DYM..REINCARNATION: Chapter 13 ( Last chapter )


Hello everyone…this is the last chapter of this story…plz kindly let me know ur views…thanks for the support u gave all-time…Divya dear my exams also there, sorry yaar for not posting before..but m really overwhelmed seeing ur interest…so I wrote it hurry…thanks a ton dear..let me know how is it..

P.s. Do u know about incorrupt corpses don’t decay after several years of their death??..its totally different from Egypt mummy concept..it’s some religious thing..let me give u some examples: In Christianity there’s saint like Catherine laboure, Maria Goretti etc. have their bodies fresh till date..like that in Islamic two companions of prophet Muhammed found same in Iraq…don’t ask why not in Hinduism coz their last right is to burn corpses..
I m telling you coz u will gonna find such content in last chapter..

Radhika remembered everything about her past birth…………

When she was at office zubin gave her a parcel from Neil. He also wondered that why neil sent her a parcel when they stayed together. Later he thought may be for proposal for marriage or love confession. Radhika opened the parcel; but got annoyed seeing some copper plates with a letter in paper. She got shocked seeing the letter end ” with love, Aditya”. She wondered on Aditya’s motive n carefully examined copper inscriptions. Aditya sent her upto their friendship ( though he had other ideas). But his mistake was he sent one inscription containing warriors bravery which showed a blurred image of the mythical sword. After reading that last piece and seeing the sword image radhika felt something for the first time. She wanted to find that things which attracts her , but couldn’t guess why?? With a aggressive interest she tried to find the sight on which the inscriptions described. There was something in myth which pulled her to them. Finally she rushed out from office as she got the sight information….

She went to the place by cab ; but suddenly stopped as she had to step into forest if she wanted to go the actual place. She didn’t stop , didn’t afraid like before ; like something pulling her, like wind said her not to worry, like earth nature took responsibility to protect her, like sky watching her, like fire will burned every evil into Ashes, like water will calm her, soothe her..she moved forward without any hesitation and literally ran inside the deep forest. No harm come across her way even if a thorne before pricking her feet nature creates its protective shield. Suddenly she fell down as she stucked by some shrubs n wind force push her a little.. She angrily irritated and pulled those coiled shrubs. Something else also pulled out with shrub with a metallic sound.she wondered what it could be?? ” the mythical sword”… As she touched the sword some electrifying energy inserted into her which made her visualize the past birth scenes. It’s like her own world spinning around her showing her the real truth….

She remembered everything including the last words from the saint which only meant for her. Nobody knew about that. Saint said to her before her last breath;” my child u r a pure, innocent virgin soul who got a unusual unnatural death against the destiny by ur own wish. Even m less powerful than u coz u r born with all those powers as blessings from almighty. M helpless, I can’t do ur last right by putting fire on ur sacred body. But I promise all ur five mythical powers will protect u until ur soul return in another birth with a new reincarnation. U will only do ur last right by urself only with presence of ur friends. I’ll come back only twice to make u both warrior remember everything.” and with that as radhika closed her eyes peacefully saint preserved her inside holy lake with her mythical sword and talisman. As time passed the lake filled up by sands n muds ; but they never touched her body. Its all covered by natural elements and protect till the eternity.

She remembered ,retained and regained how to summon mythical powers. She commanded natural powers to show her everything. Suddenly wind blows its fullest as they got their original owner after decades, sky cleared with heavily joyed, nature showed her the past of her as the shrubs which covered up her unveiled. She sat down with shock ,with full of emotions n cried seeing her own past form lying there without any defect with the talisman around her neck. No matter how much u r strong,how much you are powerful it’s not a usual sight to see own self who accused once. It also pained to remember everything.she cried cried and cried out her heart there………………..


