DYM – My Life My Conditions EPISODE 2


Its me apra aka sunna back with the fanfiction
My family is from up but we live in surat and sunna is my pet name
Recap : arjun needs an interior designer and is informed by neil about radhika
So our episode starts here
Destination reached its an 20 floor office building where arjun is the owner of birdsong and working on 19th floor sorry recently he bought 20th floor also and our cuteepie is the ceo of an it based company their office runs in 16, 17 and 18th floor now we come back 2 the story
Arjun gets down from the car picks the laptop bag from back seat
A’’ thanx neil 4 lift as well as 4 designer ‘’
N’’ keep the second thanx with u till she accept the proposal and I will tell her about u’’
A’’ ok now I will leave’’
So arjun leaves and neil goes to park the car and then heads 2wards his office
So our hero (arjun) reached the office one by one all the employees grets him and enters his office his pa informs him about his schedule 4 the day and then leaves now he is all alone in his cabin now one more point about arjun’s character is that he is wokaholic . so being the same he opens his bag to take out his laptop but is completely surprised to find chocolates box in it with a note on top of that ‘’WITH LOVE’’ he is actually shocked to find it in his bag it is 5 years that he had not ate chocolates (isin’t it weird I can’t live without chocolates 4 5 days even and he passed 5 years weird  )
He angrily throws them in dustbin (OMG!!!!!! So much anger but why on these poor chocolates) and then wonders who kept them in his bag knowing that I hate sweets and sweetness he fumes in anger he then takes out the laptop and tries open it and u know what he found a pic it is of a women nearly of 25 and a baby girl of age 5 it seems he is mesmarised by the beauty of the 2 women and the pic is overflowing with the love of the 2
And slowly it came out of the pick and touched arjun’s heart and a tear came to his eye but b4 it could drop he stopped his emotions (u know why becoz he cannot cry as he is a macho man 😉
A mahabharath of emotions is going on inside his mind which is intrupted by a ringtone of his celphone ok ok his iphone 6s plus
Now it came 2 his mind that the bag which he bought was of neil and he didn’t even noticed such a busy person he is. SO it was mr neil calling he picked up the call and b4 neil could speak anything he started
‘’ see neil I m sorry but it was not done intentionally I took it by mistake’’
N’’ hold on atleast breath its ok I will send som1 with your bag and give him mine’’
A’’ no actually not I will come and give u the bag and its 11 :15 so I will call ms radhika there only’’
N ’’cool ! so I m waiting’’
A’’ c u ‘’
He keeps the phone and once again look at the pick and then at the chocolates which he threw into dustbin and leaves with neil’s bag
Now arjun reached neil’s cabin he placed a nock at the door and then entered
N’’ com sit will u hav anythingh’’
A’’ no thanx and here is your bag’’ and places his bag on the table
N’’ r u always in such a hurry at least take a coffee ‘’
A’’ok 1 black coffee without sugar ‘’
Neil calls his pa she enters ‘’yes sir’’
N’’1 black coffee plz riya’’
4 once arjun thought last time when he talked such politely with his secratry but he dosen’t remember (u know why becoz the answer is never such an akdoo he is)
‘’nd 4 u sir’’
‘’1 glass plain warm water’’
‘’sure sir’’ and she leaves by the time arjun dialed the radhika’s number
A’’ hello may I talk 2 miss radhika’’
’’yes its me but may I know who is there’’ a sweet voice replied
A’’I m arjun mehra, actually I need an interior designer for my office and som1 suggestest me your name….’’
Radhika interrupted him ’’ I m really sorry 4 the inconveniane but I m not working nowadays ‘’ and b4 arjun could speak anything she disconnected the call and arjun was surprised by this becoz it was his style 2 disconnect the calls as such
Neil was smiling ’’ give me your phone I will talk’’
Neil called her again this time radhika was furious and answered in an angry tone ‘’ I sad a clear no don’t u understand …’’
It felt like radhika was on the train to give a long speech but she stoped all of a sudden when neil said ’’radhika’’
R’’ so u know him and want me 2 work with him ok I will meet him and then only I will finalize and u wont ask me 2 agree if I denied promise me’’
R’’fine how many coffees u had in office tell me truth’’
N’’zero ‘’
R’’ sure ‘’
N’’ u know I really don’t want to die from your hands’’ and he laughed
Arjun was confused by neil’s behavior and gave a weird look and neil realized that it was arjun’s phone from which he was talking he said’’cu radhika’’ and canceled the call
N’’she agreed she will message u the place where u both can meet’’
Arjun was literally surprised ‘’ u did not said anything about the work and she agreed how??’’
N’’ magic’’
Arjun had his coffee and left he was working when he got a sms from radhika about the destination and time it was some café’s address and the time was 2:30
He sent an ok reply because he was free at that time just one meeting so he decided to leave at 1 first attend the meeting and then to meet with radhika so he stood up to leave for the meeting which was 4 finalising the location 4 new advertisement so he left he was coming out from the main door of building and was fully busy in his phone when he bumped on radhika
R ‘’ I m sorry’’ and started to leave but mr. arrogant can not be scilent so He said ’’yes u should be ‘’
R’’ xcuse me ‘’
Precap : arjun unnecessarily argues with radhika
Hope u will enjoy and plz do comment

Credit to: apra

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  1. we enjoy each and every moment of radhika, arjun and neil….though sam is not here ryt now but ofcourse her also…..

    1. sam will join the story very soon

  2. Yes dear…interesting plot…i liked raneil bond n let khadoos b khadoos..very nice….n yes I loved meaning of ur name..unique..i will call u Apra..k

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  3. awesome yaar…..story interesting ……..please update soon.tc

    1. i will try my best 2 update as soon as possibel

  4. nice one dear 🙂

    1. thanx gauri

  5. That is very interesting yaar. Keep going ?

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  6. What he knows her

    1. no he dose not knows her

  7. Apra, its so nice 🙂

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  8. Lol!! This is like the typical ardhika!! Loved it!

    Post soon .. Love you ??

  9. Please write soon dear. It’s awesome.

    1. N I’m also from Surat. I’m from piplod area n u???

  10. thank u.

  11. Awesome episode, please write regularly. 🙂

  12. Wow sunna dear….its really amazing, I always love raneil bond…pls upload soon next update dear…..

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    love you…

  16. Awesome episode, loved raneil bonding…whose picture was on neil’s laptop? Rads?….arjun always arrogant. ..akdoo…khadoos…loved it…n your style of narration is really lovely. …make me smile with your own comments on characters. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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