DYM – My Life My Conditions EPISODE 4

Thanx 4 all your comments I m really sorry that I could not reply but I m really thankful to all who comment and plz whosoever has suggestions do write them and let jiya be an unsolved puzzle for few days just enjoy the confusion and I m really sorry to say that jiya’s entry is postponed for 3-4 episodes . Coming back to the story
RECAP :radhika signed contract with arjun for designing his new office
Today our episode starts with radhika reaching at office she steps out the car she is wearing tight black jeans with white top she has her coat in one hand and bag in other she enters bird song’s office she goes to reception and is told to go to arjun’s cabin she nocks and enters inside so arjun is standing near window and looking down when radhika greets him ‘’ good morning mr. mehra ‘’
He too replies her ’’ good morning ‘’ and turns he as he looks at radhika he is fully mesmarised by her beautiful and hot looks he is trying to take his eyes off but is not able as if some power is holding him (see 1 thing I will tell u that arjun is not a flirt ok ) now radhika feels uneasy by his behaviour so to disatract him she waves her hand in front of his eyes ‘’mr mehra r u here only’’ now arjun composes himself and ask her to acompny him he takes her to 20th floor and explains about the requirements then looks towards radhika and questions
‘’ where is your team or will u work alone’’
R ’’m I superman or ironman ‘’
A ’’no u can never but u can be ironwoman’’
R ’’ha ha haa very funny mr. mehra I do have my team who will work but today I just came to inspect the place and click som pics so that we can start creating ideas and by the way we will start the work by next Monday’’
A ‘’ and about payment ‘’
R once u finalise the designes then we will talk about payment ’’
A’’ r u sure’’
R ‘’mr. mehra don’t worry we r very economic on Saturday I will come to your office and finalize the designes ‘’
A ‘’ok now I will take a leave ‘’ and he starts leaving but suddenly she remembers some thingand runs after him calling ‘’ mr. mehra ‘’
And arjun turns and collides with radhika and she looses her balance as she is about to fall she closes her eyes tightly and clutches his shirt after few seconds she realize that she didn’t fell so to confirm she slowly open her one eye and then another and realize that arjun is holding her from her waist ‘’wo I fogot to tell u that all the materials required will be bought by u but I or som1 else will come with u ok ‘’
Arjun nods and then smiles now finally radhika realizes her position and stands she say thanx and heads to leave and says ’’ c u ‘’
Arjun now laughs

PRECAP : radhika surrounded by some goons and arjun reache but there is some twist in fight

so plz wait 4 the next update
And really sorry 4 small update and not introducing jiya

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