” so that’s how u remember everything”, asked teji as he was crying now..not him only everyone had tears in their eyes especially Arjun n samaira. They still couldn’t forgive themselves what they did . Neil tried to make everything normal n asked about Aditya’s where abouts..
Radhika laughed and said;” he wanted to trick me and took me with him forever to a enclosed place but I put him in such a enclosed cave from where he can never return until I wish. Just little bit use of my power and he was all defeated”…

“Serves good as per Neil’s curse. He got his punishment from right person.its like digging ur own grave. His retirement from acting made all easy. Now no questions will be arise about his disappearance also.”, said Sam with little exasperation

” but first of all we should visit that place. Lets go. Saint will wait for us as he promised”, exclaimed Arjun in a hurry.

” but chasini will u be able to do it?? I can understand what u feel now”, asked Neil with a concern .

In return radhika just smiled faintly. She has to do. Sam ,Arjun n teji march forward to go in a hurry ;but stopped at doorstep seeing raneil laughed their behind. All understood why they laughed. With a fraction of moments raneil took them in and disappeared to the sight.

As per the promise saint went for them with radz previous self. He blessed everybody as they touched his feet. Everybody stunned seeing the sight but how could they deny what they saw with their own eyes.saint said to radz;” m overjoyed my child seeing u back with ur pure soul again. Now do the rights but in other way.I m here to tell u that”..saint told rads everything..she held her mythical sword n put all fire forces through it n stabbed her previous self while crying. It converted into ashes with no time. As the holy lake still had its water but underground, she made hole on ground with cope up earth power . Now time for neil to support her with her work. They both took burnt ashes and put inside the holy water as the hole enclosed by itself.saint smiled happily as his left out work is completed.

” to everyone’s surprise radz put her powerful sword dip inside a rock for its safety. Before anyone asked she explained;” now it will be preserved safely for future heir who worth for it. Its impossible to pull out a sword from rock without having any power. The one who possesses power must be pure. So it’s safe here as I don’t need it for my personal purpose.”
Everyone seems very happy with her decision.

After some months

” u can do it Sam, don’t be a coward.go n make it happen”, said teji with full josh

Sam was little frightened and nervous also. She told how neil politely denied her confession last time.but teji didn’t backed out. He played a bet n said Sam to kiss neil. This was something very risky according to Sam. But somehow teji managed to convince Sam that Neil will not decline every time as she is the best choice for him.finally Sam agreed.neil was standing on terrace and thinking something very serious when Sam entered. Teji peeped out from one pillar n showed thumbs up to Sam. Sam went near neil and said in one breath;” I know I don’t deserve u. But I love u from my heart.please please accept it. I won’t do anything stupid as u will be there by my side”.. With that she pecked Neil’s lip n ran away with a lighting speed. Neil was shocked n teji banged his head by saying ” foolish girl, can’t u make it more longer” n went away…

Already Arjun was head over heels for radhika in past birth. That thing inherited in him very well. Nowadays he had hallucinations about her also . he was in a hurry to broken royal fort as it was full moon. They promised each other to meet at there every full moon. He reached at that sight and stared at moon .he smiled seeing radhika coming n hugged her. Radhika sensed his happiness n asked reason.Arjun replied;” I don’t need any reason to be happy till u r with me. I promised u many things but couldn’t fulfil for my stupidity . Now its time I should keep my words”.. With that he knees down n spoke ;” my princess ,I want to fill those promise now.i want to be with u till the eternity. I love u with full of my heart .i promise u to trust u blindly. Will u become my queen to rule over me.”..

Rads was emotional hearing his confession ,she stood numb..Arjun was tensed now seeing her not replying.he thought if she wanted to reject him or what. He asked slowly;” if m not capable enough in ur view”.. Rads smiled seeing his fear as happy tears drop down. She nodded her head and said yes to him..Arjun was excited enough stood up and pecked her. She stared him sharply. He again stood abruptly but radhika laughed aloud this time seeing his various actions. She knew he still repented for his past birth actions. She cupped his face n said;” Arjun please stop feeling guilty. That was past and we should not remember those past who pricked us. Sometimes situations made worst things.so if u don’t stop feeling guilty urself , I will not marry u. No more my queen drama”..she turned her face and started to walk.. Arjun stopped her n promised he will never feel that way as he had tears now.Both looked at moon and looked each other with affection and love, as they kissed each other…

After few days when teji ,Arjun and samaira busy talking they felt someone playing with them through wind. Arjun said stop it u both.sam seconded that said stop showing off your powers.raneil came from back and said they didn’t do any prank this time..suddenly a child figure,might be at 14-15 years showed up. Every one become shocked n stared at child curiously.that child knees down in front of raneil and said “master”……………………..

