DYM – My Life My Conditions EPISODE 3


So hope u all like my try
Thanx every 1 for support who comment as well as who all don’t comment if u hav any suggestions then plz do write and give me a chance to polish my story
Recap : radhika agreed to meet arjun to decide wether to work with him or not

So our episode starts
Aradhika collides because of arjun’s mistake but still radhika apologize him by saying sorry and moves ahead
A‘’yes u should be’’ now radhika can’t take it firstly she had not done any mistake and on top of that arjun nature.
R ’’ hello mr. whosoever it was not my mistake u were busy in your phone‘’
A ‘’ yes I was busy but u weren’t then u should have taken care unnecessarily arguing’’
R’’ wow firstly u r at fault and I m not demanding an apology then why r u messing with me’’
A’’ I m messing leave it I have no time 4 brainless creatures like u ‘’
And he moves ahead and 1 more important point in above conversation is that in whole argument arjun didn’t looked at radhika’s face 4 not 4 once also he was continuously working on his tab( what a strange creature he is ufff a sure 100% workaholic)
R’’what a weird person he is’’
Now let me explain radhika so our heroin is preety, sweet, friendly…….
She is beautiful, smart, as well as intelligent so we can say beauty with brains
Coming back to the story radhika heads toward neil’s office and she enters his cabin and place a bag on the table and ask ’’ first have the food and then work’’
N ‘’ yes just two minutes I will just come ‘’
R ‘’ ok till that time I will take out the food come fast ‘’
Neil comes after 5 minutes and sit to have food
R’’ welcome’’
N’’ I m not saying thanx to u then 4 what ‘’
R’’ I kept chocolate for u in your bag in morning and u didn’t said anything are u ok u never do this ‘’
N‘’did u I didn’t got any (he thinks 4 a minute) oh I feel arjun ate them’’
R’’ what? Who? Why? I kept them 4 u ‘’ she gives an angry look
N’’ my bag got exchanged with mr. mehra the 1 with whom u will will meet 2day may b he thought it was for him and ate them’’
R’’ wow how nice! OK I will leave, u take care ‘’
Radhika leaves for café to meet arjun
She reaches café at 2:30 exact arjun is already sitting there but his back is toward radhika she taps his shoulder and confirms ‘’ mr mehra’’
A’’ you r exactly at time punctual nice ‘’by the time radhika came infornt of him and exclaimed ‘’ you’’ but it seemed that her innocent face hipnotised him and he was just looking at her for a min she was the same whose pic he saw on neil’s laptop and then he composed himself and said ‘’miss radhika did we met b4’’
R’’u messed with me just 2 hrs b4 and now u don’t even recognize me strange’’
A’’ oh it was u I didn’t noticed but here we are there to talk about the work so can we‘’
R’’ see I thought a lot about it and I feel to give u a positive response, but I hav few conditions which u need to agree b4 I sign the contract’’
A’’ conditions (he exclaimed) oh about payment tell me how much u expect‘’
R’’ no its not about payment I never work for money what ever u feels pay me, my first condition is u will tell me all about your requirements and expectations and then u will not interfare in my work and second and the important one I will work from 10 to 2 and then from 3 to 7 after that u will not disturbe me or call me 4 every thing and also som 1 will come with me but it will not affect the work’’
A’’ accepted but I too hav some conditions if u accept them then sign the contract first one punctuality and second work should be perfect and fast’’
R’’ accepted ‘’ she is about to sign but stops and says ‘’ first say sorry’’
Arjun fumes and says ‘’ sorry ‘’ in his deepest voice
R ‘’ again’’

A ‘’ what 4 I know it was my mistake but why should I repeat it ‘’
R’’ becoz u ate my chocolate ‘’
A’’ I didn’t ate any chocolate I don’t eat them’’
R’’ didn’t u took them from neil’s bag tell me’’
A’’ yes I took them but I didn’t ate them really’’
R’’ I don’t know who ate them but u took them so say sorry’’
A’’ but’’
R’’ no if no but just sorry else I will not sign’’
A’’ ok sorry’’
‘’nice ‘’ saying so radhika signs on the contract

PRECAP : radhika’s first day of work and arjun meets jiya (a new entry who will make things upside down so keep reading to know more ……… …..   

Credit to: apra

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