DYM – My Life My Conditions EPISODE 5


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RECAP : arjun told radhika about work and saved her from falling
So our episode starts here

Arjun enters his room and keeps his bag and takes out the towel from cubard and goes to take bath. Now he starts removing his shirt and remembers how radhika clutched his shirt when she was about to fall and he notices that she broke one of his button in the same process and a smile comes to his face unwillingly. Now he turns on the shower and stands under it he closes his eyes { FB : he hugging some girl, he is saying u make me complete I just want u and she replies I will b always yours} present ‘’why did u do that why u lied u were always a lying every thing u said was just a lie u filled my life with darkness I hate u I hate myself I hate my life ‘’
He gets angry and bangs his hand on the wall which lands on the washbasin and hurts his hand and it bleeds ‘’ I hate u ‘’ he screams. he comes out after changing but his hand is still bleeding just then a pretty girl of about 25 age comes with food
‘’ bhai work after having food ‘’ And she keeps it on side table and notice blood on his hand and screams ‘’ bhai what happened to your hand’’ nothing aanya (she is aanya (sanjeeda shekh) she is arjun’s younger cousin who lives in Mumbai with him only as her parents live in New York )
‘’ Nothing aanya leave it ‘’ but she was not going to leave it so easily she took out the first aid box and did his dressing and did his dressing and did not spoke anything and started to leave
A’’ will u not scold me today’’{I will use C b4 aanya’s dialogues }
C’’ u will not listen then what is the use of saying hw can u do this to yourself bhai u were such a fun loving person 5 years back and now you only gives a fake smile ok lets leave it leave this topic I came to tell u that I m going to pune for some case in ngo ok ‘’
A ‘’ u always ask me to become the 5 years back arjun but what about u I know why u joined this ngo’’
C ’’guilt bhai becoz of me some1s life got destroyed and I feel the guilt will reduce if I will help som1 lets not talk about it have your food and sleep I will leave ‘’
Arjun have food and sleep

now 3 days has passed its Friday time is around 9: 30 and arjun is returning from office when he notices that radhika is standing near a dhaba and some goons are surrounding her he stops his car gets down and moves toward radhika one of the goon is about to put his hand on radhika’s shoulder but arjun holds It and slaps him hard and starts beating him but radhika continuously ask him to stop ‘’mr. mehra stop it ’’
she asks once twice thrice but he did not stops like he is taking out all his anger and finally radhika comes in between shouts ‘’I said stop it arjun ‘’
he leaves at once and holds her shoulders and ask are u fine don’t worry I m here no one will harm u ok she jerks her hand and goes to the person who was beaten by arjun his friends makes him stand up radhika goes to him ‘’ r u fine rahul ‘’
arjun is actually amazed by her action he enquires ‘’ they were troubling u and u r asking him if he is fine ‘’
R ’’ they were not troubling me damn it they are my fends ‘’
A’’u have these kind of frnds goons‘’

Radhika nods no she tries to make an angry face but is unable and finally laughs and so the other goons except the one who was beaten and radhika tries to pull arjun’s cheek but he holds her hand and enquires ‘’what r u upto see I m very confused tell me straight what is going on here ‘’ radhika holds his hand and takes him to a table and ask him to sit and the goons too sit around now radhika starts the story
’’ see we are the part of a theater and we goes there every Friday and Saturday so today was our play and it was very late so we didn’t changed and came to have food so as u can see they played the part of goons and hence the r wearing these clothes now u got why I was trying to stop u ok confusion cleared and I was waiting for some1 outside ‘’just then neil arrives radhika gets up and hugs him ‘’neil u really got late u missed the real drama u know what happened ‘’
All of radhika’s theater frnds leaves and arjun too gets up to leave but neil stops him to have fodd ‘’ u will get the best Punjabi food here but don’t worry I will not ask u to pay ‘’
Arjun agrees and have food and then arjun leaves and radhika leaves with neil

PRECAP : radhika falls in swimming pool and arjun jumps to save him

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Credit to: apra

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