Don’t know what I wrote is appropriate or absurd.plz lemme know ur views..thanks for reading this story …and giu baby as per ur wish I showed a kissing scenes..don’t know if I wrote that ok or not..m poor in writing romance..hehehe…

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  1. Brin

    Outstanding episode, will miss this chapter of this story, you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear brin…u r a great friend from start to support nonstop…thanks dear ?

  2. Sammy

    that was awesooome di…but it ended …NOOOOOOOOOOOO ..pls an epilogue …and who was that child ..?? ..i will die of curiousity ..pls …tell about that child in epilogue ……..it was lovely ff ..but you ended it …iam crying now …not needed to end it……lovely chapter ………mindblowing concept ..Radhika do her own body’s funeral ….superb …love u di for this

    1. Rossy

      Ladooooo what to do..it has completed everything…and that boy is future heir of the mythical powerful sword..so sorry to say but no epilogue…sorry..don’t cry…m here..n i already prepared a prologue with characters like dark but not about security dealings but action oriented..n m really scared to post that..hehehe

  3. S.v

    I said dont end it its my peace and what rads did her last rights to her body by herself this is seriously new one. Coz I have never seen anything like that and thanks for the info u gave in the start (thanks only for the info now dont look at me with ur anhry face calm down twin calm down) who is the kid ?? And master ?? Aww this is something new and wish u write season 2 with this start as I love it just loooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee it why is feeling like im seeing it lovely but why did u make me cry today ?? Not at all fair I want to hug u and make me pacify by u love u soo much. Muuhhhaaa. But want season 2 .

    1. Rossy

      Twin…twin…twin what to do yaar…story has a ending also na…don’t worry…n u wrote ur version also…so chill..n did u really not know about the info I gave at start??and the kid is the future heir of powers n addressed raneil as their masters..?

  4. Divya_dabriwal

    Rossy di it was very good….
    I just loved it……
    nd Thanx for writing it soon…….

    1. Rossy

      Thanks Divya dear..it was u who made me overwhelmed with ur comments so I posted soon..

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    1. Rossy

      Thanks geeth dear…m so sorry for not giving epilogue…kid is the future heir of powers…?

  6. Dipika

    Rossyyyy darling i will punch u hard if u say again that is absurd…..this the awsome n out of the word yarr.. Means really i just know abt the mummy only not abt others..u have deep knowledge yarrre…i m amazed n mesmerized by ur knowledge yare..n u used it sooo brilliantly….n whn rads sees r past own body i too felt so emotional yarr…n wow..how brilliantly rads caught aditya n published him…haha..sam kissing neil n run away..arjun proposal.. Husshh..marjava…n heir of power came at last..its one of my post fav ff..u r awsome n true writter yarrr…now waiting for another rocking subject which will shine by ur touch… Thank you for bringing this awsome n lovely n extraordinary story… Love you loads n loads my action queen..tight huggggg to my dearrryyy..millions kissess…tc

    1. Rossy

      Heroine say once about my knowledge…i will make u much more mesmerized than u already..making red ur all face…not by blush but by punch….lol…but I know we both will not sudhring so soon…u will never stop praising me n I’ll never stop threatening u…we r so same n different…thanks dear very much for coming as my friend…will see u later…n this time pooja will be with me ?

  7. Felt so bad reading that this was the last chapter, why did it have to end?
    I really admire the work u put into each update, it makes every chapter special. Aditya was trying to act smart but made a mistake resulting in Rads gaining her memory about the past birth, the way u narrated each part made the characters come alive before my eyes, could picturing everything and it felt so real.
    On the last part that kid comes and addresses raneil as his masters left me wanting for more.

