me drench in this plot lovely. I loved it and i’m jumping you know me. Love you darling.

    • Rosie

      That was not imagination…the reality which he visualized through his dream or when he closed his eyes he witnessed that…u liked it means I m doing well

  7. suga

    Rosie dear…… First thing I love ur dp its truly fabulous 😀 ur ff really drives me crazy 😀 😀 😀 darling its amazing 😀 loved Neil rads n teji part cute 😀 😀 destiny playing very well in ur ff 😀 amazing 😀 love u 😀

  8. Gauri

    Awesome Amazing ; just loved it 🙂 This story is really good …keep it going waiting for the next part 🙂 Rosie you have an amazing talent of writing different kind of stories 🙂

    • Rosie

      Lol…this is a great compliment from a great writer…m flying…as m extra terrestrial abnormal species so I wrote different things…lol??

  9. Sweetie


    |Registered Member

    Rosie darling..Finally you posted it..I thought you were busy with ‘Dark’ but you forgot this.. 🙁

    This is incredibly mind blowing update yaar..I love it and these kinda plots really intrigue me.. 🙂 Zubin and Rana’s expressions by seeing Arjun were hilarious.. 😀 Rana took an oath not to buy any clay items in Arjun’s room..Nice idea and please if he wants any help,I’ll help him buy plastic items for Arjun’s room.. 😉

    Neil’s dialogues to Sam was superb.. 🙂 ‘Saminder bandar..’LOL.. 😀

    Waiting for next.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    • Rosie

      Omg …sweetie dear I’ll never forget this again…was waiting for ur review…thanks very much for such appreciation…m happy u liked Canberra Bandar…lol…i thought I will get joota chapal for that

  10. dipika

    Rosie darling sorrrryyyyyy for coming late here..actually i read it in ofc n want to comment peacefully n as i came home i forget to comment in other stuff…big sorrryyy my Darling.. This chappy is just mind blowing.. i like the line most cool arjun is more dangerous than angry arjun..bilkul correct.. n statue comes to real…sam meeting with neil..canbera bandar..haahha..cant stop laughing..you r mind blowing..post soon nxt..n whn u r going to post mmz dark..waiting.. love u.tc

    • Rosie

      ?? why so many sorry….next time no sorry…u liked my chapter that is enough for me….m happy ?

  11. Aastha

    Di I’m sorry for the late comment…………..I liked it…………….you described everything perfectly………………..plzzzzz update sooooooooon…………………………love u…………..TC……..

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