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I apologize for not updating for such a long duration I know that it is more than 2 months but the condition were such that I could not update of my hand was plastered and than my sister jotshna’s marriage and then 2 days back my engagement so this may and june were the busiest months today I was free so I m updating the next chapter
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So here goes your episode
Radhika hugs neil and then notice that he has a deep cut in his hand she exclaims and then runs towards neil’s car to bring first aid box and then dresses his wond till the time arjun is standing un addressed after she has finished pamering and dressing of neil then she turns towards arjun and holds his hand he tries to free it but she does not leaves it and make him sit on the foot path ( whaaaaaat foot path oh actually height problem now u get it )
A ‘’no its ok I will manage ‘’
R ‘’ no it is not ok u see. What did u wanted to show that u are a super hero u can fight wit 5 – 6 goons alone what if som thing bad would hav happened to u or to me. I never thought that u r such a short tempered person they were just blabbering so u should have them let go what was the need to fight ‘’
A ‘’ I m done with it its better that we leave now ‘’
R ‘’ will u fly back to your home your car’s tier is still punctured ‘’
N ‘’ I will do it ‘’
Now neil started changing the tier and radhika helped him after it wass done radhika turned towards arjun ‘’ its done ‘’ without saying a word he gets up sits in the car and leave .
‘’ rude ‘’ she exclaims
‘’ chal we should also leave I will drive the car ‘’ she told neil and they too leave .
At arjun place
He changes and hav food and then leaves to sleep but b4 he could his phone rings it is antra on other side
‘’ hey bhai whats up ‘’
‘’ fine ‘’
‘’ just fine bhai any problem you sounds low ‘’
‘’ vo actually I m tired ‘’
‘’ tired and that too my bhai not possible tell me na anything special ‘’
And he tells her the whole incident
‘’oh so u angry but for what that she didn’t appreciated your fighting skills or that she hugged the other fellow ‘’
‘’shut up why would I b angry she is not even my frnd ‘’
‘’ may b more than that ‘’
‘’ stop troubling your small mind ok ‘’
‘’bhai is anything burning there ‘’
‘’ no ‘’ he replied seriously
‘’ but it smells like that ‘’
‘’ I’ll disconnect the call if u will not stop your rubbish ‘’
‘’ ok sorry bhai ‘’
‘’ when are you returning ‘’
‘’nice ‘’
And after a lil chit chat arjun lies to sleep
Neil is having his breakfast when two lil hands close his eyes from back
‘’ guess who am I ‘’
‘’radhika ‘’
‘’ aare budhu I m jiya ‘’ and she leaves his eyes
‘’ oh ho  I loosed again but u wait and watch next time I will only win’’
R ‘’ oh ho my princess returned from nani’s place ‘’
J ‘’ yes ma u know my trip was so nice na and .. ‘’ and radhika places a spoonful poha in her mouth and the trio continues their break fast and chit chat at 10 radhika left for arjun’s place as som design finalizing is left
Radhika enters arjuns place and is attended by nancy who ask her to wait in his study room as he is taking bath
Radhika is waiting when garv enterswith a guitar
‘’ hello handsome whats up ‘’
G ‘’ nothing special ‘’
R ‘’ trying to play the guitar ‘’
G’’ hmn but I don’t play it nicely u know I m just learning it ‘’
R ‘’ chalo I will teach u ok ‘’
Garv hands the guitar to radhika and she starts plaing it ( tune of khamoshiyan song ) but she is intrupted in by a voice
‘’ how dare u toch it ‘’ the person screaming is arjun radhik all of a suddenly stops due to the scream and garv is frightened
‘’ how dare u toch my guitar ‘’ and he snatch it from her hands
‘’sorry but I was just playing it I wasn’t going to steel it ‘’
‘’ I don’t need your justifications garv u took it from my room ‘’ he screamed and garv hid behind radhika
‘’ mr mehra u r scaring the kid ‘’ radhika tried to explain him calmly
‘’ don’t u dare interfere radhika between us ‘’ he screams
‘’ garv u go from here ‘’ garv leaves from there and now arjun is more furious
‘’ what the hell how dare u interfere between us ‘’
‘’ the same way u dared to shout on me ‘’
‘’listen ‘’
‘’ u listen mr mehra I apologize that I played your guitar without your permission but you don’t have any right to scream on me do u get that u better get that and I again I apologize I really wasen’t knowing that u r so sentimental [after a pause] here is the folder with the final design and if it satisfies u than drop a mail and I think I should leave ‘’
And she leaves from his study next to the door garv is standing and he holds his ears
‘’sorry becoz of me arjun scolded u wo na the string of my guitar broke and when it happened last time bua gave me arjun’s guitar to play so this time I took it myself I was not knowing that he will get angry ‘’
‘’ no its ok baby I will take a leave now ‘’
And she moves towards the door arjun too comes out and opens it and is shoked to see the person at door and speaks ‘’ antara you’’
The episode ends with confused face of radhika and shoked face of antara and angry face of arjun

Precap : radhikas reaction arjun’s past

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  1. Sammy

    Garv is arjun’s son right…and jiya ..I don’t remember that much ..sorry ..but I read your ff …Congo for your engagement and in next update pls give little summary ..update was amazing 🙂 🙂

    1. garv is arjun’s nephew
      for now jiya aka jivika is neil’s daughter
      and next time i will give a summary for sure
      and thankyou

  2. Your engaged congratulation and about the episode it was awesome, waiting for the next update and please make it soon. 🙂

    1. thanx for your best wishes
      and i will really try to update by wdnesday

  3. Jessie

    Hey dear.. first of all my best wishes on ur engagement… the story moves interesting… will be eagerly waiting 4 nxt update… arjun is pissed off tat Rads gave no attention lol..wanna know more abt Garv

    1. thanx 4 your wishes
      garv has no mistry but still he will play an important role
      thank u for commenting

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    1. thax for wishes
      i wont stop it in middle i will give it an end even if tit is quick
      really i cross my fingers for next updates

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    Congratulations for ur engagement dear n congrats to ur sister for her marriage. Nice episode dear. Will be waiting for next update..

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    1. i wont stop b4 giving it a perfect end
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    Hi Apra..Firstly hearty congratulations for your engagement dear and best wishes to your sister Josthna..?And next episode is awesome as always..I don’t remember I’ve commented on your FF earlier or not,but will sure comment from now on..?Waiting eagerly to know Arjun’s past..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. thax for your wishes
      arjun’s past will be revealed in the upcoming episode

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