    Love u so much and stay happy n blessed always ?????????????

    1. Rossy

      Thank u very much giu baby…u know ur comments on this particular story always made me feel special…i never imagined u will like this story…but thankfully u did n m glad…thanks dear for being mt friend…will meet with u someday for sure …my special suspense thriller queen

  8. Commendable work….epilogue is awaited…master??…end with a mystery….planning for season2??…looking forward

    1. Rossy

      Thanks Anu dear…but sorry to say neither there is epilogue nor season 2.. I ditn’t think about that..kid is the future heir of powers

  9. Gauri

    Rossy why u had to end this so soon….u know that fprest and lake part where radhika recalled her past I visualized it ….just breathtaking…good Aditya got punished 🙂 and what a funny confession by Sam….you made everything alive…and it was a rocking chapter …like all others loved it ….pls come back soon with other updates love u 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Thanks a ton ? abha…even u don’t know what ur words meant to me..getting soo good words from a writer like u making me feel awesome…n as u promised u cant also leave writing…yay…don’t worry…I’ll never let u…hehehe…n I still waiting for u to read manmarzian on mars chapter 3 … On ff page 3-4 sayad

      1. Gauri

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        Here u go girl…lol…feeling like giving my teacher my assignment to check out…??

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    1. Rossy

      Thanks a ton dear nee..ur words make me smile…n sorry dear no epilogue is there…stay happy…?? update rehnuma next…waiting to see Arjun jealously

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    Now.. we need d epilogue.. and seems u won’t listen 2 us.. U finished this so soon.. I expected one more chapter..! I won’t leave u..wat happened btwn radz n aditya.. Arsam thinks Raneil play thro wind???.. means they have power in this birth? And who s d kid?? Nesam n Ardhika moments were nice..Radz realizing her past s well said.and all d 5 meeting saint n her funeral was narrated well.Radz left her power wit d sword means its oly Neil having wind power.isnt?? Lol am shooting ques lol anything… am sad it ended.. Extraordinary concept!! Thanks for d Ff.. will be expecting Epilogue n ur reply with all answers.. Else I will pull tat sword from rock n come in a search of u.. u cant1 escape to mars also..?????? TC n loads of love…

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      Lol…Jessie dear no worries…rads had her natural born powers with herself only…the mythical power of sword stays with sword… Kid is the heir for future power…between rads n Aditya what happened?? That is upto readers guess…hehehehe….don’t be sad now…u have ur own ff n I still writing some other…lol..so sorry …there is no epilogue…if u want further then I can kill anyone in epilogue ???

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      1. Rossy

        Di…my appi di…my soul sister…my bff…one part of my life …my habit…u r everything,everything for me…and i mean it very seriously u know…u know why u r so special…coz we don’t pretend anything between us….i always thought u r my closest one …so I behaved spontaneously n randomly as m with my mother…i v no words to say u…and thank is not value u…one thing I loveeeeeeeeeeeee u sooooooooo much❤❤❤❤

      2. Rossy

        Sorry di….forgot…sorry no epilogue this time…n that kid is future heir of powers ?

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  14. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO plzz don’t finish it…….this was awesome as usual……….I tot there wud be mre ardhika scenes……nesam scene was really funny…..di when r u starting the next 1?????

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      Thanks aasthu dear..glad to see u Again…n I already have three ffs dear…

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    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear gayathri…glad to see u again ?

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    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear aadia…giving me compliment…awwww…m on moon now…so sweet if u…dear update ur story..m so sorry no epilogue or season two…its upto reader to fill the suspense..hehehe…i only can say that boy is future heir of powers ? ? ? stay happy

  17. Sweetie

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      Awwww….sweetie geethu dear…my Mansa Devi what to do…u n I are very similar…short n sweet story..lol .but sorry to say dear no epilogue is there…maaf kardo…that child was future heir of the powers..n yup m planning to write second part of queen n knight story ??

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