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Hello, its me apra back with the next episode so here goes the episode 9
_RECAP : ardhika fights on the guitar topic garv apologize. Radhika meets antara
R’’ antara you here ‘’ and she hugged her tightly b4 antara could respond. Antara is just standing numb a tear escapes from her eyes she composes herself she collects all her strength and finally spoke
‘’radhika ‘’
‘’thanks god at least u remember my name I thought u forgot me ‘’ she spoke wile breaking the hug.
A’’ what r u saying radhika how can I forget u ‘’
R’’ achha ji u left delhi 6 years and u know what I m searching u from last 6 years but u vanished as like horns from donkey’s head’’ ( in Hindi – gadhe ke sar se seeng ) [ she spoke while wiping her tears] A’’ u r speaking as if nothing happened, all that u suffered was becoz of me radhika I didn’t had courage to even face u radhika. U know even today I m living in guilt ‘’ and she broke down and sat on floor crying
Radhika spoke while consoling ‘’ u know what nothing changed in u, u were mad b4 also and now also u r crazy and stop talking rubbish and moreover stop blaming yourself for the thing u aren’t responsible even 0.1 % u get that ‘’
She looked at her and spoke in her trembling voice ‘’ your life was destroyed becoz of me, I was responsible for that radhika and u r consoling me why ‘’
She made her stand and cupped her face and spoke ‘’ look at me do I look like som1 whose life is destroyed and for whatever happened I have never been holding a grudge against u do u get that hmn and now stop this emotional drama ok b the old one bindass antara’’ and she gives her a 400 volt smile and gets a weak n forced smile in return by which radhika dose not seems satisfied and signs her to give a bigger smile and to her surprise she gets the one radhika was to start her chatter box again but was interrupted by garv who came running down the stairs and hugged her ‘’ bua finally u r back u know I was really sick living with arjun he is so boring and arrogant ‘’ ‘’sshhh’’ antara signed him to b quite by putting her finger on his lips.
‘’ antara why r u asking him 2 b quite when he is speaking the truth hmn ‘’ antara gave her an impossible look
‘’ actually I was going to ask u how come u are here ‘’ both antara and radhika asked each other at same time and then with a pause smiled at each other.
R ‘’ok let me guess garv calls u bua right so this is your house am I correct antara mehera ‘’
A ‘’ absolutely but what made u come here ‘’
Radhika sighed ‘’some business work leave it righ now I m really not interested to talk about it ‘’ and
‘’ mood off namak wali special tea will make it ok ‘’
‘’ haan yar you are too good and your tea is the best u know earlier I was going from here after having water only but now I won’t go without having lunch ‘’ she made a pout face and antara chuckled
On other hand garv is busy in opening his gifts and antara goes in kitchen followed by radhika while antara started preparing tea radhika sat on kitchen counter it seemed like both of them forgot what was happening just 10 mins back and were talking to each other like long lost sisters actually they were and they both sat drinking tea in between antara asked nancy to set lunch on table and call arjun after about they sat on dining table with garv and started eating but today none of them was ready to stop they were just talking talking and talking and garv was just staring their faces while having his food and shook his head on his bua’s behavior who always asked him not to speak while today she herself was speaking like hell .
All 3 were disturbed when arjun entered and looked at radhika and stared his pov ‘’ why the hell is she here and how shame less had a fight with me just half an hour ago and now having food at my place ‘’ disturbing his thoughts antara asked him to sit and as he sat radhika spoke ‘’ this is not only your house it’s the house of my frnd 2 ‘’
His pov ‘’ frnd when did she became antara’s frnd means earlier garv then antara ‘’
R ‘’ mr mehera we are childhood frnds since nursery ‘’
His pov ‘’can she read my mind is she some kind of magician ‘’
R ‘’ no I m not ‘’
A ‘’ stop teasing him radhika bhai u hav your food she is like that only since childhood ‘’ all 3 chuckled wheras arjun fumed
After lunch and some more chit chat radhika left promicing antara that they will meet soon
Radhika rang the door bell and neil opened the door ‘’ u went at 11 and now it is 4 where were u ‘’ he shot the question at radhika but she without answering just leaped and hugged him and shouted in his ear ‘’I met antara today ‘’
Neil jerked her and caressed his ear ‘’ hav u lost it will u make me deaf ‘’
‘’aare pagal I today met antara ‘’
‘’ really i want to meet her common lets go ‘’
‘’ 2morow now I m really tired and where is my princess ‘’
He pointed upwards and she left the hall
Now 2 weeks passed nothing so special happened neil met antara ; radhika freaquently met antara and garv ; work at arjun’s office started; arjun’s weird behave but she tried to be polite until today
Arjun’s cabin was the one which who was finished first many his things from previous office shifted to new cabin radhika was inspecting everything while her gaze fell on a photo frame kept in shelf in it was a photograph of a beautiful lady ‘’may b his gf ‘’she thought and picked up the photograph but som1 snached it and next she noticed was a bang sound yes arjun smashed the photograph on the floor………
Episode end with tensed face of radhika and angry face of arjun

_PRECAP : angry man arjun and his past and a lil pov

So here ends the 9th episode of our journey and I m exited to write the tenth 1 and thax to all who read and all those who commented and to those also who did not plz comment itdo not take even min to comment
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Credit to: apra have faith in yourself

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  1. Nice episode

    1. thax gayu

    2. it was really nice eager to know arjun’s past as well as radika’s

  2. JoAn

    Life partner should be ur friend first and ur partner in crime ?

    1. true
      well said joan 8)
      did u like my writing

  3. Eid Mubarak. To everyone here.. I loved it.. I loved it.. the real story srarts revealing.. curious 2 know how antara was responsible but watever Rads nailed it by her nature.. waiting 4 Arjun’s past… thank god u started continuing.. Very much eager 4 nxt update..

    Abt life partner.., a prsn who is good at hrt..I personally believe anyone.who is kind hearted will respect others..

    1. Thanku Jessi and eid Mubarak 2 u2

  4. Sammy

    Nice update apra …waiting for the past to be revealed soon 🙂 🙂

    1. thax sammy
      u didnt wrote your views

    2. about the most imp quality in your better half

  5. Awesome episode, how did Antara destroy Radhika life? Eagerly waiting for the next episode. 🙂

    A life partner is someone who looks for your inner beauty not your outer beauty. 🙂

    1. Time has the answer 2 every question same way my my futer episode s have the and too
      And u said true inner beauty is imp and an admirer of inner beauty too

  6. im your silent reader
    it was very nice today
    and the most important quality in my better half should be his trust on me

    1. Tara tanx for commenting

  7. That was a.nice epi but Ohh i neeed big epi ..next one pls make it biiiiiig ..:-)

    1. I will give next episode a big 1 4 sure
      Thax for commenting

  8. awesome episode……interesting……radhika past? arjun past? eagerly waiting next one.update soon………..

    1. All your questions will be answered dear

  9. Rg2015

    Hi am excited to read more . Update soon.

    1. A long update on Sunday pakka

  10. Bhabya

    Apra write soon… Love u

    1. On Sunday
      Love u too

  11. Very nice Apra…wanted to know what happened in past…n why Arjun furious???

    1. All your questions will be answered dear

  12. Nice one

    1. Thanx ginna

  13. Good one Apra 🙂

  14. Sweetie

    Nice one dear..You are right about the life partner,he should accept you as you are, not how he wants you to be.. 😀 Waiting for the next..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  15. Awesome apra…waiting for nxt..and quality he should be our frnd first..

  16. Awesome episode, love you loads

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